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Hey, do you want to know how to make money on YouTube using AI technology in a niche that is blowing up? This is one of the easiest ways to start a YouTube channel with both YouTube shorts and longer format videos and I'll go through everything step by step so you can get started making YouTube videos straight after watching this video. Plus i'll show you several ways you can monetise your videos prior to being accepted into the YouTube partner program.

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In this video today I want to show you An amazing YouTube Niche that is getting People thousands if not hundreds of Thousands of views every single day and These views are turning into tens of Thousands of dollars if not hundreds of Thousands of dollars every single month But things are about to get interesting Because YouTube is monetizing YouTube Shorts in 2023 and I want to show you How to double down and make money on YouTube creating these YouTube short Videos and long form content using an AI Content creation tool that's going to do All the work for you and you don't ever Need to show your face if you don't want To and I want to walk you through step By step and show you how anybody can Start this on top of that on top of Making money on YouTube with ad Revenue I want to show you how you can double Down and make hundreds of dollars every Single day with affiliate marketing Products that you can promote inside These videos let me show you an example Of some channels that are doing this and Absolutely crushing it the niche that we Are talking about today is in the facts Niche people that talk about different Types of facts it could be about space Facts life facts Etc you can see that There's people talking about different Types of facts take a look at this Channel over here this is a channel

Called unarmed facts this is a guy in India who does this and is absolutely Crushing I'm going to show you a few Different countries that people are Doing this in and you can see that this Person currently according to Socialblade is making anything from six And a half thousand dollars a month all The way up to a hundred thousand dollars Depending on the content that he's Putting up but you can see that he's Mixing this up nicely with videos and Shorts and shorts as you know are Blowing up I recently started Implementing shorts on my channel and my Channel has absolutely EX exploded so I Know for a fact that this does work this Is why I wanted to show you this Particular Channel there is another Channel over here as well called Kazi And this channel as you can see also is Mixing it up with videos and shorts and They are also putting up different types Of fact information on their channels if You click onto any one of their videos And you scroll down you can also see That they are monetizing through merch So they're making money through merch Sales on top of that they are also Making some really good money with YouTube ad Revenue another channel the Last one that I want to show you that is Absolutely blowing up before I show you This AI tool that you're going to use is

This one over here called Luke Davidson Facts now this person does show their Face it's completely up to you if you Want to as you scroll down you can see That they're doing videos and YouTube Shorts as well and this channel is Absolutely crushing Ernie anything from 32 000 to half a million dollars every Single month to say how are you going to Turn this into a side hustle in 2023 get Your YouTube channel monetized and start Making money on YouTube well the first Thing that you need which is really Important is you need to go out and find Yourself an AI content creation tool and The tool that I'm going to tell you to Use is this one over here called in Video dot IO all you need to do is click On the link in the description of this Video and sign up for in video in video Is an amazing tool where you can go and Use text to video you can use a template I'm going to give you examples of that Now and this is an all-in-one video Maker I use this myself on a lot of my Channels because it is so simple it is So powerful it has an AI voice over as Well that you can use inside these Videos especially in the YouTube short To help them blow out for you to get Your channel monetized so that you can Start to make money on YouTube in 2023 Now in video does have a generous free Plan let me just show you what that is

When you come over to Nvidia and you go To sign up it's going to give you three Different options the first one as you Can see is the free plan now you can Download videos on the free plan I used A free plan as one I used it for a very Long time until I upgraded you can see You've got free video sharing 40 minute Video duration you can do up to 5 000 Video templates that you're going to Have access to and you've got three Million plus standard media library and You've also got the automated text to Speech software that you can utilize on The free plan if you decide to upgrade I Want you to listen up what you want to Do is use my special code if you come up To the top and you type in smt 30 so It's s m t a 30 and hit apply what You're going to find is you're going to Get 30 percent off the price that they Originally give you this is a massive Saving and this is for the life that you Have in video this can be as a monthly Saving if you want or if you want to go For the yearly plan you can see that It's only going to cost you ten dollars A month to have in video or if you go For the unlimited 21 a month this is a Massive saving and I've got this Specially for my subscribers so if You're looking to upgrade once you watch The rest of this video I highly Recommend that you use my code smt 30.

Once you sign up to in video it's going To bring you over to their back office That looks like this now for the Purposes of this video I'm going to show You how to use text to speech to create These videos in a matter of minutes and You're not going to believe how amazing These videos are so what we want to do Is we want to come up to the top here And we want to click click onto text to Video now the good thing about in video Is that if you have a look on the left Hand side over here you can create Videos in the landscape format which is Perfect for your long format content on YouTube you can select Square which is Good for Instagram and stuff like that Or you can select a portrait over here When it comes to Portrait and you select And you create these videos you can also Then go and upload these videos onto Tick Tock you can upload them as YouTube Shorts you can upload them to Facebook Reels you can upload them to Instagram Reels and you can promote the same Affiliate marketing offer on all these Video platforms and you can obviously Make a lot more money with affiliate Marketing not just YouTube ad Revenue so What you want to do from here let's just Create a very simple YouTube short video So you'd scroll down and what you're Looking for is any one of these Templates that you would like to use

What I'm going to do is I'm just going To select this one over here that looks Good it stands out it's got the writing In the middle because we're doing Different type of facts so what we're Going to do is we're going to click onto This once you click onto this you're Going to hear the music that music Doesn't sound too bad so let's run with That then what we want to do is click on To use this template once you click onto This now what we need to do is we need To find some facts that we can write About the good thing about this is is That you've got Google right at your Fingertips where you can go and search For a whole range of different things Now before we go into that all I'd ask You to do is if you're enjoying this Video is don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation that's number one And number two make sure that you Subscribed to the Channel with the Bell Notification on so you get notified Every time I post a brand new video and You don't miss out on it so go down the Bottom and subscribe now and like this Video means a lot to me and really helps The channel out a lot now what we want To do is we want to create a headline And we want to go down the bottom and we Want to create all the text that we want To put inside this video so basically What we want to do is come straight over

To Google and just type in something Like facts about life as an example Different type of facts whatever your Fact Niche video is about you can do That in there's so many different types Of facts there's science Etc so you want To scroll down and you want to click Onto any one of these videos you can see There are so many different websites That you can do this in so let's just Click onto this one over here as an Example it's going to bring us over to This page and as you can see it says 50 Facts about life you won't believe you Didn't already know so then all you need To do scroll down and find these Different types of facts that you want To use now when it comes to YouTube Short videos it's really important that You stay under 60 seconds so you Probably want to do like three or five Interesting life facts okay so you want To come back to in video and you want to Come up to the top and you're to type in Something like three Interesting Life Facts You didn't know something like this and Then what we want to do is we want to Come back over to you and we want to Grab three of these so this one says you Should sleep with your door closed okay So that's something interesting so let's

Just grab this so we'll make this our Number one so copy come back over to Here so this will be our number one okay And then this is going to give us a bit Of information about that so if we come Down here we're going to copy this And then what you can do if it ends up Being a little longer than you like what You can very easily do is just rewrite This in your own words or you can use Software like this Quill bot okay if we click on this Coolbot come over to here guys then what You can very simply do Is get this a paraphrase so if we copy This Click onto copy come straight over to This tool paste this in here command v Head on to paraphrase this is going to Rewrite this for you and then you can Just use the Rewritten one so as you can See that's been pre-written now we can Use this and this doesn't fall under any Sort of copyright you're not going to Get into any sort of trouble so we can Copy this as an example so just want to Show you very quickly how you can do That come back over to in video let's Get rid of this and just paste that in There now we've got one so now what we Want to do is do number two and when you Come over to this website guys you can Pick any one of these that you want okay Sleeping in a cold room can help you

Slim down so we can do this now you can See that there's a theme now it's got Something a lot to do with sleep so Maybe you can change your thing to you Know three interesting facts you didn't Know about sleep something like that to Make it a little bit more interesting so Come back over to here command V hit This down now again what you will do is You would copy this you would change you Would go over to coolbot you can get That changed over I'm just going to use It for the purposes of this video just To save us some time and then number Three over here Let's just see what number three is You'll yawn more often than you eat Breakfast okay so that's interesting Let's copy that Come straight back over to here command V and then let's just copy the rest of This All right so now we've got three Interesting facts okay but there are a Lot of these that you can run with these Probably aren't the most interesting but This is what we're going to run with Just for this video now what we need to Do is come over here and click on to Next once we click on to next the good Thing about Nvidia is this is going to Create everything for you now I'm going To show you on this video the different Types of videos and images that you can

Use on the free plan and the ones that You can't use on the free plan there's Still a lot that you can do on the free Plan if you upgrade you're going to have The option to use a lot more and I'm Also going to show you how we're going To add this in text to speech so if you Come over here You can see that this is automatically Going to add some images to what we have Over here but we can very easily change All this what's really important is if You have a look up here 58 seconds we Are under the one minute mark this is Really really important what you can Also do is cut down on some of the text If it's getting too long okay so here We've got three interesting life facts You didn't know now what we can do is we Can come up to the top over here on the Left hand side and you've got these Uploads if you wanted to upload Different types of images you can or Videos then you've got video and then You've got image so if we click onto Video what you can do is you can type in Something like Woman or man thinking something like That okay see something interesting Because we're talking about different Types of Life a facts okay so we can Grab something like this and just drag That over the top drop that on there We're going to hit trim video to fit

Scene okay and we're going to click on To done now we've got that there you can Also grab this writing over here and Move this later if you wanted to we can Click on to add and move that but it Looks perfect down the bottom there so Three interesting life facts you didn't Know then when we scroll down the first One is you should sleep with your door Closed now what you want to do Come over here remove this and type in Sleeping as an example okay hit enter Now when it comes to using free stock Footage you need to make sure that you Untick this which says include I stock Results and untick include premium media If we untick this These are going to be all free videos That you can use free videos and free Images that you can use if you click on Two images on the left hand side over Here So if we scroll up and we wanted to use Something that's free we can very easily Just grab this drag and drop and just Click on two trim video to fit scene and Click on to done so now we've got free Video that we're using if you include I Stock results and if you include premium Media and you select any one of these You can see it's got this little star Symbol there if you grab if you drag and Drop any of these on the free plan and You go to download your video then it's

Going to ask you to pay this is why People keep telling me it's not free it Is free you just need to make sure that You are using the free options but like I said if you decide to upgrade make Sure that you use my code smt30 the link Is in the description when you go to Upgrade and you'll have access to Everything so then you can use all this Media and you can make some amazing Videos so now what we want to do is Repeat the process so if we scroll down Here in the event of a fire sleeping With your doors closed so now what you Can type in is something like House fire okay so hit enter And you're going to see all this Different type of media that's going to Come up so let me try and maybe not to Use something too dramatic but just grab Something with a fire something like That and then let me just come down here Grab and drag and drop there and then Just click on to use to trim fit to Scene click on to done so now we've got That fire there scroll down sleeping in A cold room can help you slim down okay So you can just type in something like Lose weight okay or weight loss as an Example And then what this is going to do is It's going to show you people that are Losing weight maybe something like you Know like this with the measuring their

Tape that's how it looks pretty cool or We can scroll down maybe find someone or Something like this is pretty cool so Drag and drop that in there trim video To fit scene click on to done that looks Great and then over here you can see That it's still running with the Temperature theme so then you can just Type in something like temperature you Get the idea hit enter and this is Probably going to come up you know with Different types of thermometers and Stuff like that and then you can just Scroll down and find something that fits That scene okay so just grab that drop That in there and then trim video to 15. And then you'll want to do is just Scroll down and repeat the process now What we want to do now that we've got All our scenes and we've got our writing We can come up to the top here and we Can click onto this Advanced editor and What this is going to do this is going To allow us to change the music if we Wanted to change the music as well so Lower it but also to add our voiceover Okay so I want to show you exactly how You can do that now if we scroll back And we hit play over here You're going to see that this sounds Pretty cool so it's got the music in the Background it's got interesting facts About life so what we want to do now is We want to drag this over to the left

And I want to click on to voiceover now We have a few different options with the Voice server number one is you can come Up to the top and you can do your Automated text to speech the second one Is you can import from your uploads okay So if you've got any sort of voiceovers That you want to use if you've got a Voiceover file as well and you can also Record your own voice so if you've got a Microphone that you that you can use or If you want to use your computer Microphone as well you can record your Own voiceover as well but what I'm going To show you how to do today is the Automated text of speech so look on to That what you're going to see is it's Going to come up to here and it's Automatically got this scene's text Inserted there so three interesting life Facts you didn't know now what we can do Is click on to generate voiceover and What this is going to do is it's going To generate that for us it's also going To give us the option to choose what Voiceover artists we want to use if you Click on this drop down box you can say You've got Sally Matthew Kimberly Kendra You can click on to play here to hear Them hope you are having a great time Making my video okay so you can pause That so let's just say we wanted to use Her what's really important as well when You're doing these different types of

Um text to speech is that if you need to Put commas punctuation marks anyway Please make sure you do so here we've Just got three interesting life facts You didn't know so we can leave that as Is you can hit play to see what this is Going to sound like interesting life Facts you didn't know And then what you want to do is click on To add when you add this make sure that This line over here this cursor that you Can control is at the start of this Scene where you want this voiceover to Start so maybe we can just do it there And then click on to add okay now when We play this Now we can hear that the music is Overpowering that voiceover so what you Want to do is Click onto this over here And click on to edit you want to go to Volume and fade once you do that you can See up here that we can lower this Volume so we're just going to lower that A little bit Maybe come over to halfway Now we'll move this up to the front And now we hear what this sounds like Three interesting interesting life facts You didn't know So now we can see that the music isn't Too overpowering now what we want to do Is come over to the next scene Leave that there click onto this scene Okay once you click onto that scene go

To voiceover automated text-to-speech And as you can see that's automatically Going to come up generate voiceover and Then you'll want to add this so move This over to the start click on to add There's your second scene then you want To come over to the third scene Click onto it voiceover automated Text-to-speech now with this this is the One where you more than likely want to Make sure that you've added in all your Commas so as we can see in the event of A fire there's one there sleeping with Your door closed will help you protect You from smoke and precarious chemicals Okay there's a full stop there so you Can probably delete that okay I probably Should have seen that so just make sure That you check out all the text before You add it in there but that's okay now We can just hit generate voiceover That's going to add it to there and then Click on to add now you can just grab This if you think this is going too long Just drag it over to there and that will Ensure that this is a lot less than 58 Second or 60 seconds but it was 58 Seconds before and it's going to fit in As a YouTube short so you can see Creating this video guys is super simple And people absolutely love these Different types of fact videos now what We want to do is we want to export this Video so you want to come up to the top

You want to click on to export now you Can see here that you've got a couple of Options 720p 1080p the 720p option I've Had a look at their terms and conditions Is for the free plan if you upgrade then It goes to 1080p I just want you to Remember if you have used any of the Footage that you need to have a paid Plan for it's going to ask you to pay if You haven't then it's going to be Absolutely for free from there all you Need to do is scroll down the bottom and Click on to export now this video is Exporting on to my computer and it is Going to be available for me to upload On to YouTube now while this downloads What we want to do is we want to start Making money before we get accepted into The YouTube Partner program so how can You do this what affiliate products can You potentially promote well one of them That you can promote is in fact in video You can actually go out and tell people In the description of your video how you Make your videos what you would need to Do is quite simply come over To scroll all the way down to The bottom down here and as you can see They've got an affiliate program and Once you click onto their affiliate Program what that's going to do is bring You over to this page let me just scroll Up to the top over here and what you're Going to see is this is their affiliate

Program and all you need to do is Complete all your details this is Through a company called impact that Looks after all their Affiliates and When you scroll down you can fill in all Your details and what you're also going To be able to see is exactly how much You can earn within video as you can see That ranges from anything from 25 to 50 Percent per sign up the other really Good thing about in video is when Somebody clicks on your link they are Cooked for up to 120 days that means That people can test out in video if They click onto your link today in your Video when you go to promote this and They sign up in 100 days time you are Going to get paid paid 25 Every single month while they keep that Account and this is passive income while You're waiting for your channel to be Monetized this is one way that you can Make money with YouTube videos using Affiliate marketing the second way that You can make money with affiliate Marketing with these YouTube videos is To come over to platforms like digistore24 jvzoo Etc and Sign up to any one of their affiliate Products that They are promoting once You sign up to ClickBank you could come Over here to their Marketplace and on The left hand side you can see here that They've got a range of different types

Of products that you can promote now Being in the fact Niche I mean you could Potentially be talking about so many Different facts you could be talking About health you can be talking about Money Etc so what you would want to do You'd want to come over here and in that Particular video you can promote any one Of these products so as an example let's Say we're doing something with health You would scroll down you can see you've Got fitness and health click onto this Category and as you can see this Particular product if you were to Promote this you would get as much as a Hundred and forty dollars for every Single sale here is another one that can Make you as much as 145 and all you Would need to do is click on to promote Generate this hop link and then you Would need to paste this link in the Description of your videos and anybody That clicks onto it and purchases you Are going to make money online with YouTube now the good thing about in Video is that you don't just need to Create YouTube short videos you can Create the longer format videos as well So as we come back over to Nvidia you Can see that this video has downloaded And if I play the first few seconds for You to hear this I'll just put the Volume up you're going to be able to see That it looks amazing and it also sounds

Amazing as well Three interesting life facts you didn't Know One you should sleep with your door Closed In the event of a fire sleeping with Your doors closed will help protect you From smoke and poisonous chemicals so You can see here that the video looks Good it is interesting it's got the Music in the background which is going To obviously potentially hopefully Increase engagement for yourself now all You need to do is rinse and repeat but There is a way to also optimize these Different videos to help you get even More views and that comes through SEO And using different types of keywords Inside your title also in the Description of that video and also Inside your tags so in order to do that What you want to do is use this software Over here called the vid IQ you can Google it I've also got a link in my Description for you but once you click Onto this you can pretty much see here That this is designed to boost your YouTube view so when you're using in Video and creating these AI videos you Want to give it the best chance for People to see this video and potentially Click onto any one of your affiliate Links even if you're promoting in video As well so the first thing that you want

To do is you want to download this Extension once you download this Extension what you're going to be able To see you can see here if I click on Tit this person's Channel and if I click Onto videos and if I scroll down and Click onto any one of the videos that They have created I'm just going to Pause this there might be an ad play so If I pause this you can see here that This is the extension over here on the Right hand side and this is where you Would place your tags you can see he's Got some Channel tags but it's also Going to give you a lot of information About this video the other really good Thing about vid IQ is that it's going to Show you what people are searching for Which is going to help you get these Views so if you come over to vidiq and You type in something like interesting Facts or life facts Etc you can see the Interesting facts is searched over 335 000 times on YouTube so you want to be Using this term another one interesting Facts about the world interesting facts In Hindi Etc and you can just scroll Down and you can see that this is these Different things a search tens of Thousands of times every single month so If we come over here delete this and Type in life facts and hit enter if we Go over here to matching terms you can See that a lot of these things as well

Are searched tens of thousands of times Every single month so using a good SEO Tool in conjunction within video is Really going to help you blow up now all That's left for you to do is to come Over to Nvidia download as many of these Different types of videos and also to Start creating not only the YouTube Short videos but to also start creating The longer format videos and uploading Every single day that is what I Recommend that you do this is what you Need to do in order to get your traction To get your views if you want to get Monetized through the YouTube Partner Program with your standard videos you Need 4 000 watch hours and 1 000 Subscribers in order to be monetized Within a 12-month period for YouTube Shorts you need to have at least 10 Million views and 1 000 subscribers over A 90-day period this is what qualifies You for the YouTube Partner program so You can start to make money on YouTube And the best way to do it in 2023 as a Side hustle to start making this passive Income is to use in video and don't Forget I do have that link in my Description use my code Smt30 to get 30 off so that you aren't Paying obviously too much when you're First starting up but remember you can Also start out absolutely for free so That's one way that you can make money

Using in video and creating these YouTube shorts but if you want to know How to use templates to do this I highly Recommend that you click onto this video View right now which is also going to Show you how you can use in video to Create videos in a matter of minutes Highly recommend that you click onto This video and see what's possible I'll See you on there right now until next Time you guys take care of yourselves And goodbye

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