How To Become A Social Media Manager (+ Work From Home)

hey everyone and Jessalyn here welcome or
welcome back to my channel today's video was inspired by a question that I
recently received through Instagram that question was so what exactly do you do
well truth be told I don't post very often on my personal social media
accounts not like I once used to I used to post every single day multiple times
a day and over the last six months I've pulled back a lot from that for a couple
different reasons but both of those reasons have everything to do with how I am
making money from home the first reason is because my drop shipping business
doesn't really require for me to post on social media in order to make an income
I already did a video on drop shipping in case you missed it I will be sure to
link that for you drop shipping is really just an opportunity where I work
with approved suppliers that give me items like clothing shoes jewelry purses
electronics all for a discounted wholesale price and then I resell those
items for a profit on a bunch of other platforms that are outside of social
media the other reason that I've pulled back from posting on my personal social
media accounts is because I am now regularly posting for a company as their
social media manager so I work part-time for a company called bonding bees which
provides a date night in a box I've done a video for bonding bees as well so I'll
definitely link that also if you're a couple that needs a stress-free
affordable date night delivered to your door you definitely want to check out
bonding bees but in this video I want to talk more specifically about how I
became the social media manager for bonding bees and give you three tips for
if you're wanting to become a social media manager and get paid to work from
home if you do find yourself enjoying this video or gaining any value from it
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upload a new video so what exactly is a so media manager well a social media
manager is someone who gets hired and obviously compensated to post for a
company on their social media accounts to uphold their social media presence so
what I'm doing is primarily just posting the marketing materials on bonding bees
Facebook and Instagram accounts I'm responding to all of their messages and
answering questions about the company's products I'm engaging with their
audience and asking for their feedback I am working with their brand ambassadors
and their influencers reaching out to others to collaborate with and then I'm
keeping their following updated on things that are coming down the pike and
any special sales I've actually been able to help come up with the date night
themes and activities and we've also been reaching out and been getting into
contact with other retailers so that we can get the bonding these games on store
shelves but as social media assumes this bigger and bigger role in company's
marketing strategies the need for social media employees is growing as well and
in case you're wondering what a social media manager gets paid I did look up
three resources online that provide national average salaries and they
report that today a social media manager generally gets paid anywhere between forty eight
thousand to fifty four thousand a year so not bad for a job that pays you to
work at home in your PJs and just post some stuff online right so what does it
take to become a social media manager like I said I'm going to give you three
things that I would keep in mind if you're wanting to apply for a social
media manager job or if in my case like in my case where you can be recruited to
be a social media manager so the number one thing that I would say you need to
know is you need to know the company and you need to know their brand do a little
bit of research and see what they're all about and like for me with bonding bees
being a company that provides date nights in a box that means that when
I'm marketing for them I'm going to be marketing things as it pertains to love
relationships and marriage so there could be
tips on how to strengthen your relationship that could be posting about
celebrity couples relationships that could be posting meal ideas to make
throughout the week for the busy couple that could be just posting funny quotes
and memes that other couples can relate to but one thing that you really want to
keep in mind when you do start marketing for a company is that when you're
posting it needs to fulfill one of three purposes and that is either to inspire
educate or entertain it has to do one of those three in order to attract an
audience and keep people interested people are on social media because they
either want to learn something or because they're bored and they're
looking to be entertained so those are the main things that you want to post
about within that particular brand the second thing that you need to know is
you need to know your competition before you meet with the company you might want
to do a little research to see who their competition is one of the very first
things that I did with bonding bees was checking out their competition and
seeing how they market and what they offer and what I could be doing to give
bonding bees that competitive edge bonding bees actually already has a ton
of advantages over some of these other companies which I know sounds really
biased but it is true and when you know your competition that gives you the
ability to come up with other things to set you apart so now we have a ton of
things coming down the pike new things that we're going to be doing this year
that are gonna further help set bonding bees apart as well and the third thing
you need to know and this is really important is your marketing you need to
know how to market you need to have some marketing skills and you need to know
what attraction marketing is so I said you want to post to either inspire
educate or entertain but your content what you're actually posting and the way
that it appears has to be attractive as well now I did not go to college I am
just proof that if you didn't go to college and you don't have a marketing
degree you don't have to you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to snag a
job like this but thankfully do have a background in multi-level
marketing and success with multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing and
I've learned through those opportunities a lot of what attraction marketing looks
like and what it does not look like when I started marketing for bonding bees one
of the first things that I did was I made sure that any time I post on their
timeline that it has a uniform and professional appearance so I'm using
canva app a lot to create their actual graphics making sure that I use the same
colors and use their logo and then I'm also using a ton of apps to create
custom videos and graphics to post on their Facebook and in their Instagram
stories one of the main things I've noticed with Instagram stories is that a
lot of what people are posting is not interesting and a lot of what they're
doing is the same so I wanted to be doing something a little bit different
I'm posting animated graphics and videos I'm posting things that are unique and
original and eye catching and fun we're doing a lot of quizzes and polls to keep
people engaged give them things to participate in and we're doing a lot of
fun giveaways as well so all of these things like I said are just going to
help you to grow a following attract them keep them interested and then
obviously the bigger following you have and the better you grow the brand the
more customers will come along with it as well now if you don't know anything
about marketing and you don't have those skills the good news is that you can
very easily learn them and I do have a social media masterclass that I offer
where I show you everything that I have learned as it pertains to social media
that's how to create custom videos and graphics that's how to grow a following
that's how to build a website and I also give you thousands of pre-made graphics
and videos that are already available for you to use becoming a social media
manager was honestly like a dream job for me
that brings in a regular income my drop shipping business brings an income almost daily as well and these sources of income require very little time out of
my day I maybe work 2 or 3 hours a day I can enjoy freedom and flexibility just
spending time with my kids and my family which is so so important
to me I worked a nine-to-five job for many years I missed a lot of special
moments I feel very blessed that for the last two years I've been able to work
solely from home and if this is something that you can relate to and
something you'd like to learn more about you're always free to contact me or drop
me your questions down in the comments below
that's all for today's video I hope that it really helped you in some way if so
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