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I don't live in Silicon Valley
and I don't work there either. That with the coal is
also very overestimated. You make normal money there. Let's
hope we can reach him. My name is Daniel, I'm 24 and I'll show you my day
as an IT consultant. Let's pack it! I see
a different customer almost every day. A new challenge every day. I still throw
my things in the car. I've only been there for almost 6 months. That's why the experience
isn't there yet… To put it in the right
words. We're going to our office now. A lot of buddies asked,
"Are you sure you want to do this?" In consulting you
usually work a lot of hours, so you earn a lot of money,
but that depends on the company.

Morning! I usually set up
my workspace first. And then usually get me
a coffee and something to drink. I learned programming, of
course, during my studies. CI, Java,
these are the classics that you learn during your studies, Python. I could have become a programmer for some functions
in vehicle control units, but now I'm in consulting
and that fits in perfectly. We also have certain things in the fridge

Beer? If we have something to celebrate.
– After work beer. I configure and advise. It is very typical
that an IT consultant does little or no programming. He just makes adjustments in the tool. In the end, it's more of a consultation. Specifically,
today we have a customer who uses asset
management. He inventoried all his digital
devices there. And he noticed
that some dates aren't that great. He doesn't know for sure which
systems the data comes from. He has connected various other systems to his asset management
. Today we have to analyze
where the data comes from. To give him an overview
so that he can correct the data. We have about 4000 computers,
500 printers, 1000 phones. And then some network devices. Now the colleague is calling. Good Morning. Can you hear me? Can you see my screen?
What's the domain? Ah okay. Thanks, bye. I can't get into the system right now and he said:
do it and it will work. That was our colleague from Romania. You can work where you like. Then why don't you do it?
Balinese or something? No, that's not mine.
I am at home in Lower Bavaria.

I have my family here, friends. my forest But now. Lunch break! We have trust working hours. With us, everyone is
responsible for keeping to their 40 hours. In between, I make
an hour for lunch. Although working from home gives me
the huge advantage that grandma and grandpa live downstairs
and they cook every day. There's often something to eat there. You had the vegetarian
dish of the day? 6.90. Here. It's okay. Let's get something to drink. Then it starts again. The error isn't
in our system, it's somewhere in his
inventory tools. When I have analyzed that today, I go to the customer and
tell him that I noticed that, for example, the data on these 50 computers
all come from this data provider, this tool, and that the
inventories were incorrect.

That would be a possible solution today. The deeper you look,
the more complicated it gets. Now I look again over
this presentation for the customer. Let's
hope we can reach him.
Not on the first try. I'll try again. There's a problem on the
phone line or something. I emailed the customer to make
an appointment for tomorrow. Unfortunately, he has no more time today. Do you have any other tickets I could look at?
I still have time. So gross it's
4000 euros per month. And net it's
finally 2177 euros.
That's because I have a company vehicle. This is included in the
calculation. Now let's continue with
the second job. It's quite a nice car.

pexels photo 267363

It's great that you get such a high-quality
car as a company car. Personally I would
buy something cheaper. For me, a car has to be
practical. Being able to tow a trailer every now and then
would be cool. But otherwise,
a car doesn't have to be able to do much. Hi. have you been outside yet I've already
prepared 20 solid meters today. Let's see what else we can
do today. Do you need me?
– No. There is our trailer.
We have to attach it briefly. The wood belongs to someone
from the Munich area. He has no machines here and no interest
in managing it himself. We charge something
for our service. He sells his wood to the sawmill. It's profitable for both of you. You have to work slowly and
carefully, with brains. You see what you create yourself. That's the great thing. Where it is a
bit more abstract in IT , here
everything you see in terms of progress is concrete. Then we can drive to the camp site
and then we unload. There's
a normal mobile app for this.

That is now 8.7 cubic meters. That's almost… first of all
earnings… 182 euros. Full for such a trailer. Of course, my father has been
out all day. He felled,
delimbed and filed it all. Machine costs must be
deducted and taxes. We put
it there and the truck picks it up from there. Since we have a
second little bulldog. This is my. I recently bought it used
from my dad's cousin. He wanted to keep it. He wanted to try it,
but he didn't like it that much. It cost about 600 euros. I'll change and
then we can go home. Bye! Until tomorrow! Hi! This is Henry, our dog. Hi! Do you share that?
– Exactly.

Yes, we do not write a list. How things are going. I drove him to the vet
and then just paid. But the bottom line is that it always fits. Certainly. You don't keep records.
– No. We've even been
to viewings, but nothing ever came of
it because we mostly didn't like it. And it's really expensive right now. If you don't really like it
and you have to spend so much money, we didn't want to do that. We're still waiting for the perfect
plot, overall. There could be a house on
it, that would be good. And a machine hall
along with it, or something. That would be
what we are currently looking for. And that's like looking
for a needle in a haystack. Once we both drew the perfect
floor plan. To see how
the other likes it. I just started with the house
and he started with the garage.

I have occasionally
invested money in cryptocurrencies for fun. I have that much of this currency. There are 48,000 of those coins. And they are now worth 650 euros. Here I have 370 coins.
They are worth 394 euros. That changes every second.
I don't deal with it every day. But I'll get it once
and when I 've earned a little something in a few years,
that's cool. That was a day with me
as an IT consultant. Check out this
and this video. And very important:
don't forget to subscribe. I'm not an influencer….

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