Wagle Ki Duniya – Ep 105 – Full Episode – 19th July, 2021

'Rajesh confesses in front of
everyone that he lost his job!' 'But Vandana hid the matter of
breaking the house from Rajesh' 'an untoward incident which had' 'not happened came
as a disaster.' 'Rajesh was about
to get into trouble' 'that's when Kiara
set a trap and tangled him!' Sir, I never wrote a resignation
letter in my life because this is my first job! Shall I write in Marathi? Since Ms Kiara wants the letter
to be written in English I can read and
understand Marathi. I can even talk in Marathi,
Mr. Chandu. You can write in
any language except Mr. Dasani.. You don't have to resign! Thank you. Hold on, Ms. Kiara! You must tell us as to
why do you want us to resign! What mistake did we make.. I will answer you
with the bullets! Why did you kiss? I know that Ms. Kiara is
not asking you to resign but.. Mr. Rajesh.. Apart from him,
you are all incompetent sentimental morons! She said something! Does she mean to say maroon? That's a colour!
Moron means stupid! What have we done, ma'am?
Tell us about it.

We believed that you were disrespecting
your husband's ashes you were misbehaving.. What have you got to do with
a customer's personal behaviour? Your job was to courier the item and change the opportunity
into business! It could be ashes or bones.. How is it any of your concern? Of course, it is.. If any customer
misbehaves with us in the office or if they demand to courier
something that's illegal then it is our concern..
– I appreciate! I respect your words. If I become sentimental
and think like an outsider then you did the right thing! Your emotions are correct! If you believe so, then
why do you need our resignation? But business is
not done with passion. I want to make P2P Max a fit dynamic and
a successful company! Even if feelings
have to be crushed I will crush them. Hello, this is Cyrus Daruwala
speaking. Mr. Daruwala,
I am Mrs. Wagle. What should I do? I am calling from Sai Darshan. It's Sai Darshan Heights
society, Ms. Vandana.. Tell him the full name
of the apartment. Won't he understand
if we don't mention 'heights'? I am Mr.

Daruwala. I'm sorry.. It wasn't for you. Soda and liquor
complement each other, so.. I'm sorry!
– Who is this speaking now? I am Mrs. Radhika Wagle,
Rajesh Wagle's mother. My son bought a flat
at Sai Darshan Heights in the year 2008 from you! Mr. Rajesh Wagle..
– Yes. You mean, Mr. Ramesh Ogle? No.. I said Rajesh Wagle. I sold it to Ramesh Ogle. You must have mistaken! My husband is Rajesh Wagle.
How can I be wrong? You know it better!
I sold it to Ramesh Ogle. He hung up..
– He is weird! He was weird, Mother-in-law! Mom, the end of day one
is nearing! They will demolish our house. Mr. Dakshesh, take him with you and keep him occupied
with your tongue twisters or I will break his legs.. As you say, Ms. Vandana. Repeat after me.. Peter Piper picked
a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled
peppers Peter Piper picked.. Shut up! Why are you
screaming at my ears? Go there and teach him.. Okay.. Come, dear.. Vandana, call Mr. Daruwala
again. I will talk to him.

Excuse me, sir. I know.. ..that you are worried
about the resignation! I know.. I don't want to trouble you
any further. I just came here
to say goodbye. May I go now? Well.. Sir.. Actually, I wanted
to share something with you! May I?
– Yes, please.. Sir.. Munmun and I..
You know.. Sir, we are in love
with each other. Yes.. Nobody knows about this.
We never told anybody. I don't know how
Mr. Naivedya found out and he said that couples are not allowed
to work in the resort! The rules of the resort
and all.. You know it well.. You also know very well that Munmun is much better
than me when it comes to work! So I quit the job
and came here. But I understand, sir.. I'll take your leave! Mr. Marfatiya, I am.. I won't be able
to help you.

I am so sorry. Please, don't be sorry.
I know.. Can I go now? Hold on.. Mr. Rajesh.. But I can help you.
– How? When you were in the resort,
you started the Chipko campaign. You stopped them from
cutting more than 800 trees! Sir, how can I forget this? Not just me, even
Mr. Gulab Das can't forget it. Your proposal is interesting and also beautiful..
– Okay. But I have a condition! What is it? All of you
will have to stay back in my resort, on my expense
for few more days! Yay! Sir, he respects you a lot! Thank you. But I still didn't get
your point! I lost my job! Why don't you apply
for the manager's post there? Mr. Marfatiya..
– I know.. Don't feel bad
that I am trying to help you.. No.. That's not the case. My respect for you
has increased today. You came here
so that I'd help you out but..

You are helping me instead! Do you know? People whose thinking
is low never succeed. A whole-hearted person
always succeeds.. You know.. I know, sir. I'll see you. Mr. Marfatiya.. I called you here. I also told you that we are like a family now. Well.. Let's face the problems and overcome it together. I didn't get that..
– We'll do something.. Rajesh is calling! Yes, Rajesh..
– Vandana.. There's a small problem.
Not a small one.. There's a big problem! What happened?
Tell me.. Are you okay? No, I'm not okay. In fact, I am bad. No.. I am horrible! No. I am unbelievable..
What word do I use? I just don't know! We'll decide about
the words later.

What's the matter?
What's the news? Our new boss,
Ms. Kiara Tejwani has dropped a bomb
on our heads! She has announced that she wants resignation
from all of us withing one hour! What!
– Resignation? It's confirmed that
I will lose my job! What!
Mr. Rajesh lost his job? On one end their house
is being demolished.. Please, help me.. Dad, teach Atharva
about the share market! He has some money too!
– Yes.. I have Rs. 450. How do I convert this
into Rs. 4.5 lakh? Listen to me.. I want to support my dad just like how he supports
my grandfather. I want to support him too. Please.. My dear.. Sit down.. Don't worry. I am with you. Once you become
18 years old I will make you
one of the top brokers. Bigger than me! A web series like 'Scam'
will be made on you! You will become
a very big broker.

You will make frauds. 12,000 crore.. 15,000 crore.. Harshad.. We are not teaching him
to be a fraud. We must teach him betting! Yes.. Don't worry.
I am with you! Just allow me to think
as to how can I help Mr. Rajesh in this situation! Here is
everyone's resignations. Fine! Resignation accepted. But all of you
will have to work till the end of the month! What will you do if we don't
work till the end of the month? Your salary, gratuity, bonus.. And many other things.. Your receivables..
Including salary of this month will all be blocked by me! So, everyone.. Get back
to work till end of this month! Okay? And Mr. Rajesh.. Publish an advertisement on tomorrow's newspapers
and online website.. ..for hiring new staff members!
Okay? Sakhi, hold this.. Mr. Dakshesh, careful.. No problem! I'm okay. Oh, my God! Sorry..
– Vandana.. Yes, Father-in-law.
– Vandana.. Vandana,
why did you let Radhika go to the municipality office? Well..
– If she goes and fights there the problem will get worse!
Wow! I'm sorry, Ms.

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Just as the words fall in place the stage compere
in me appreciates it. I've heard a lot of stories,
Mr. Dakshesh.. From whom?
– You know Mr. Harshad.. When is elder brother expired Mr. Dakshesh said
at his funeral Why did brother die
at such a young age he could've lived
with kids for few more years! And he also
appreciated himself! Ms. Vandana, my poetry..
– Dakshesh, stop it! It's connected!
Mom, the phone's ringing.. Mr. Daruwala is on the line.
– Put him on speaker. Let me handle him.
He will realise then.. Will you say, 'Hello,
Mr. Daruwala.. Microphone testing..'? Be quiet! Let me handle this. We must get our work done
in a calm manner. Am I right?
Let's do it peacefully! Carry on.. Hello.
– Hello, Mr. Daruwala.. How are you?
– I am terrible! Who are you? I am Srinivas Wagle from Dadar. I don't care if you
are from Dadar or Dehradun! Why did you call me? Hello, Mr. Daruwala.. I am Mrs. Vandana Wagle.

I spoke to you a while ago! I am Mr. Rajesh Wagle's wife. Oh, okay.. You are right.. I just checked the
copy of the agreement. I sold the flat to Mr.
Rajesh Wagle. Do you get it? And not to Mr. Ramesh Ogle!
Keep this in mind! Isn't it? So Mr. Daruwala.. How can you mistake
Rajesh Wagle for Ramesh Ogle? Well, my heart always says if Ms. Vandana, instead
of marrying Mr. Rajesh Wagle.. Look, Mr. Daruwala.. They are facing problems
regarding the flat. I mean, the Wagle family! Listen to me. You must.. Mr. Daruwala.. Only you can help us. What's the problem?
Tell me.. There's a problem
after so many years. I sold the property in 2008
and you are saying that there's a problem
in the year 2021! How is it even possible? Please, listen to me..

Thank God, Mr. Daruwala
is coming home tomorrow. Dad is calling..
– Answer the phone call. Yes, Dad! Nobody will talk
to him about the house issue! Dakshesh, about the balcony.. We're not supposed
to talk about it. – Very good. Sakhi..
– Yes, Dad.. Tell me.. What are you all discussing? Listen..
I have reached already! I'm at the lobby! I just called to ask why did Vandana
go to meet Dakshesh Joshipura
in the morning? Did that monkey
cause any problem? Useless fellow! No..

There's no problem at all. Mr. Dakshesh called us all to give lecture on
how a festival is celebrated! What! Rajesh, come home.. Let's drink tea
in the balcony.. Rajesh, let's discuss
about your job as we drink tea.. Yes.. In our balcony! Near the window
of the balcony.. There's a beautiful view
from the window.. Our window and balcony
is safe.. You know..
– Grandpa! What! – You mentioned
balcony so many times! Mom, grandma is right! Grandpa makes it
so obvious that dad will definitely
find it suspicious! But it is our balcony,
isn't it? Father-in-law,
Rajesh will come now.

Don't tell him about
the issue.. – In my style.. Mr. Rajesh.. It's good that
I met you here. It's bad for you
that you met me! Oh, my God!
What do you mean? You were in my balcony..
Pull it.. Yes.. – You were
lecturing about the festival.. Will you decide that as well? The festival is after
8-10 months! Oh, my God! Anger and resentment? Mr. Rajesh.. This disturbing voice
of yours is so annoying
to my Gujarati ears of mine.. Only an artistic man
like I can understand! The nonsense that is
filled in you has to take out first!
Do you understand? Oh, Lord!
Bless him with good behaviour! Show mercy on Ms.

and bless him with good manners! Do you know Gujarati? No, you don't! Brainless lawyer.. May God bless you
with brains.. Mr. Rajesh,
you are insulting me in Gujarati.. I will abuse you in Marathi!
You Gujarati.. Why did you call Vandana
so early in the morning? I called her because..
– What is it? 'The beautiful Ms. Vandana
told me' 'that I must not tell
anything to Mr. Rajesh.' 'I will remain quiet!' Are you applying lipstick? What is it about? Well.. You are a lawyer
and not a judge to do this! Well.. My Yamini.. Her serial..
'I don't love you..' She will shoot for
10 days this month! Did you check
his temperature? I'll check now..
– He is crazy! Fever has affected
his brain! What! Yes, Mr. Rajesh.. A sister-in-law is the one
who always stands by you.. The rest are all
good for nothing.. Good for nothing.. Thank you..
– Hey.. Ms. Yamini.. Mr. Rajesh is going
to lose his job! Think about it. Did the news spread already?
– Yes.. Simple!
– What! Poor Rajesh.. He is in deep trouble now! He had lost his job and now,
his house as well! What! Dad is here..

Dad is here. Please.. We must make sure
that dad doesn't find out that there's going to be
demolition here and that the officer
is going to demolish our house! And especially Grandpa.. Please,
don't make any mistakes.. He shouldn't know
anything about this.. Please! Grandma, you too! Yes.. I'll be quiet!
– Yes. When I went to talk
to the officers I found out that they are coming
in the evening to demolish! I couldn't do anything..
– Mother-in-law, be strong.. Everyone behave normally..
Come on.. – Come on.. I'll prepare dinner! Hi, Dad! I know that you are tensed
about the job! But, Dad.. It's okay! Rajesh, look here..

I found an advertisement
for you from the newspaper..
It's written.. Wanted operation manager
for a courier company! Let him eat something first! Get freshen up.. Yes..
Get freshen up, Rajesh.. And don't worry, okay?
Go.. Go..
– Get freshen up.. And we'll drink tea
in our balcony! You sit near the window
and I'll sit in the balcony! Window-balcony..
Balcony-window.. What's wrong with you? I have a good news for you. Kishori's uncle expired. Is this good news? Yes.. Well.. Kishori's uncle was in a good
position in a courier company! Now that he is no more,
his post is vacant! So I thought Rajesh, you..
– Enough! Enough! I know.. Do you know Kishori's uncle? I am not talking
about Kishori's uncle. I am saying that I know that the municipality
officers are coming here to demolish the window
and the balcony! What!
– What! Vandana.. Why didn't you tell me? How did you find out? I'm sorry, Ms. Vandana.. As the main door
was open, I entered the house. Come in…

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