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This is a brand new tick tock account That I started that is generating me Thousands and some videos even hundreds Of thousands of views all using this Insane piece of technology that has Generated all of this for me which has Made me while over 400 and up to a Thousand dollars a day in affiliate Commissions this can potentially be the Future of short video content generation And creation enter one simple keyword Such as best Tick Tock ideas click on Enter and it will automatically type out And give you an entire article on the Most viral Tick Tock ideas that you can Create for your Tick Tock page copy this Text and paste it into the second AI it Generates it into one simple done for You step-by-step short video platform That you could go and paste on Tick Tock To generate views and affiliate Commissions through the link in your bio Short video platforms is one of the Easiest ways in 2023 to monetize Affiliate links your YouTube channel Merchandise And many other ways to get monetized on Social media because Tick Tock is the Kind of platform that can get you a Hundred thousand views overnight like One or two of these videos did over here This video has hit 407 000 views and it Was only my 10th post this video Hit 300 000 views which has now brought a lot of

Traction and a lot of followers to my Brand new tick tock page which is Generating me tons of affiliate Commissions on a daily and a weekly Basis these two AI tools are going to Generate you all of the text which the Second AR tool is going to turn that Text into a Don video Tick Tock YouTube Short and Reddit video for you to post On any platform that you wish there is No effort needed from your side no Editing required no camera needed no Microphone needed no coming up with Content ideas no editing no spending Hours on Tick Tock hours and hours every Single day coming up with ideas these Two AI programs which are completely Free and that I'm going to give to you In today's video do all of the hard work For you in just a couple of clicks and In just a couple of minutes make sure to Stick around because this is going to be A great great Banger to start of January In 2023 to help you make money online Through AI generation what's going on Awesome people of YouTube Jay here from The Millennium mindset YouTube channel And on my channel I document various Ways that I use online to make money Online if you want to get a notification From me to your phone every time I Upload my latest way on how I make money Online make sure to go down below to This Millennium mindset YouTube channel

And subscribe with the red notification Button so that you don't miss a message I've already got my exact same product That I've copied and pasted with a Strategy that I'm going to reveal and Give to you in today's video today's Video is actually not going to be about ClickBank we're going to be using which is my favorite Affiliate marketing Network website Which is accepted worldwide as you may Know for a lot of you ClickBank is not Acceptable in your country and therefore You're unable to sign up but in today's Video I've catered for all of you and I've got a platform that is working for Anybody in the world what you need to do Is come over to if you Haven't got an account come over to Register on the top right inside and you Need to fill out your email password and Address verify your email and you will Land on your dashboard which will look Like this you will add on a page where You can see every single category of all The various different products that you Can go and promote from dance and music To computer and internet e-marketing Dating love and relationships there is a Niche for everybody I always recommend Choose something that you're passionate About or choose something that you enjoy For example if you're a chef and you're Into making different meals and cooking

For people or working at a restaurant I Recommend go and choose fitness and Health or food and drinks if you're a Fitness instructor or a big gym Enthusiast you can come over to fitness And health and take a look at all the Products that they've got over here from The ultimate keto meal plan which is my Number one product that I've promoted on Digi store 24 in my lifetime there's Many different other programs such as The keto desserts which is a program That teaches people how to make healthy Desserts the exact product that I've Been using with this strategy is the Ultimate keto meals plan this has an Extremely high click-through rate Instead sale rate with many happy Customers as this is a very high quality Product that isn't very expensive and You'll see when you sign in with your Link you've got your affiliate link over Here which you can go and right click Open in a new tab and it will take you To the landing page of this product over Here what I recommend you do is copy the Affiliate link of your product and you Will see you going to earn an 85 Commission off of this product at a Total of 22.29 per sale open up a Notepad on your documents on your phone Paste your affiliate link over here as We're going to come back to this later On in this video now that we've got our

Affiliate product we need to go and Generate our content text and contents Of our actual content come over to our Website called you will add On a landing page that says chat gbt Optimizing language models for dialogues So this is a tool where if you go and Type any keyword any question any Request it will type out an answer an Article or a step-by-step format for you As you can read over here this is a Trained model called chart gbt which Interacts in a conversational way the Dialog format makes it possible for chat Gbt to answer up follow-up questions Admits its mistakes challenge incorrect Premises and reject inappropriate Requests which is trained to follow an Instruction in an imprompt and provided Detailed response click on try chat gbt Over here and it will take you to the Live chat what I recommend you do is is Go and type Best ways to lose Wait click on send and take a look at This this entire article is going to Type you an entire step-by-step format That you need to apply to yourself in Order to lose weight now that the Context of our video has been created All you need to do is copy and paste Highlight all of this text right click Copy come over to a website called in which is a website that unlocks

The power of text to video all you need To go and do is click on get started for Free as you can see there's no credit Card required they have a lifetime free Plan click on get started it's free on The left hand side on the menu bar you Will see there's an option that says Text to video click on this and you can Go and choose any one of these templates I recommend choose something that has to Do with health and fitness for example I'm going to go and choose this template Over here with oranges falling into Water I'm going to click on portrait Mode which is the portrait format Required for Tick Tock YouTube shorts And Facebook reels click on use Templates or all you need to go and do Is is paste your entire script in the Script sign over here click on generate Scenes click on yes click on create Scenes again and in a couple of seconds It's going to set up this project and Turn this entire article that has been Created by chat gbt into a done for you Tick Tock in a few minutes it will Generate this entire video for you in a Step-by-step process on the best ways to Lose weight based on what chat gbt has Now told you all you need to go and do Is click on download on the top right And this video will download to your PC Come over to tick tock and go and upload And all I recommend you do is upload a

Video at least once a day or through my Experience and years of creating content I've always find that the algorithms Favor those that post consistently those That post consistently get virality that Is my number one experience tip I can Say it from posting content on on all of These platforms set a schedule and as Soon as one or two videos takes off it Takes off your entire page like it's Done for my brand new tick tock page and Then all I recommend you do is is at the End of each and every video or even in The comments section of your videos is Put in comments saying Link in BIO to Your custom keto diet program to help You lose weight and pick up muscle all You need to do is go and copy your Affiliate link and go and paste that in The bio of your page you can replicate The same process on Facebook reels and YouTube shorts as well to three times Your views and potentially three times Your income and traffic what I'm going To do is to harp you out even more to Help you generate content go viral on Tick Tock short video platforms to blow Up your affiliate marketing business or If you're monetizing your page with Anything else whether it's merchandise Bracelet sales or whatever it can be I'm Going to give you an entire course Purely based on YouTube Shorts Facebook Reels and blowing up on Tick Tock this

Playlist of the Year consists of my top 30 best videos that I've posted in 2022 And 2023 so far as well on how you can Blow up on Tick Tock how you can grow a Brand and how you can scale your Affiliate commissions what I recommend You do is follow what I've just taught You in this video use these strategies Over here to scale even more so make Sure to click on this playlist over here And I'll see you over there

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