Entry first, I'll explain why I entered there not enough funds what is the reason for my entry buy there? you can see there is a dominant break mark the dominant break to make it clearer which is where one cs is bullish on the break, three or more cs is bearish then add Fibonaci level 0 in shadows and level 100 in the cs break section look to the left there is support the support is also the same level as fibo or zone entry support is the first obstacle for the price to decline further to be more convincing add more stochastic there the stochastic is oversold early signs for prices to increase or reversal So that's the only reason I entered buy do you think my analysis is so difficult to understand please comment below still vloting loss waiting for MC according to price analysis penetrated to level 0 fibo If you want to hold a position, make sure to set BE so you don't regret it when the price reverses direction remember don't always think that trading should always use big capital the key to success in trading is in the discipline of learning and daring to take risks

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