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dreamhomebasedwork.com Happy new year to everyone. I am so excited to be back this year. A brand new year with a new fresh content. So over the last few days, I have been gaining a huge
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you all and tell you that I really appreciate you guys for subscribing and
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hot work from home job. It is a non phone job
that pays $14 per hour.

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details of this job, in the last video, there were quite a few
people that you know, they had something to say
about the job that I shared. It did require a lot of advanced skills and I just want you guys to know, you know, I try to do
my best of sharing jobs that are for beginners, as well as those with advanced skills. You know beginner jobs, you have to keep in
mind that a lot of them pay around 10 to $12 per hour. You may get some that pay you
know, around $15 per hour, those come and go really really fast. But the majority of them
pay close to minimum wage which may be offensive to a lot of people that are trying to make a living and support an entire family.

So I try my best to share, you
know a lot of different jobs, whether it's, you know, you have a more advanced
skills, you have a degree or for those that have no degree. So, you know, be patient with me, I'm trying to basically
share a lot of jobs for different people in
different categories. So the great thing about today's
work from home job alert, it is a non phone job. It doesn't require a
degree or prior skills. You just have to be really
comfortable using the internet. You know, a lot of people nowadays they are on social media. So if you are very familiar with different social media platforms and you are really enthused
about being on social media, then this can be an ideal job for you. So let's dive right into the company that is actively hiring right now. (upbeat music) The company I want to
share with you today, is Social Element. This company is committed to providing social media moderation for different companies and brands. Now Social Element was founded by women.

And actually 70% of the people that work for this company, are women. They offer flexible hours. I am sitting on their official website and I'm just gonna go down
here to current vacancies. Now this company does hire
in multiple countries. You will be able to see that they have different positions available for different languages
in different countries. But we're going to focus on the
social media moderator jobs. As most of you guys are from the U.S. Now if I click through the listing here, you will see that you know, this company is mainly looking for someone that can help moderate social media posts.

So if you see an offending graphic online, that somebody has posted
a picture or a post, your job is to remove that
content from social media. It doesn't require any prior experience. You're just supposed
to be comfortable using different social media platforms. And you must be able to understand the American English language. Now this is an hourly paid
remote work opportunity that requires you to work
30 to 40 hours per week. The shifts available are
5:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time or you can work 2:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m Pacific Standard Time, Monday
through Friday and Sundays.

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So it looks like you have Saturday off. You will need a resume and a cover letter in order to apply for this company. Now what I want to do really quick is go over to glassdoor.com so you can be able to see the reporter's salary for this position. Just learn a little bit
more about the company. Now according to glassdoor.com the pay is anywhere
from 14 to $17 per hour. So it is possible to earn
more than the $14 per hour. But I just, you know start it with the
lowest that they have there, which is $14 per hour, which has been reported by Glassdoor and by some employees that
have worked for the company. Now if you go up to the Reviews tab, this company has a 3.5 rating. 61% of the people that have
worked for this company recommend to a friend, as a fair rating it's not the best rating
for work at home company, but it is a fair rating, you know, compared to most companies and a lot of people really
like working for the company. Some people say it is
lack of available work. So there are mixed reviews
about this company.

But if this sounds like something that is interesting to you, it is a non phone job available right now. Go ahead and apply today. Before you go, go ahead and
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dreamhomebasedwork.com Happy holidays to everyone. I want to welcome all
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In today's video, I wanted to share another
hot work from home job alert. I know how much you guys
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