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You might say this is dumb but this is Actually one of the easiest systems that You can set up to make money online Without having to sell anything without Having to build any social media Followers and without actually having to Show your face in front of the camera Build a website build a product and Invest any money this is absolutely free And I'm gonna show you exactly how to Set up this autopilot system from Anywhere in the world in the next five Minutes so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like down below and let us Begin with a full breakdown to the very First platform that we're going to be Using it's called likeforlike.org This Is a social media engagement exchange Marketplace where you can come to Exchange likes for shares shares for Likes subscribers for followers like you Can do a lot of different things you Collect points when you like someone's Or engage with someone's social media Posts and in return they will engage With your social media posts as well you Will see exactly why this is important And exactly how this will allow you to Make money on an autopilot but for now You just want to go over to Like4like.org so this is how you spell It and you just add dot org and then you Click on register to to create an Account and you can create an account by

Choosing a username so you can enter a Username here create a password enter Your email agree to determines and Conditions click on I'm not a robot and Click on submit once you do that you Will be able to log into your account Once you log into your account what You're going to be able to see is that You can earn free credits by for example Liking Facebook pages you can earn free Credits by following people on Instagram And so on and so forth so if I click on For example follow right over here it's Going to open up the Instagram app where I can follow this account and if I view I'm gonna be credited eight points or Three points depending on what they're Willing to pay me and in this case that Will be I think three plus one so I Would actually earn four credits for Following this Instagram page and then What I can do is I can click on ADD and Manage pages and then I can add my own Social media accounts and pay for Example someone else for credits per Let's say YouTube subscriber or four Credits for a Facebook share for a Facebook like it doesn't matter but if I Had 40 points that means I could get Like 10 different Facebook shares or Facebook then Facebook likes or Whatsoever so now that you know how this Actually works who are going to come Back to this platform but what you want

To do now is you want to go over to CPA Grip and cpagrip.com is a CPA network With thousands of different CPA offers For you to promote so you want to go to CPA grip you want to register an account And then you want to log into your Account and as soon as you log in you Are going to be able to see that people Are making some decent amount of money With this platform like for example this Person made three thousand dollars one Thousand dollars two hundred eighty Three thousand dollars or for example This person made 70 dollars this person Made thirteen thousand dollars sixty Five thousand dollars sixty two thousand Dollars one hundred seventy one thousand Dollars so people are making a lot of Money with this platform and they're not Even selling anything because all people Need to do is just submit the email Address and you're being paid for it so What you want to do now is you want to Go to my offers on the left side and Then you want to select some of these Offers that pay you around few dollars Per email that you collect and make sure That those offers are actual giveaways Like for example this is a 750 people Gift card giveaway which pays me two Dollars when I refer someone and all you Gotta do is just submit their email Address for a chance to win a gift card So it's pretty easy to make people

Submit the remote now we can copy our Link for that landing page and then you Want to proceed to The Next Step which Is to open up canva.com and canva.com is An absolutely free graphic design tool And what you can simply do is you can Type in giveaway over here and that's Going to show you a lot of different Templates from which you can choose from And then create a promo design for one Of these giveaways so let's say for Example I'm going to use this one over Here I will just click and customize This template you can of course choose Any other template doesn't need to be This one I'm gonna remove anything that Has to do with Christmas because all I Want to do is just create something Related to the people give giveaway that I'm creating so I'm going to go to the Elements section over here and just type In PayPal and then I can for example put It right over here so I'm gonna make it White then I'm gonna remove this and Just place it somewhere around here and I can for example say 750 dollars PayPal Giveaway follow the instructions below To enter and then what I can do is I can Say for example they should like this Post then they should comment or instead Of commenting I will now say that they Should submit their email using the link Which is going to be in the post submit Your email email using the link above

And then I will tell them to share this Post as much as possible now I'm gonna Remove this and I'm just gonna type in 750 giveaway now you can download your Promo design as a PNG file download it To your computer and then proceed to The Next Step which is to just sign up to Facebook for completely free you don't Even need any friends on Facebook you Don't need any followers you don't need Anything you'll just even if it's a Brand new account where you literally Don't have any friends or followers you Can just create an account and then you Can just share that design on that Account so click on Photo slash video And then just enter something related to The giveaway and then you can just paste Your referral link right over here so Your referral link goes here let's go Back to CPA grip copy and paste that Link here and so someone will see this Post they will see that they should like It they will see that they should enter Their email in the in the link which You've shared in the post and it will Also possibly share this post with your Friends as well now you might be Thinking like day but no one is gonna See this because I don't have any Followers or friends on Facebook and That's completely fine because all you Gotta do is just post this to your Account just like this and want to post

It onto your account you simply want to Grab its link so to grab its link you Just open up this you copy that post URL And then you go back to Likeforlike.org and then you can just go To add slash manage pages and then you Will just need to select the feature Which is called Facebook shares so Essentially you just want to paste the Facebook URL here you want to get them Around let's say four credits the more Credits that you give them the more the Faster you're going to be getting those Shares but even if you give them four Credits might go slower which is still Fine and then you can even enter the Link description if not you can just Click submit and what this will do is This will get other people from like for Like to start sharing your post to their Facebook accounts where that post can be Seen by hundreds of their friends which Is going to create a Snowball Effect Because then more people are gonna see That post they're gonna start liking the Post they're gonna start sharing with Their friends as well because that's why We told them in the post they'll start Entering the email addresses which is Once again going to create just a Snowball Effect getting you as many Signups as possible so this point all You gotta do once you've submitted this Is you need to go to the free credits

Section and you just need to start Getting free credits and to earn free Credits you can just follow people on Instagram like their posts like just Complete as many different tasks like For example this is only gonna pay me Two credits but all I gotta do is pretty Much just double tap on this all I gotta Do is just like the post and once I like The post I can just close it and I will Be credited two points for this as you Can see now I have 35 points now I can Just click on like right over here and Then like this post as well and all I Gotta do is just close it confirm and I Will get two more points then I will Just click on this as you can see I was Credited a few more points then I will Scroll I will like the post I will just Close the page and just click confirm And now I have 39 points and just need To repeat this process until you have as Many credits as possible because for Example with 39 or 40 points I would get Around 10 shares which is good like in My my post might be seen by hundreds of People but still the more of these Points they have the more people will be Sharing my Facebook posts meaning more People will enter the giveaway earning Me two dollars per email collected so Even though the system might look dumb It's actually one of the easiest ways to Set up an autopilot system to earn

Passive income without having to sell Anything without having to build a Product a website or anything like that So I really hope you got some value out Of this video I really hope you've Learned something new and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can track their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake there are New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all

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