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This is an exceptionally easy and simple Way if you go from zero to thousands of Dollars with an autopilot system which I'm going to show you how to set up from Anywhere in the world without having Your own website without investing a Single dollar and with no social media Followers at all so if that sounds good Enough then drop a like down below and Let us begin with a full step-by-step Tutorial just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never attack You for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their post the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all for The step number one you want to find Some affiliate offer if you promote and That can be from literally any network Of your choice whether that's ClickBank Whether that's digistore24.com whether That's going to be partner stack Whatever platform that you want to use

You can go ahead and use it doesn't Matter which type of offer you want to Promote because the traffic source is Pretty much calling it down for you and You can set it up on a complete Autopilot and I will show you exactly How so first of all you want to register An account if you want to use Digistore294.com you obviously want to Create an account as an affiliate and as You create an account as an affiliate by Filling out some details about it Yourself you will be able to log into Your account and start browsing Different affiliate offers on their Marketplace which you can access by Pressing the marketplace button right Over here and then on the left side you Have all of these different categories That you can choose from but what I will Be focusing on inside of this video is The in Green in environment type of Products like as you can see green Products and environment protection Because there we can find a lot of Different cool gadgets and inventions And I'm going to show you exactly why That's going to be appealing to a lot of People so here is the offer that I found It's called it's called solar switch Basically this is like a back back here The revolution type of solar panel that You put in your backyard it's like small And it saves you like 978 dollars a year

On electricity because it's so good Something like that because I read what Is on their website and the affiliate Commercial here is 39 per sale so 75 per Sale which is 39 bucks that you will be Paid each time someone buys through a Link and I'm going to show you how to Set up this system in a little less than 60 seconds so what you want to view for The next step is you want to copy or Affiliate links I'm going to press and Promote now and we can copy our Affiliate link right over here so copy The affiliate link that whenever someone Goes to in this case you will you will Be making 39 if they end up buying now The next step the step number three is To go over to Google and search for cool Inventions in this case I can search for Like five cool inventions and we'll just Want to open up a couple of different Articles that talk about cool inventions So let me try this one five cool Inventions that could save the planet by CNN business let's say what this article Is all about so yeah they're basically Really showing different inventions as You can see five different inventions This is great what you want to view Right now is you want to copy the URL of Some of these articles they talk about Cool inventions and you want to proceed To step number four which is to go over To a platform that's called sniply

Already snip.ly snippily dot a i o Actually so once you're over the sniply You just want to click on get starter For free to create an account and by the Way sniply is a tool that will allow you If you add your own code to action to Literally almost any website out there And I will show you exactly how that Will allow you if you make money so I'm Just going to log into my account using Facebook and now as you create an Account you will be able to access the Dashboard where you can also enter the URL of that article inside of this box So just paste the URL click on create a Snip now once you create a snip that Will allow you if you add your own call To action to that article in this case That's going to be CNN business article Talking about cool invention and as you Can see you can create a call to action In this case I basically set cool Invention to save 978 dollars a year Click here to learn learn more now in Order to create this type of call to Action all you got to do is just click On new call to action right over here And then I'm pretty much going to do the Same thing select your brand or select Your account select a button type Emitter or message so what do you want This message to be in this case I can Just say cool invention to save 978 dollars a year on electricity and

I'm gonna say click here to learn more That's going to be the button and the Button URL this is the most important Part you want to make sure that the Button URL is your actual affiliate Link In this case from Digi store so I'm Going to go back and I'm gonna copy my Affiliate link again and then we will go Back and paste that inside of the button URL box and click continue now here you Can see this is how my call to action is Going to look like so while someone is Reading this article about five cool Inventions they can see this massive Quality action that says cool inversion To save 900 a year click here to learn More they go there and they're Immediately sent to a sales page where They can purchase the product and I will Make 39 dollars so now you want to Finish the CTA and we can preview the Page that we just made so first of all I'm going to copy the URL of that and Then I'm going to preview this link let It just open up it's going to be five Cool interventions where people can Start reading the article as you can see It looks pretty nice but as they are Reading the article as you can see in This one it seems like CNN is stopping This one but 95 of the articles that you Find on Google will allow you to add Your call to action so you just need to Go back and find a different article and

Pretty much repeat the process just add That article Link in sneakily and add Your call to action above it now once You have your snickler language you can Once again copy by pressing this button You want to proceed to The Next Step Which is to go over to canva.com and Create promotional designs piano is Absolutely free you can just sign up for Free and you can either go to custom Size or you can search for Pinterest Templates right over here so I'm going To search for a Pinterest template a Pinterest pin and that's going to give Me a lot of different templates designs That I can choose from and customize Pretty easily so what we want to do is Is we want to create a design that Showcases one of the products or one of The cool inventions that we have in that Article that's going to make people want To actually click on that link and go to Our snipper links I'm going to open up This template as an example I think we Will be able to pretty easily customize This one I'm just going to add the text Instead of Bahama Islands I'm going to Save five cooling gate five cool Inventions and the way you change that Is by double clicking on the text and You can say five cool inventions you Must see and we can of course change the Font and all of that because this is Like a travel font and in terms of these

Cool inventions I will just go back and I will once again search for five cool Inventions and I will just find some Images of cool inventions on on Google So let's say for example this one I will Right click on the image I will save Image s then save it to my computer and Then I will go back and I will replace This first image so I will go to the Uploads section and I'm gonna upload This image that I found and I'm gonna Drag it right over here so this is going To first one and you can replace all of These different images now I can replace This one once again by going over to Google finding some cool Gadget let's Say for example this one there are like Really intriguing like people don't Really know what this is and they would Be interested to check it out they're Like hey what is this so it's kind of Like clickbaity you're really interested In what this cool invention is and how You can potentially like change the World or you why you must see that so I'm gonna drag and drop it here and we Can repeat the process now as I said you Can also change the font instead of this Font let's say for example I want to use Something that's more readable maybe This one five cool inventions you must See and then once you're done creating The design and by the way I didn't Finish it but once you're done creating

The design just click on download and Download that image to your computer now Once you have the design the final step That you got to complete is to go over Through a platform that is being visited By hundreds of millions of people every Single month and that's going to be Pinterest itself so you want to go over To pinterest.com and you want to sign up For free and you want to create a new Board on your account after you've Signed up so I'm going to create a pin But I'm also going to start a new board Right now the way we do that is by Clicking on the select the board and Then instead of selecting a board I'm Going to create a new board which is Going to be about cool inventions cool Inventions that might change the world I'm going to create the board and inside Of this board I'm going to add the Design which I've created with canva Five cool Dimensions you must see and I Will say for example this will change The world or this can change your life Or something like that something you Look really big and then the destination Link is just going to be my sniper link So I'm going to copy that and I'm going To go back to Pinterest and paste that And I can say here click the link in the Destination box you see five of the Coolest gadgets of all time and as Someone sees this they click on that

They go through the link they start Reading about those cool gadgets like I'm not being expanded or whatsoever I'm Not promoting anything directly like I'm Not promoting an affiliate link or Whatsoever but as they are reading that Article about cool inventions they can Still see the massive quality action That I created with sneeply that shows Them that they can in this case save 900 A year with a cool Gadget and if they're Interested in cool gadgets they might Potentially check it out and make me 39 And this entire process can literally Take you less than a minute to set it up Once and you can just leave it out there Now obviously the more of these posts That you create the higher chances of Making more money you will have but even If you can create five posts a day in 30 Days you will have 150 different posts Available on Pinterest promoting your Sniper links and promoting your Affiliate offer now if you want to see How I personally build my businesses and How I personally Drive consistent Traffic through all of my affiliate Offers and through all of my different Websites and businesses then click the First link in the description box down Below and I will show you how I've been Able to go from zero to over 75 000 a Month on all of my different YouTube Channels where I'm not even showing my

Face and not even recording anything With the camera so if you want to learn More about that business and how to Drive assistant traffic at all times Then click the first link in the Description box down below

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