JOBS OF THE FUTURE: New digital marketing jobs opportunities

I will introduce you jobs for the future
new jobs opportunities to change your life. this is Luca Papa from Digital
Coach. What I'm introducing is the importance of emerging markets.
Before talking about the jobs of the future
we have to talk about the emerging markets because every job is
related to the market it belongs to so what is important to say is that the
most important thing is that ecommerce is growing so much ecommerce is
literally booming now ecommerce was already growing a lot during the pre
covid phase but after covid and also lock down ecommerce literally boomed
like it was an explosion ecommerce some ecommerce markets grew like 100%, 200%, 300% that's so much to consider so what you
want to consider is that you can for an e-commerce to run in order to run in
commerce you will need a lot of people you will need a digital marketing
experts, social media experts even user experience experts as
long as Seo specialists, seo-manager and so on so there are a lot of job
opportunities inside ecommerce.

Most of them belong to the digital marketing jobs
field so this is very important for all of us second emerging market I want to
consider with you is the online self-employment what I mean with this is
that the online business I created a lot of new job opportunities for
self-employed people so once upon a go you couldn't work as an
online consultant now you have the chance to work as an online consultant, but not
just like an online consultant and you can also work for yourself or for example being
an Amazon specialist an Amazon seller, you can also do affiliate marketing you can open a new web agency
and all those job opportunities even if they are self-employed opportunities
they didn't exist before the digital marketing era.

Third area I wanna consider with you is the digital marketing jobs sector so
what I mean with this digital marketing is made by web marketing social media
marketing and e-commerce so what do you want to consider as job opportunities is
everything that relates to web marketing and you can consider from this
point of view for example all the Seo specialists, so people that works on
search engine in order to get the best position on a search engine like Google for example then you can
consider also web analytics specialist and other job opportunities in the web
marketing area for example is the WordPress specialist that is a
specialist focused on using a CMS or I mean a platform in order to build and
manage any website for example then you have another area that is the
inbound marketing expert as email marketing experts and those are
all specialists that works in order to to improve the inbound marketing
activities of the company they work for after that in the digital marketing
industry you can also add a lot of social media marketing jobs as long as
for example ecommerce jobs because at the end a lot of most of the e-commerce
jobs belongs to the digital marketing area because for in order to run any
commerce you need digital marketing specialist
once you consider once you begin a digital marketing expert you can work not
just for an ecommerce but you can also work for an offline company for
example and I can say for example a service company or an automotive
company because even if you want to sell something that at the end people will
buy offline you still need a lot of marketing online in order to people for
people to know your product in your company and to reach your showroom or
your store for example and it is very important
another area of another emerging market where you find a lot of job
opportunities this is the social media marketing area in the social media
marketing you will understand that as long as you are looking at me from a
video from some social media like YouTube Facebook or so on you will
understand that every company needs social media to improve its own business
so that means that every company now needs more and more Social Media
Specialist, Community Managers, Digital PR specialist.

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Digital PR specialist for
example are people focused on I can say on managing relations with
influencers with online web portals and every kind of institution that
they can I have an influence online that is very very important for them so
social media marketing jobs is another area very important to consider for you
after that you also have to consider the advertising online I mean in the past
advertising industry was based on television radio and
everything that has to do with the offline business
now the advertising business is built on the online business that means that if
you wanna advertise your company in Google you need SEM specialist, if you
need to advertise your company on Facebook you will need a social
advertising specialist or a pay-per-click specialist all of them are
new kind of jobs that you can acquire with digital skills
obviously you have to learn English to not just English you have to
learn a lot of digital skills as long as to manage the the Facebook Ads platform
for example but it's still a very important thing for you.

advertising online industry I would consider for you the digital services
digital services means that there are a lot of industry based on services that
are growing a lot and they need other kinds of specialists to work for for
example now next message I want to consider with you is the difference
between newest digital jobs and traditional jobs so as you will
understand every traditional jobs is not disappearing is just transforming and in
the digital transformation process you have to consider that there's always a
new digital jobs that is something that comes from the past so for example the
marketing manager that as we knew the marketing manager the marketing manager
has to become a digital marketing manager because if you had thousands
companies needing a marketing manager you will have millions of companies
needing a digital marketing manager so there's much much more important because
digital marketing is based on small medium business and
that's very important for all of us small medium businesses are millions of
small companies not just thousands then focus on the store manager since
retailer was very important in the past but now is going down you will
understand that every store manager should become an e-commerce manager
so you still can manage a store but this time is going to be not a physical store
but an online store so that's the main difference and focus on communication
manager communication every kind of communication is going through social
media so that means that you have to become a social media manager because
social media is the new communication in a new era that's very important in since
manager and all a lot of people come into my school er digital culture and
ask me I'm a Salesman I I can find a job as before I need a new job and what I
tell them usually is you had to transform yourself in
national marketing manager so you will still manager says sales people but
online and not applying or you have to become any comments marketing manager
responsible for the sales event in commerce instead of a sales of a
traditional company but they still your job the worry about that
so other examples I'm gonna give you is the business analyst every kind of
business service should become a web analytics specialist
that is the person in charge of managing analytics statistics every kind of
report a decision maker needs in order to improve his digital marketing
activity and focus on advertising a media planning advertisers a media plan
people who usually were you who were used to buy for example advertising on
television or newspapers now they they have to become specialists able to buy
media from your line business so to buy from Google to buy from Facebook by for
linking and those kind of people are we marketing specialists some managers and
specialists the programmatic specialists real-time bidding specialists they still
buy advertising but they buy advertising online in the new era and the press
officer had to become a digital PR officer so that means that you will not
have so much relation with with traditional press but you had to take
care about influencer web portals and so on so this is a very important another
kind of job so you have to consider it customer service separators all customer
service operators are becoming social media specialist because people relate
to the companies through social media so when somebody has a problem that person
goes to Facebook and write on the Facebook page of the company so that's
why customer service is moving to social media video makers for example for me to
make a since you don't do you don't you do retro so many video for their life
line but you are recording much more videos for the online business you had
to become a video marketing specialist that means that you still have to record
videos but then you also have to know how to promote those videos on YouTube
I'll put all to promote them on Facebook and Siham and for what concerned
developers and computer programmers had to be gamma WordPress specialists I mean
people that knows the WordPress environment and what WordPress platform
and tells to this platform they don't need any code
capability in order to create a new website and to manage a website so
that's very interesting as a job I mean with much less knowledge you can do much
more than any programmer for example and humanists if I were a humanist I would
go through the to the I would move in the condo marketing world for example
cut the marketing world is is made of video is made of copywriting is made of
images photos a lot of opportunities for people that that like to communicate and
to to have relations for example now the last thing the words they wanna share
with you is since mmm even if you understood what are the new digital jobs
you have to understand also how to find a job in the new digital industry
because as you will understand that also the way companies are hiring is changing
in the new era so what means this what I mean with this I mean that first of all
you had to acquire new digital skills and get certified with those skills that
means that even if you have your historical skills yet to had the
capability a new skills that let you advertise online in order to to help you
be visible on search engines in order to help you to build and manage a website
and so on a lot of digital skills that might require you something like two
three months from two three months to six months but it's enough in six months
you can get a lot of digital skills obviously you will go you will deepen
those skills in the future but the fundamentals the basics for the
fundamentals in six months it's enough for for you
then second year to test yourself and your new skills what I mean with this
what I mean is that you have to try your new skills you had to improve your your
skills practicing and it's very important the next one is learning
personal marketing so if in the past you were used to go to an web portal and
send your CV now you don't have to do that anymore you have to improve your
personal brand branding activities online and you have to attract
opportunities to do inbound marketing you have to be able to be I can say able
to attract opportunities to you and not to follow all the rules traditional
rules so that means that you have to be very good in doing your personal digital
marketing online your personal website your LinkedIn profile your presence or
search engines your presence on social media a lot of things you can do you
just have to learn we are able to teach you those things a lot of things you can
do you know you can do in order to attract opportunities and have much more
chances than before that's very important for you okay so if you enjoyed
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