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This is something that you can set up in Less than 10 minutes and then you can Earn passive income again and again for The next couple of months or even years To come and it has nothing to do with You creating a website YouTube videos or Investing a single Dollar in fact you Can begin doing this with literally zero Dollars you can do it for absolutely Free and there are people from all Around the world thousands of them Making hundreds of thousands of dollars In passive income in fact one particular Person that I'm gonna share with you Inside of this video made 349 a thousand Dollars and that's not the most that Someone made doing this there are other People that made even more money than That so if that sounds good enough then Drop a like down below and let us begin With an actual breakdown and a tutorial On how you can set up this passive Income stream for yourself just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts

Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so the website that we Will be using is called Amazon you might Have heard about that platform it's Literally a trillion dollar company and It's being wasted by hundreds of Millions of people a month and you see Amazon has Amazon Kindle with where they Sell ebooks so they sell Kindle books Over here and which means that those are Digital books that someone creates once And once they upload them on the Platform whenever someone buys that Kindle book they can download it Instantly and the owner of the book Doesn't need to do any extra work They've uploaded a book once they don't Have to actually ship the book they Don't need inventory or whatsoever it's A digital book so it's something that They do only once they write the book They upload it and they can leave it Like that and that book can settle for Months and months and years and years to Come and all of these people are making Tens of thousands of dollars if you see For example this person got 8 000 Feedbacks 8 000 reviews for this book at Price of 15.83 cents you can just do the Math and that or for example this person

Got a 29 a thousand feedbacks and Remember that not every single person Will leave a feedback after reading the Book so they probably got a lot more Sales than this but even if they got Only 29 000 sales at a price of 12 That's over 394 000 in total just from one single Product listed on Amazon Kindle we can You can do you can see for example this Person got 500 sales the price of ten Dollars you can see this person get a Thousand sales at the price of seven Dollars that's over eight thousand Dollars in total for this one single Book that is selling one single Digital Book and there's thousands of people Doing that and in some cases making a Lot more money because they're getting a Lot more sales or they're listing their Books for a lot more so you can see all Of these people that are making money You can check it for yourself you can See all of them making like for example 20 bucks here for sold over 2 000 times Which means this person made over forty Thousand dollars with this single book This person got 11 1000 sales at a price Of 17 and made over a hundred thousand Dollars in passive income in total from That one single books there's definitely A lot of people thousands of people from All around the world making money now How can you actually do this there are

Two different ways if you want to get Started for free you can of course write The book yourself you can do the Research and it will take of course a Lot of time depending on whether you Want to make a really high quality book Or not but it will require time and Effort if you do it yourself and you do It for free but if you have a little bit Of money to invest you can just go to a Freelancing platform like Fiverr Fiverr Is a freelancing platform rate thousands Of Freelancers they're gonna write a Kindle book for you if you open up like For example this first service here you Can see that this person will do it for Like 45 bucks or 95 dollars they will Write a full book for you and you can Tell them what the book is going to be About and they will just write it they Will do the research and they will write The book for you so as you can see a Hundred percent original plagiarism free Content engaging content in that Research commercial copyrights quick Response and on-time delivery so in 10 Days you will have your own book for Less than 100 bucks and you can sell it Again and again and again for unlimited Amount of times so you pay a hundred Dollars and you get everything done for You and what you can also do is you can Join some affiliate program like for Example you can go to digestore24 which

Is an affiliate marketplace with Thousands of different affiliate offers For you to promote you can create an Account in digit store you can log into Your account then you can start browsing Different offers and then if you want to Make a book about let's say for example You want to make a book about Fitness And weight loss you pay them 95 to write That book for you and you then just go To digital or ClickBank or any other Affiliate Marketplace and you can just Try to find some offers that you can Promote inside of the book because that Way you can maximize your results and Actually make the most amount of money Not just from the sales coming from Amazon but when when someone buys that Book they can also buy the product that You're promoting for example this is a Lean belly newest commission Crusher uh Product it helps people lose weight fast And potentially even get sex back apps And if you change the currency to US Dollars you can see that that product is Gonna pay you I about fifty dollars I Think fifty two dollars per sale so 52 Bucks if someone buys that so what you Can do is you can grab your affiliate Link from digistore you can go back and You can tell the Fiverr seller hey I Want you to include this I want you to Promote this product in in the book Itself and because it's gonna be a PDF

Document they can actually make the Hyperlink and they can make the text Clickable so that when there's a call to Action people can just click on that buy The product and make you 52 dollars so Every single sale on Amazon will make You money but then you will make an Additional income if they actually buy The product that is promoted in the book That they are rating and there is higher Chances they will because they are Interested in that if they are reading In this case a fitness and weight loss Book or any other book for for that Matter so you work so literally any type Of affiliate offer that's how you can Maximize your results and get your Return on investment much faster now Once you do that you can also not just List your product on Amazon in just a Way to get sales you will potentially Get sales from them from that it it it Is possible but in order to maximize Your results of actually getting sales You should promote your books do External traffic sources to bring more People under the book and get those Initial sales because once you start Getting those initial reviews and sales Amazon will push your book to more People and then organically people will Start finding out about your book listed On Amazon and they will buy it directly From Amazon Kindle but before I show you

The traffic Source you can also create a Cover design for completely free so once They write the book for you on Fiverr You don't have to pay for someone to Create the design for you because that's Pretty easy and fun so you can just do It yourself with canva you can go to you can type in ebook cover Design and that's going to give you all Of these different templates from what You can choose from you just select one And then you can customize it so for Example if I want my book to be about Weight loss and fitness I will for Example type in Fitness Bible or Whatsoever you can of course customize It and you can even put your name here So if you are the author of the book you Can just put your name there and here's The design that I can personally use for My book can of course change all of These different I can change the font Like different colors I can customize Everything but I just wanted to show you How simple it is to create your own Cover designs for these books for Absolutely free with Canon and then you Just click on share you click on Download and you can download the design To your computer it's easy as that now In order to promote your books you can Simply go over to a platform like mivi Which is a social media platform very Similar to but not as

Competitive as Facebook and then you can Create an absolutely free account and by The way this platform does have about 70 Million visitors every single month so There is a lot of traffic coming from The platform itself so you can go to the Search bar and you can type in if your If your book is about Fitness and weight Loss you just type in Fitness or weight Loss and you filter out by groups and These groups have hundreds of members That are interested in that particular Topic in this case Fitness and weight Loss and you can start joining those Groups and you can post in the group Promoting your book and if the book is Let's say a dollar you list it for two Dollars or three dollars there's gonna Be a lot of people that might Potentially sign up and when they buy That book not only will they help you Get ranked higher on Amazon and get Organic sales from Amazon Kindle but They will potentially buy the product That you're promoting in the book itself And to get inspired you can just look at All of these people making hundreds of Thousands of dollars again this person If you do the math made over 349 a Thousand dollars by selling on this Website and actually all of that was Purely passive income so I really hope You got some new idea in this video and I really hope you got some value out of

This video and if you did make sure to Drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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