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I've never seen anyone show or talk About this tool but I've been using it To get paid thousands of dollars for the Past couple of months and I've been Earning passive income with this AI bot For a quite some time and so inside of This video I want to show you exactly How you can use it for completely free And I want to show you two different Ways that you can actually use it in Order to get paid and earn passive Income with this AI bot so if that Sounds good enough then drop a like down Below and let us begin with step number One and that is understanding what this Bond actually is and how it actually Works and how you can potentially get Paid thousands of dollars with it just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and

Report them all so basically the tool in Question is write Sonic and ride Sonic Is an AI fool that allows people to get Articles written for them Linked In the Posts written forums it's a copywriting Tool as you can see create SEO optimize And plagiarism free content for your Blogs ads emails and website 10 times Faster so it's a very very useful tool And AI bot now you will not necessarily Have to use this AI body yourself what You want to do is you want to scroll all The way down to the bottom of this Website and you want to sign up for your Affiliate program which is going to be Right over here where you're going to be Earning 30 lifetime commission as an Affiliate so you can join the program Right over here and once you join the Program basically just by submitting Your email address your name and last Name and creating a password it Literally takes less than two minutes And right away as you create an account You're going to be able to grab your Affiliate link which is going to be like This which is going to look like this You can you can copy it right over here You can even customize that link and Then you can share it with other people And when they sign up to write Sonic as Long as they keep on using ride Sonic You're Gonna Keep On making passive Income from that so if someone spends a

Thousand dollars Lifetime with a stool You're gonna make three hundred dollars From that single person and I'm gonna Show you how you can refer to thousands Of people because it's a very very Useful tool it helps them do so many Things it makes things a lot easier and It makes things a lot cheaper because You know that people are sometimes Spending hundreds or thousands of Dollars in copywriting services and now They can get them for like 20 bucks a Month or something like that you can Check the pricing plans and rights on it Here and you can see that the short form Content is ten dollars a month and long Form content is thirteen dollars a month So it's a no-brainer for someone who can Use this tool for their ads for their Blogs or for their websites or for Writing services and they are going to Make thousands of dollars in return so They will obviously keep on using this Tool for a very very long time and That's why it's actually so good to Promote it as an affiliate and that's Why I've been doing that for a long time So what I want to do is there's going to Be three different ways to promote it And one of the ways is to just go over To a a freelancing platform like Fiverr Or upwork or people per hour where you Can find thousands of Freelancers that Are selling copywriting services or

Article writing services or anything That right Sonic can also do and there's No shortage of them if you if you search For article writing services on Fiverr You can see where 55 000 people who are Offering writing services here and we Are making thousands of dollars by doing That so for example this person is Selling article writing services for 20 Bucks starting at 20 bucks and she's Gotten over 500 feedbacks which means She made over ten thousand dollars Selling this service there's a lot of People that are making a lot of money With these services and what you can Simply do is you can open up their their Post for someone that has just started Out they got a couple of sales so they Know they can make money from this and Then you can just contact the seller Start a conversation with them and Explain to them how they can use right Sonic through their Link in order to get Articles written for them to make things Much faster and easier for them because If they're still getting those customers They can just Outsource everything to Ride Sonic ride Sonic can do all of the Work and they will collect the profits Like even if she sells two of these a Month it's gonna pay off for her it's Gonna be 20 bucks that she made and it Only costs her 10 bucks to just pay red Sonic to do all the work for her so

She's gonna be really thankful because You referred her to ride Sonic and There's thousands of people as you saw Justin Fiverr alone then you have people Per hour then you have other services You can also search for copywriting Services and you can also find a lot of People that are providing that service 7 000 people providing that service you Can reach out to them and you can tell Them that they can use a dual like ride Sonic to get it done for them so that They can fulfill their orders much Faster and all these customers and Fiverr have no idea that ride Sonic even Exists so you can just offer write Something to these sellers who are gonna Be thankful because now they can sell a Lot more they can sell faster and they Will learn how to do actually do the Work themselves so that's one of the Ways that you can promote right Sonic Another way that you can promote ride Sonic as an affiliate is to make short Videos or you don't necessarily have to Show your face but you can just open up Some screen recording app like OBS Project and then you can create a video That's like best copywriting tool or Best tool for writing articles or you Can maybe even make a video about how to Make money by selling article writing Services on Fiverr and then tell people That they can Outsource the work on ride

Sonic and that's how you can teach Thousands of people and leverage the Platform to get thousands of people Signing up and actually earn passive Income from that alone because the Videos are gonna stay forever on YouTube And YouTube is definitely one of the Best ways that you can drive consistent Traffic for a very very long time Through whatever it is that you want to Promote whether that's right Sonic or Any other affiliate offer as you can see Some people are making to making videos Like 10 best AI copywriting tools for 2020 Foo and even if they don't get that Many views even if they gave us 3 000 Views that's still a lot of people That's 3 000 people that are actually Interested in a copywriting tool so out Of those 3 000 people if you get 3 Hundred of them signed up through your Link you're going to be making some Decent amount of passive income every Single month and actually end up making Thousands of dollars over a long term Now if you want to see how I personally Drive consistent traffic through Whatever it is that I want to promote Whether that's a right Sonic affiliate Link or any other affiliate offer or my Own websites or whatever it is then Click first link in the description box Down below and I will walk you through The entire process of exactly how I set

Up my YouTube automation channels that Are not only serving me if you make Money on over 10 different ways but are Also serving me as consistent traffic Sources I get hundreds of thousands in Some cases millions of views on those Channels where I'm not showing my face And not recording anything with a camera And I will show you exactly how that Works exactly how to set it up yourself Exactly how to grow those channels and Also how to set up automation systems so That you don't have to constantly be in Front of your computer or laptop trying To set up and trying to manage all of Those but I'm going to show you how I've Actually set up the right automation Systems to earn passive income from this And and get passive traffic once again To whatever you want to promote if you Can promote a right Sonic has an Affiliate you can promote something from Digistore or something from ClickBank Something from CPA grip anything that You want to promote you can leverage Those faceless UV automation channels And grow any type of business or get any Type of traffic that you need once again That's going to be the first link in the Description box and down below anyways I Really hope you've learned something new In this video I really hope you got some Value out of this video and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and

If you want to see more of tutorials Like this one make sure that you are Subscribed with notifications on anyways Thank you for watching and I will see You next time [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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