Smartest Way To +$10,000/MONTH In 2023 With Affiliate Marketing

Want to make $10,000 a Month with affiliate marketing with no experience, no website, and no social media following in 2023. If so this is a very easy affiliate marketing strategy that you can start to make money online after watching this video.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money and if you know how to get traffic, promote the right offers and retarget email sign-ups you stand a very good chance to make really good money. I'm going to cover it all in this affiliate marketing tutorial.

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On this video today I want to show you An insane method to make as much as ten Thousand dollars a month on complete Autopilot in affiliate marketing Commissions as a complete beginner you Don't need any traffic to do this you Don't need a following and you don't Need a website all you're going to be Doing is sending out a few emails like This I sent out this email and I made Almost three thousand dollars I then Went and sent this email out and I made A further four thousand dollars and in Total I sent out seven emails and made Over fourteen thousand dollars you can See here that ClickBank paid me twelve Thousand three hundred dollars and I'm Going to reload my page to show you that This is 100 legit and I'm going to show You how to do this when you don't have An email list and how you can get Started absolutely for free now just Before we get into this strategy if You're looking to learn how to make Money with affiliate marketing don't Forget that I do have my free affiliate Marketing guide all you need to do is Click onto that link in the description And grab that guide I've created this For you so you can learn other ways of Making money with affiliate marketing All else that you do in appreciation is Smash that like button if you end up Enjoying this video let's get this video

To a thousand likes and it means the World to me so today we're going to be Looking at how to get emails off a Platform called solo ads X this is a Platform where you can get traffic that Converts these people have gone out and Done all the hard work where they have Email lists that they're going to allow You to use so that you can make money With affiliate marketing but I'm also Going to show you how to do this at the End of this video that's absolutely for Free when you scroll down you can see That they have 100 human traffic Absolutely no Bots they've got really Good opt-in and conversions guaranteed Push button traffic source and you can See here that this works extremely will For home business make money online and MLM offers and I'm going to show you Where you can get these offers number One and I'm also going to show you Number two where you can get these Emails said that no one has to write These emails for you really high Converting emails to help you make money With affiliate marketing as you scroll Down you can see he says this is some of The best email traffic sellers online Today now all you need to do is scroll Down and take a look at all the Different sellers that they have you can Also scroll down and have a read about This website they've also got a lot of

Testimonials and the companies that they Work with but what you want to do is Quite simply come over here and click Onto any one of these sellers so if we Click onto this one over here is this Guy's name is Tim that's going to take Us over into his profile what this is Going to do is it's going to tell us a Little bit about Tim it's also going to Show us his stats and how much he's Going to charge you for running these Different types of email campaigns to His m email list is going to show you Exactly how well his email list is Converting he's also going to show you Exactly what his cost is he's going to Charge you anything from 35 cents to 45 Cents per lead that you're going to get With his email list you can see he There's a few people that he's put on Here as testimonials and people that Have replied back to him on his Facebook Group showing that they are actually Getting conversions and they are making Money so he's going to charge you to Send out these emails and in return Obviously you're potentially going to Make money with these affiliate Marketing sales but he's definitely Going to make money because you have to Pay in order for him to run and when you Scroll down you can see the different Costs involved now remember I'm going to Show you how to do this for free at the

End of the video but you can see that For 500 unique clicks you can make as Much as a hundred and seventy five Dollars now to put this into comparison When I sent out those emails those Emails only got between 500 and 600 Clicks and made me thousands of dollars Now there's no guarantee is that you're Going to be able to do the same but if You're promoting a decent offer there's No reason why you shouldn't be able to Cover these costs especially if you're Only prepared to spend 35 dollars for a Hundred unique clicks all you need is One sale to make around a hundred Dollars to more than cover your costs The other thing you can do is come over Here and take a look at some of these Other people that are on here like if You have a look at this guy his name is Petard if you click onto him you can Scroll down take a look and see exactly What he's offering some of these people Also have a money back guarantee if you Don't get any clicks then you can Obviously come back to them and say hey Mate your email did not do anything for Me I want my money back and they do have A money back guarantee now remember this Only works if you're not getting any Clicks sales are not guaranteed but Clicks are guaranteed so when you scroll Down here you can see that he also has Testimonials when you scroll down to the

Bottom I'm going to show you this Software that he's also on another Website where people are coming over Here purchasing this stuff and they're Absolutely crushing and making money so When you scroll down you can see how Much he's charging so for a hundred Clicks he's charging 33 dollars 200 Clicks 64 dollars and for 500 clicks He's charging 150 which is an insane Amount this is super low cost guys for 500 clicks for you to test this out if You have that sort of budget if you Don't keep watching because I'm going to Show you exactly how you can do it now Are some people coming over here and They're paying as much as 280 for a Thousand clicks so this is the first Website that you can come over to Another really good site that you can Test this on guys is this one over here Called udemy udemy is an amazing Platform where people are also selling Their emails to you to promote different Types of offers all you need to do is Come over here and sign up once you sign Up you want to come up to the top click On to find sellers once you do that what You want to do over here this is really Important you want to click onto Keywords and you can see some of the Ones that I really searched on a 30-day Basis okay so you can see that a lot of People doing this would make money

Online weight loss Forex CPA offers Affiliate marketing for the purposes of This video let's just take a look at Different types of affiliate marketers Over here that have lists where you can Promote affiliate marketing offers when You scroll down you can see that this Guy comes up his name's Dylan you can Scroll down he's got 1220 thumbs up and what you want to do Is you want to scroll down and you want To take a look at the ones that have Been here for a while because they more Than likely replenishing their list and They're obviously coming over here and Selling and they continue to get really Really good results so what you'd want To do is quite simply come over here Look at one that has results I can see Here that Dylan obviously does have some Good results you would want to click Onto his profile then what you can do is You can scroll down see exactly what he Offers then you can scroll down and see What you need to do in order to create This campaign so quite simply you can Come over here and you can just insert Your link you can also see here allow The seller to start traffic delivery Earlier than the 6th of November Whatever date your currently on at the Moment then what you can do is choose How much clicks you actually want to pay For the other thing that you can do is

You can select only top T traffic so Once you do that let's say for 300 Clicks you'd pay 159 and then all you need to do is add Your link in here and then what they can Do is they can start to create these Different emails for you or you can come Over here guys you can see here if you Select add to text you can tell them Exactly what you want to do or you can Even send him over the different types Of email emails swipes that you want to Censor how are you going to get this Product number one number two where are You going to get these emails so I'm Going to show you that right now then I'm going to show you how you can Potentially do this for free and how I've done it for free as well so from Here what you want to do is you want to Come over to this platform called you can do this with Digistore24 and all you need to do is Sign up to get these amazing products Now just before I show you the type of Product that you want to be promoting Guys don't forget to subscribe to my Channel as you guys know I come out with Amazing videos every single day to try And help you make money online with Affiliate marketing and a whole range of Other avenues so if you haven't Subscribed to the channel yet make sure You go down the bottom subscribe now

With the Bell notification turned on so That you don't miss out on any of my Latest videos I research the best videos To try and help you grow your online Business and make sure you're subscribed To the channel now what you want to do Guys when you finally signed up to Either or digital24 you Want to come up to the top and you want To go to their Marketplace once you are On their Marketplace what you want to do From there on the left hand side over Here you've got all these different Types of categories as you scroll down For the purposes of this video what We're going to be doing is we're going To be looking at E-Business and E-marketing once you click onto that You're going to be able to see a whole Range of different types of products Quite simply come up to the top and Search for gravity gravity is going to Show you products that are converting at The moment and Affiliates are having Success with Forex example take a look At this get paid to use Facebook Twitter And YouTube what's good about this is These different types of social media Platforms are probably relevant to a lot Of people anybody looking to make money Online are probably going to be Interested in finding out how they can Do this with Facebook Twitter and YouTube and there's a few other social

Media platforms that they are already Familiar with so it's not foreign to Them now what you want to do is you want To find some email swipes for this so You want to come over here and you want To click onto their affiliate page once You click onto this this is going to Give you resources that you can use to Promote this particular product so you Want to come over here you want to click On to allow then what you want to do is You want to scroll down and you want to Find these different types of email Swipes so all you need to do is just Quite simply scroll all the way down There's going to be a lot of resources On here but what we're looking for is These email swipes and take a look You've got 20 different email swipes That you can potentially use all you Need to do is come over here and click Onto this one and and take a look at This you've got a subject and you've got An entire body an email that you can Very easily use and all you need to do Guys is quite simply choose the email That you want to start using inside These different types of email campaigns And if you're planning on doing more you Could very easily you know do use two or Three different types of emails and then Give it a send it over to the person That's going to run these different Types of email campaigns for you and all

The hard work has been done for you I Mean look at this 25 an hour to work With Elon Musk tell me who's not going To click onto that email I read this and I was like my old click onto that Immediately and then you can see here it Says start working today you've got a Really good body over here with an Entire email written up for you and then All you need to do is put in your link Where it tells you to put in that link And in order to get that link all you Need to do is come over here click on to Promote once you click on to promote Click onto this gen generate this hop Link and then this is the link that You're going to be promoting all you Need to do is copy this link and then Come over to a platform like a bitly as An example okay so you can Sign in if you want you don't have to Sign in if you're happy to use it just Like this come over here paste that in There and then click on to shorten this Is going to give you a nice shortened Link and then you want to copy that link Once you have copied that link what you Now want to do is come straight back Over to udemy over here and as you Remember all we now need to do is come Over here click onto only link and then Paste that link in there and then you Want to check out and then you'll be Able to give this person instructions

And the emails that you want to use now All you need to do is quite simply Obviously come back over to ClickBank And like I said choose the different Types of products that you want to Promote this is how you will do it if You are happy to pay anything from 35 to Maybe a couple of hundred dollars to Test out this strategy with people that Have gone out and done all the hard work To build these email lists now if you Don't want to pay anyone to do this for You and you want to do all this yourself And you want to start for free then the First thing that you need to do is you Need to sign up to a company for example Like convertkit convertkit is a software That's going to allow you to Aid collect Leads and B send out email broadcast and When you come over here to pricing you Can start this absolutely for free I'll Have a link in my description feel free To take a look at this or just jump onto Google and search for convertkit when You scroll down you're going to be able To see that you can actually start this For free up to the first 1000 email Signups before you need to start paying For anything but once you've got 1 000 Email signups you're more than likely Going to be converting this and making Money online okay guys so quite simply The first step is to come over here and Start and sign up to a software this is

The exact same software that I use where I'm collecting leads every single week Some weeks I might get thousands of Leads some weeks I might only get Hundreds of leads but Are worth money to make and how am I Collecting these leads what am I doing To do this well as you guys know I'm Really big on all my social media apps And this is exactly what you can do go Out and find a niche that you're happy To promote products and then start Creating content on for example you can Very easily do this on platforms like Tick Tock you can see that on Tick Tock I have my link tree link over here if Anybody clicks onto that what this is Going to quite simply do is it's going To show them all my different types of Products that I'm promoting if anybody Comes over here and clicks onto this Guys you're going to see that you're Going to see a landing page when Somebody enters in their details I'm Going to collect that email that's the Email that I'm then going to be sending Other offers to other promotions and you Can do this with Fitness you can do this With the relationships you can do this With make money online affiliate Marketing e-commerce whatever you want Having an email is one of the most Powerful ways to make an additional Income online with affiliate marketing

Guys it is one one of the best ways that I supplement my income from everything Else that I do you can obviously like I Said do this with Tick Tock you can also Set up a website for yourself if you Have a website then you can promote Different type create articles and Promote different types of offers and Also collect leads setting up a website Obviously is a little bit more technical So if you don't like the technical side Of things and you prefer to create Content you can very easily do like I Said with Tick Tock then from there what You can do guys is you can also do it With Instagram as you know with Instagram there are hundreds of Different types of niches as you can see With Instagram I also have my link tree Link in here I put up posts I also put Up brills and you can do the exact same You can do this in many different types Of niches guys and again if somebody Clicks onto this I'm going to be Collecting leads every single day now if You want to do it with a platform where You don't necessarily need to be putting Up videos you can but you don't have to Then you can do it with platforms like Pinterest and just quite simply put up Pins you can review different types of Products you can link this product to Pinterest and create a very simple make Money online pin telling people to make

Money with Facebook YouTube Instagram Etc and then all you would quite simply Need to do is come over to convertkit Convertkit is actually going to allow You if you scroll up to the top you can See here you've got all these tabs You've got grow you've got send you've Got automate you've got earn you've got Learn and then what you can actually do With convertkit if you come over here to Grow you can see if you click onto Landing pages and forms it's going to Allow you to create different types of Landing pages all you need to do is Click on to create new and then click Onto landing page and this landing page That you create is then going to divert Anybody that clicks onto it and puts in Their email address over to your Convertkit account and you can see these Landing pages some of them look really Really good and they're easily Customizable if you click choose any one Of the is you can very easily customize These very very quickly into whatever You need and then this is what people Are going to see once they're clicking Onto your links and then once you create This landing page this is the landing Page that you will be putting inside Your pins on Pinterest promoting Whatever product you want to promote From there what you can do guys if you Want to be on video if you want to

Create YouTube shorts you can very Easily do this like I do with my channel Smart money tactics and with my channel Smart Video Tactics create videos in the Niche that you're happy to do this in And collect leads through your different Types of landing pages that you've Created promoting a variety of different Types of products if you don't want to Be on video guys you can very easily do This on platforms like quora and to Different types of questions set up a Space for yourself promote your website Promote your social media promote your Tick Tock promote your Instagram that Holds all these links and then once People are clicking onto those it's Going to drive them to these landing Page Pages where you're going to be Collecting these different types of Emails you can also very easily do this With platforms like and put Up articles on medium different types of Niches Etc you can very easily also do These guys with up and coming sites Which are competing with slides like YouTube which is Rumble you can very Easily come over here and put up Different types of videos and placing Your links inside the description of These videos is going to allow you to Collect all these leads just like I'm Collecting over you from there once You've collected all those leads you can

Very easily start sending out these Email broadcasts just like I'm doing Every single day and all these emails That I'm doing I'm pretty much getting Them from the product and the email Swipes just like I showed you and I'm Sending out these emails and this is What's allowing me to make tens of Thousands of dollars utilizing different Types of affiliate marketing products And there's no reason why you can't do The same so you've got two options you Can either pay someone that's gone and And done all the hard work or you can Start to put in the hard work on social Media with your websites whatever Content that you're creating make sure You set up a landing page and start Collecting these leads and start Promoting different types of products Which is ultimately going to allow you To make a lot of money online with Affiliate marketing you can easily make A few hundred dollars a day and Thousands of dollars a week and Supplement an income that you currently Have whether it's an online entrepreneur Or your nine-to-five job the rest is up To you now just like I said earlier guys I do have my ultimate affiliate Marketing guide don't forget to go down The bottom and grab that it's yours Absolutely for free all Us in return is Smash that like button in appreciation

But don't go anywhere guys because if You have a spare 15 minutes a day and You want to absolutely crush it with Digistore24 then I highly recommend that You click onto this video view right now That I made the other day it's an Unbelievably simple method that you can Get started with today to make hundreds Of dollars with digital 24 I'll see you On that video you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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