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I just found a brand new AI tool they Can do a lot of different things for you And then you can make money online Without actually doing the work yourself Because the AI tool will do the work for You and for some reason nobody is Talking about this software which is Also great because the competition is Pretty low right now the sooner you Start using it and if you use it before Everyone else then higher chances are Gonna be that you are going to make more Money than everybody else is going to Come afterwards so this is the first Time that I'm gonna that I'm gonna speak About this software so pay close Attention to every single step of this Video to every single second of this Tutorial so you will know exactly how to Actually use this tool to make money Online without actually doing the work Yourself just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their

Post the engagement is fake there are New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first things First the tool is called Yara I'm Gonna Leave a link to this AI bot in the Description box down below and Yara is a Tool they can do copywriting for you it Can do advertising for you can write Articles emails it can create a landing Page copy and much much more and all of That can be done with just one click of A button and I noted all of that stuff Might sound like boring like you're Gonna be thinking like okay you're gonna Be thinking like Dave there's no way you Can make money off of that well I'm Going to show you a certain platform That you can use to combine what you are To actually get paid regardless of Whether you have any social media Followers and regardless of whether you Have any previous experience with making Money online or not so first things First what you want to do is you want to Go over to Yara you want to click on get Started and you want to register an Account I'm just going to continue with Google because it's obviously easier and Faster once you log into your account This is what you're going to be able to See and as you can see it does kind of Look at first glance it looks like a Facebook feed but it's an actual

Software that can do things for for you So on the left side you can find Different tools if you click on tools as You can see you will have a lot of them At your disposal it can you can create Documents you can write emails you can Do ad copy headlines it can do a lot of Different things you can even write Amazon description for your products but What we're going to be using it for is Both emails and blogs if you go to blogs You can see that this is a long form Writer that can create an entire blog Post from scratch so if you click on Unlock now and you sign up for their Premium plan you will be able to get an Entire article written for you now there Is a thing there is a way around this in Case you don't want to pay for this Offer right away what you can do is you Can go back to tools and you can just go Step by step so for example you can just Go to blog ideas and then generate a Blog idea first want to generate a Blog Idea it will generate the outline for Your blog and then you will generate an Intro base that so basically just go Step by step instead of going to the Long form writer where you can just get The entire article written in one click Of a button this way you will have to Click five six different buttons but it Will still be completely free and it Will be still done for you little

Describe to press buttons so if you go To block ideas right over here you can Answer the topic so let's say for Example the topic of my blog post should Be about how to make money online so I'm Going to type in how to make money Online the topic of the article once I Do that I will enter the intended Audience or the targeted audience in This case I'm going to go with Entrepreneurs or anything else and we Can set the tone I will just go with Engaging and informative and I can Generate AI content so now they're going To generate different ideas for my blog Post and here it is here's the first Idea how to create multiple streams of Income as an entrepreneur if you like That you can just copy that with one Click of a button and then you can go to Blog infro or blog outline right away Now you can also download different blog Titles in case you don't like this one So I'm just gonna go with a Blog I'll go To this blog title and I'm gonna paste It here and then I'm gonna enter a Create AI content and now they will Generate the entire outline for this Blog post once they have the outline I Can just copy that and use it so here we Have different sections for for our Article now I can copy that with one Press of a button and then I can go over To the blog section part and I can

Generate each section by myself so what I can do is I can pretty much just paste That first one so I'm going to paste the Section number one what is multiple Streams of income so I'm just going to Remove this and I'm going to change this To what are multiple streams of income I Can also generate the intro as well so You can just generate the entire article Part by part step by step generate each Part of the article so you have a title You have the intro paragraph and then You will have each section generated by This AI so it will require just clicking A couple of buttons and copying and Pasting text again and again until you Have an entire written article for you It's also original content so that you Can actually use it on different Websites to make money online now once You have an entire article written for You what you want to do is you want to Go over to f plus f plus is a CPA Network with thousands of different CPA Offers to promote and these offers will Pay you when someone registers an Account through your referral Link in Most of the cases these are money making Websites so for example if you go and You search for surveys you can see a lot Of different survey offers where people Have a chance to sign up for a survey Website where they can make money online By completing surveys and you are going

To be paid like 25 cents one dollar or Two dollars or three dollars when Someone creates an account through your Link so if you go with this one over Here as you can see this one will pay You one dollar when someone signs up Through your link and it's basically a Website where people can make money Online by completing surveys this is how It looks like all you got to do is enter Your email address enter the first and Last name and click on continue and when They do that you will make money off of That and they will have a chance to make Some money as well which obviously gives Them an incentive to sign up to their Link so you get to join the network for That particular offer and then in that Network itself you will find the offer And you will grab your referral link Once you grab your referral link for That CPA offer what you can optionally Do is you can also generate a website Using mixo IO which is an AI tool that We already talked about previously where You can generate an entire website with Literally just one single prompt with Literally just one single Cent sentence You can just click on get started for Free and then you can enter the the idea For your website and what you can Basically do here is just describe the Offer that you're promoting from App Plus so you can basically just say in

This case make money online by Completing surveys and if you enter that And you click on generate site they will Basically generate an entire website for You which you can then use as a landing Page where you can capture emails you Can capture leads and then redirect them Back to your referral link from App plus As I said this is an optional step but If you do want to build your email list And I do recommend it because mixer i o Is an AI tool that will create an entire Website for you with literally just one Press of a button it doesn't require Anything more than that as you can see I'm literally not doing anything and I Will have an entire website created in Just a couple of seconds as you can see It's adding final touches and here it is Here's a full website little pictures With a box where they can enter your Email address even testimonials as well And all of these different features so It's obviously not the perfect website But it was generated with little just One press of a button and then you can Of course customize the colors and all Of that in case you don't like it now What you want to do next basically is You just want to go over to vocal.media But this is not going to be the last Step local load media is a platform Where you can share articles and you can Get a lot of traffic because this is a

Platform that is being visited by Millions of people every single month so What you can do is you can grab that Article that was generated by Yara Ai And if it talks about how to make money Online you can just go to work a lot Media you can join you can create an Account and then you can sign into your Account and click on create a story Right over here enter the title so Basically just copy and paste your title From genre so I'm going to copy the Title here and then you can paste the Entire article below and you can write a Brief description or brief article about How to make money online and in between Those lines you will just add an Affiliate link it will just add your Referral link from App plus so between Those lines you can say and then you can Just highlight that part you can make it Bold so it stands out and then you can Insert your affiliate link right over Here so that when someone says sees this They can actually collect the text and Go to your referral link to sign up to That website now what I recommend you do Is because yeah you can get some traffic From local.media but if you want to bid Your competition and you want to get More traffic what you can do is you can Go over to meet Germany you can go to Meet journey.com which will prompt you Over to their Discord group where you

Can generate AI images so you can Generate an image so for example just Enter imagine so this is for a prompt You want to say imagine and then Something related to making money online In this case I can just go excited guy With money flying around him ultra Realistic and I'm also gonna say extreme Details as well and now they will Generate that image for me and it's Going to be 100 original high quality Image that I can then use I will just Have to find my prompt in most of the Cases they highlight it in yellow so you Don't miss it because there it's not Really user friendly and there's like a Lot of people submitting their own Prompts so you're just gonna have to go Around and try to find your own prompt And that will give you four different Versions of that design what you asked For and then you will just have to Select which one you like the most I Will just have to scroll a little bit Down to find mine and here it is so now We'll just see which one I like the most Out of this and let's say perhaps I like The third one what I gotta do is I'm Just going to click on u3 and it will Upscale that one they will create a Higher quality version of that a third Image so now I'm just going to scroll a Little bit down to try and find it so as You can see now it's being upscaled we

Gotta do pretty much right now is just Download that image which was that which Was created for you and then you can Simply go over to imgur.com which is a Platform that is being listed by Millions of people every single month And it's a platform where people share Different interesting images with Different captions so what you can do is You can create an account and once you Create an account just click on new Posts and you can upload that design so It grabs attention and it's also Original content so you don't have to Worry about any copyright or whatever And then you can type in something That's related to the blog post that you Want to promote so you basically just Want to promote that local.media blog Post it talks about how to make money Online you can also also enter some Relevant tags that will attract people That are interested in something like This and then in the description you Will basically just say click here to Read the article or whatsoever and then You will just go back to local.media and Once you publish her article you will Just grab the link for the article and You will leave it over there now because It didn't publish this one I will just Go back and I will just copy one of the Random ones so I will basically just Copy this article but of course make

Sure to use your actual article that you Just published in Imgur and then just List it over here and then you can just Click on post to the community so this Image that you created with my journey Will grab attention then you have the Headline and people can see the goal to Action you're not directly promoting any Offers you're basically just promoting An article that talks about making money Online they're going to open up the Article to read what's inside and They're going to see a massive call to Action in that article that tells them That they can sign up for a free website To make money online by completing Surveys and you are being paid for each Person and enters their email address You're not even selling anything which Obviously makes this a lot easier Because it's kind of hard to convince Complete strangers to spend money on Something but in this case not only are You giving away something for free but They also have a chance to make some Money off of that website so it's Obviously a win-win and they're Incentivized to create an absolutely Free account so that's basically how you Can use Yara to get every almost Everything done for you in order to make Money online with no social media Followers without creating your own Website and without even selling

Anything so I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like down below and I Will see you in some of the next ones

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