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Step number one is to download some PDF Document for free step number two is to Use the UDF element by wondershare to Edit that PDF file and step number three Is to make money with affiliate Marketing using the strategy which I Will share with you in this step-by-step Tutorial I will walk you through the Entire process this is worldwide Available this requires no previous Experience and this is some fresh and New content and a new particular method That we literally never talked about Before so if that's something you want To see then drop a like down below and Let us begin with a step number one Which is to go over to the platform Called the I will leave a link To this brand new platform in the Description box down below this is PDF Element this is a new tool made by Wonder share a company that we actually Talked about in some of my previous Videos a great company that is also Sponsoring this video right now and this Is their new tool that they made Previously that helps you edit PDF files And I will show you exactly how you can Use this in your affiliate marketing Online business and how you can use it To make money online so as you can see This is literally the easiest PDF editor For Windows Mac mobile and web to create

Edit and convert and sign PDF documents And I've actually used PDF element in The past to sign different documents for My company as an actually used PDF Element to change different PDF files in Order to make some money with affiliate Marketing and I will explain to you Exactly how all that stuff works and Exactly how you can install this tool For free and start if you use it with The way to make money with affiliate Marketing they actually have a lot of Different features and tools inside of This software that allow you to edit PDF Documents convert organize create forms Read protect and create different PDF Documents as well so I'm going to walk You through the entire process but Basically for the step number one you Will just need to go over to or just click the First link in the description box down Below and just press the free download Button right over here now you can find Your download over here so you can find That setup which you will need to Install with one click of a button so Literally just press install the process Is pretty easy and simple and in a Matter of less than a minute it's going To be onto your computer and ready to be Used with fives affiliate marketing Strategy so once you install wondershare PDF element this is how it's going to

Look like so as you can see on here you Can open files you can compare PDFs you Can combine PDFs into one single Document you can compress PDFs you can Scan PDFs you can convert PDFs create PDFs from scratch and much much more or You can go back and you can see you can Actually edit a PDF document over here So if I open up some of the files that Are on my computer if it's a PDF Document I would be able to add Different facts I would be able to add Buttons I would be able to draw around That PDF document and much more and I Will show you exactly how you can use That and how you can Leverage The Power Of PDF element in order to make money With affiliate marketing so once you Have installed PDF element The Next Step That you will have to complete is to go Over to an affiliate Marketplace called is an affiliate Marketplace with thousands of different Affiliate offers in all sorts of Different niches so you just want to Sign up to date by Pressing the sign up button right over Here enter some basic details about Yourself and then log into your account Once you log in you want to go to the Marketplace and here on the left hand Side you will be able to choose from all Sorts of different niches but I want to

Focus on fitness and health because That's the strategy that we will be Using today as you can see for example This is the ultimate keto meal plan that Pays you around forty dollars per sale Forty one dollars per each sale that you Make in this case this is a smart blood Sugar they spawn pays you 36 dollars per Sale five dollars here a high converting Keto desserts offer 3.97 so these are Pretty low ticket offers so I would Personally go with the highest one which Pays you 41 this is in the fitness Health and the meal preparation Niche so What I want to do right now is I want to Copy my affiliate link I want to do the Same thing so for this step you will Press the promote Now button which is Going to be right over here and then you Will just copy or affiliate link with One click of a button whenever someone Clicks that link they will basically be Redirected to the same sales page where We can check which you can check out Right over here and if they buy this Product if they're interested in fitness And health you will earn 41 per person In this case so the next step that I Want you to complete is to actually find The PDF document which you will be able To download with one click of a button Edit with PDF element and make money With affiliate marketing and this Literally cannot get more simple so just

Follow me and I will walk you through The entire process so you will search on Google for a free plr downloads and then Open up a free this is a platform Where this they will allow you to grab Different PDF documents and PDF ebooks Were completely free and they also come With a licensed plr license which is Private label rights license that gives You all the rights to actually re-upload And edit that PDF document that PDF Ebook as much as you prefer and with no Attribution to the author or whatsoever So no copyright issues are going to be Endorsed to you so here are the level Inside you just want to find the fitness And health Niche so as you can see we Have Finance fishing and here we have Fitness you can go to fitness and health And diet and all that stuff and then you Can find some of these like for example If I open up this ebook right over here We can learn more about it and then as You can see you can download this ebook By pressing the download button right Over here once you download that the Full zip file will be onto your computer And you can open that up and you can Find this folder where you have the PDF Document of this Fitness ebook that we Just found on freeplr plus You have the license over here as you Can see this is the plr download slices

And this is the mrr license as well so Now you simply want to open up pdf Element so just open up pdf element by Wondershare and then click on open file Right over here then just open up that Ebook which you downloaded from pl3plr and this is how it's going To look like as of right now so this is The cover and down below we have the Content of this ebook so we have all These different pages as you can see It's a legit ebook that talks about Fitness diet and all of that we got it For absolutely free but now what you Have actually have to do is you have to Edit this video document well if you Didn't have PDF element you wouldn't be Able to edit this document you wouldn't Be able to make some changes and those Changes are actually the ones that are Going to make you money so what you can Do right now is you can add some facts To these document so for example you can Add some text over here and you can type In click here for the best like for Example let's say you are promoting in This case we found an offer in digit Store which is like keto diet or Something like that click here for uh The best keto diet ebook that will help You lose weight or something like that So you just want to create a nice call To action this is something that like First popped into my mind so it's not

The best one click here for the best Keto diet ebook that will help you lose Weight not weight loss they will help You lose weight fast and then we can of Course customize this text so you can Make it a little bit bigger you can Change the colors but I like it to stand Now so I'm not going to blend it in with The with a black color but I want to Leave it to be a red I'm also maybe Going to highlight this text and you can Even create a box around the text as Well so maybe something like this so That it actually stands out now what you Want to do is you want to click on edit And you want to click on a link and you Want to click on open a web page and Then you want to highlight this part so You want to make it like this and then Enter your affiliate Link in this box so Just go back to digistore as you can see Right now on digital store I'm going to Copy my affiliate link that pays me 41 Dollars per sale go back and paste that Affiliate Link in this box and press ok Now you want to repeat the same action Until you have added at least 10 call to Actions into one particular ebook so Basically while someone is reading an Ebook that helps them lose weight and he Talks about Fitness and all that they Have this radical reaction that's like Click here for the best keto diet ebook That will help you lose weight faster

Whatever the product that you are Promoting this might not be the best Example but I I hope you get the point We're basically adding our own call to Action in our own affiliate link to an Ebook that is related to something that We are promoting If the product is about Fishing then you would obviously find a Fishing ebook and then you would add the Call to action it will be suitable for That particular offer so maybe you can Test out different quality actions Throughout the throughout the this ebook So maybe right now I'm gonna go back and Then I'm gonna add some text uh that Might be like click here to lose weight Fast best method so far and then I'm Gonna go to edit once again I'm gonna go To link and click on open a web page and Then I'm just gonna do something like This and paste my affiliate link again This is another call to action once Again this is clickable so if they're Reading this on their computer or on Their smartphone device while they're Going through this they can just click On this text which is going to redirect Them to my affiliate link where they can Purchase the product and you can earn an Affiliate commercial so once you're done Adding at least 10 different call to Actions with your affiliate link Included all you're gonna do is press on Save and save this onto your computer so

I'm going to save it into this folder And now let me show you how this is Going to look like so here we have this PDF document this edited ebook which we Just edited and I added my affiliate Links in inside of the ebook if I double Click on that that's going to open up This PDF document where as you can see People can actually click on this link And they can buy product related to Fitness and health and this basically Works for any affiliate needs like Whatever Niche you want to focus on Whether that's online business crypto Whatever it is you can basically just Find that particular ebook on freeplr and you can edit that with PDF element and if you want to remove The watermark like as you can see we Have the wondershare PDF element Watermark in the background if you want To remove that then you can also buy Some of their plans which is actually Highly recommended if you want to build This into a sustainable online business And keep on making money with affiliate Marketing and to prove you to this Actually works for any Niche is you can Can just select some news from the left Hand side for example let's say let's go With family and kids and then you find Some offer you click on promote now you Grab your affiliate link as you can see And then you just go over to free plr

Downloads and then you find that Category on the left hand side chances Are you are going to be able to find it Just select it and then find a suitable Ebook in that particular Niche and then Just edit that with PDF element I also Want to thank wonders here for creating Such an amazing product that I'm Personally going to be using in my Online businesses and then I highly Recommend you guys also check out as Well PDF element will be linked in the Description box down below but now once You have that PDF ebook edited onto your Computer so you downloaded that from Free plr downloads you edited that with now it's time to actually Share that ebook with targeted people Who will want to read that for free and Also will be interested in actually Purchasing the product which you listed Inside of the PDF document so what you Want to do is you want to go over to Google and search for me the mivi is a Brand new social media platform which is Being visited by over 8 million people Every single month and they will Basically allow you a few advertise for Free it basically works like Facebook And they have like Facebook groups but In my opinion it's a lot better and the Competition is a lot lower on mevi than It is on Facebook because Facebook is Now used by a lot of people who are

Spamming with the links and it's just Not effective anymore but if you want to Get results you can use and Another platform which I will share with You later on in this video then you can Search for groups related to fitness and Health and then you can join those Groups and you can start sharing that Ebook so you can just tell them hey guys I actually found this ebook if you want To check it out it's absolutely free you Can download it for free here's a link To it and then you just leave a link Over there or you just attach a file for The PDF document you just attach the Edited version you just want to make Sure that it's the right one the one That you that you edited with PDF Element so that it actually has your Affiliate link included and then when They grab that that ebook when they Start reading that they can actually Purchase the product through your link Another way that you can go around this Is to go over to the is a platform where People are sharing PDF documents which Are being seen by millions of people for Example this document was seen by almost 2 million people 2 million people saw This PDF document here third in almost 14 million people saw this PDF document Like there's millions of people reading These PDF files on so you

Can basically just sign up to this Platform by pressing the sign up button And then once you sign up you can just Click on upload and as you can see you Can upload and share with over 70 Million people on you can Just find that PDF document so that Edited ebook double click on that click On I'm not a robot and then as you can See it has been uploaded to the platform Now you can change the title so maybe I'm gonna remove this and I'm just gonna Leave this Fitness elements 101 I'm Gonna select a category and try to find The in the health or the fitness space Let's try to find that if it's not Available I'm just gonna go with health Or even lifestyle then you can write a Brave description of this ebook if you Got no idea what to put in the Description you can just go back to free Plr downloads and then you can copy this Description over here and you can paste It inside of this box then give it a Couple of tags so maybe I'm gonna go With fitness health wellness and Something like that so I can actually Attract targeted people who will be Interested in reading this ebook and Then once you're done just press publish And now this ebook will be shared by Over 70 million people on Who can read that and since it's gonna Be read by people who are interested in

Fitness a lot of them will start reading And see your call to action and your Affiliate links included if you click on That and hopefully purchase some of the Products so you can make money with Affiliate marketing as you can see this Was a really simple and easy solution You're also getting traffic for Absolutely free and on a complete Autopilot like you don't need to expand People constantly you just post that on that PDF document and it Can be seen by millions of people Obviously the more of these ebooks to Publish the higher chances of getting More views and the higher chances of Making more money you will have so I Hope you've learned something new in This video make sure to check out PDF Element which will be linked in the Description box down below and I will See you next time

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