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So here's a completely beginner friendly To use this absolutely free Google app In order if you make money online Without creating your own website Without creating your own product Service or having any social media Followers so this is completely beginner Friendly and I will walk you through the Entire process but the huge mistake that You can make is not watching this video Until the End or skipping around because That way you're probably gonna miss out On the most important parts and if you Don't follow each and every single step Then this might not work for you and you Will just probably waste your time so Sit down stick with me all the way until The end of the video don't skip around And watch every single second of this Tutorial and with all of that being said And then let us begin with step number One which is to open up the Google app Which is actually Google or translate Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake

Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake there are New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all now they do Have an app for Google translate but if You're using desktop you can just go to Google Translate you can just type in Google Translate on Google and you can Start translating languages like German Spanish French and so on so whatever you Type in the Box let's say for example I Type in hello in English it's going to Translate into hola in Spanish where Whatever it is in German and French and Whatnot so it works it can translate Different languages now before we come Back to Google translate I want you to Go over to an affiliate Marketplace Called ClickBank ClickBank is a platform Where you can find tens of thousands of Different products to promote in all Sorts of different categories and niches And because it's affiliate marketing That's why I said you don't actually Need to build your own website or create A product because it's already made for You you just need to drive traffic Through those offers and I'm going to Show you exactly how now usually in These videos we focus on the International market we focus on the US Market so and we only focused on the

English-speaking audience but we are Missing out on billions of potential Customers that speak different languages Like Hindi like Spanish like French for Example if you go over to ClickBank and You go through the affiliate Marketplace On the left side you can see that you Can you can categorize by languages so First of all you're going to select the Niche so let's say for instance I want To promote something in the health and Fitness Niche and on the live side I can Select whether those offers should be in German whether they should be in Spanish In French Italian or Portuguese if I Select for example Spanish it's going to Show me Spanish offers about about Weight loss and fitness and I can Essentially translate them and see what They're all about using Google translate So for example I can find the this offer Over here I can just click on promote Now type in my nickname nickname for the Account and then just go ahead and Create a hope link and it's going to Show me my affiliate link for this offer Now if I go to this link it's going to Take us to probably a Spanish page Alright so in this case it's in English So I'm gonna go back and find a Different one let's say for example this One if I go to this page you will be Able to see that it is gonna be in Spanish as you can see it says something

In Spanish but I can translate this and See exactly what it says using Google Translate so I'm going to copy this Headline I'm going to go back to Google Translate and I'm going to translate This from Spanish to English and we can See that this is an offer that helps People as you can see lose weight while Sleeping so wake up in the morning Looking a pound off so this is a product That helps people lose weight fast so What I can do right now is I can copy an Affiliate link for this for this Spanish Offer and this is going to be my Affiliate link this is how it's going to Look like so I can now copy this and I Can start sharing that with people that Speak Spanish in this case so I can Target a Spanish Market with these Offers now what you can simply do is you Can open up a tool like Canon and you Can create a promo design with canva in Spanish so you just select a custom size Because it's like the custom size to be 1080 by 1920px and then on the left side You will be able to find different Templates but I can also start from Scratch or I can search for a let's say Fitness related template so I can just Type in Fitness and I can select some of These so for example I'm going to use Um this one maybe and I'm gonna type in Instead of get fed to be strong I'm Gonna go and translate something into

Spanish so I'm just gonna type in lose Weight while sleeping and this is how You say it in Spanish and by the way if You do speak Spanish let me know if this Is correct or not if Google Translate is Right or not because I don't personally Speak Spanish so now you just paste that Inside of this box I'm just going to Remove this part and I'm going to Customize the text a little bit so I'm Gonna make this one a little bit smaller But then I'm gonna paste this part here And instead of this I'm just gonna say Click the link to learn how and this is How you say that in Spanish so I'm gonna Copy the call to reaction in Spanish and I'm gonna paste it over here so here's This is how it's the it's going to look Like I can remove the fitness center or I can just leave it like that it doesn't Matter but it's a promo design in Spanish and now we can just click on Share and I can download this with the Help of Google translate do it help with This Google app I was able to make a Promo design in Spanish or in German or In French and now I can share this promo Design on Pinterest which is a platform That is being visited by 600 million People from around the world every Single month so what you can do is you Can create a pin board so you can go to Create a pin and you can create a brand New board which is going to be a Spanish

Board so I'm going to click click on Create a board and I'm going to try if You translate once again something Related to Fitness so I'm going to type In Fitness and diet and this is how you Say it in Spanish so I'm gonna copy that And I'm gonna paste it in the name of my Board and I'm going to click on Create And this is going to be a brand new Board Spanish Fitness and diet and then I can upload my design from canva my Spanish Design This is how that's going To look like on the left side I can add A file which is basically going to be The same thing Pierre de peso durmiendo Whatever that might be and I'm gonna add A destination link which is going to be My link from clickbanks I'm going to Copy that and I'm gonna paste it inside Of this box on Pinterest where I can now Share this on my Pinterest board that is Going to be targeted towards Spanish People that will open up this sales page If they're interested in losing weight Fast and they might potentially buy this Product earning me an affiliate Commercial and this way you don't have To compare it with everyone because Everyone is promoting us offers and English in targeting English-speaking People but you can also focus on other Markets like the French the Spanish the Portuguese like all the different Languages that they have available on

Clickbanking can just create promo Designs by using Google translate so That's how you can use an absolutely Free Google app I really hope you got Some value out of this video really hope You've learned something new and if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I'll see you next time

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