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This Lazy Make money online strategy can make you passive income daily and all you need to do is copy and paste motivational videos and you can make money with potential ad revenue and affiliate marketing. Watch the entire video to learn how you can start this step by step.

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I want to ask you guys a serious Question how much money do you need Every single day to live a better Lifestyle or to leave your nine to five Because on this video I'm going to show You a strategy where people are making Anything from a few hundred dollars a Day to almost two thousand dollars every Single day I want you to go down the Bottom and comment and let me know how Much money do you need to leave your Nine to five because I'm about to show You one of the easiest ways that you can Get started to build passive income long Term not only through ad Revenue but Also generate hundreds of dollars a day In affiliate marketing commissions and This money is made by just copying and Pasting very very simple Clips you see I Want to show you how people are creating These super simple motivational star Videos let me play a few seconds for you Because what I'm going to show you is Where you can go to get all these Different types of motivational Speeches Absolutely for free take a look at this Channel over here as an example let me Play a few seconds of this clip dreams Without goals Are just dreams And they ultimately fuel disappointment These videos are getting hundreds of Thousands of views if not millions of

Views in a very very short period of Time and I want to show you how to do This without showing your face without Using your own voice and without ever Having to film any of the content Yourself it's absolutely possible and You can do it straight after watching This video and build this passive income And make money online with ad revenue And affiliate marketing and if you enjoy Content like this all I ask that you do Is that you smash that like button in Appreciation and don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because I've Got some more awesome content coming out Just like this with full tutorials to Show you exactly how you can do the same So the first thing that you want to do When you go to create one of these Different types of channels is that you Need some form of editing software to be Able create these videos and one editing Software that you can use that's Absolutely free is this one over here Called Openshot.org you can see that you can Create stunning videos this is a very Basic editor what I use myself is I use This software over here called Camtasia Which is a paid software but for what You need to do with this tutorial you're Not going to need to pay anything Anything so that's the first thing that You want to do you want to get yourself

A really simple video editing software Then what you want to do is you want to Do something similar to what these Channels are doing like this one over Here called the Mulligan brothers and This other channel over here that I Found called motivational to study see People love listening to this type of Content whether they're studying working Out preparing for something where they Need a bit of motivation they absolutely Love watching these different types of Videos and as you can see these channels Are getting millions of views every Single month and the creators are making Talking tens of thousands of dollars as You can see here on social blade stats And here is this other channel over here As well called the Mulligan Brothers you Can see that they're getting tens of Thousands of views for videos that They've recently posted and you can see They also get millions of views and make Anything up to twenty thousand dollars Every single month which is why I asked You how much money would it take for you To leave your nine to five go down the Bottom and comment let me know and I'll Reply back to you with different Strategies that you can start to make Money online whether it be with Affiliate marketing or any other sort of Strategies so now that you have your Video editing software what you now need

Is you need to create the content that's Going to be inside that video and I'm Going to show you a few ways that you Can do it the first thing that you need Is you need to get these different types Of clips that are inside these videos so That you can put the voiceover over the Top and one place that you can go to get These free eclipse is to this side over Here called pexels.com and what you want To do when you're on pixels is quite Simply just come over here and type in Something like motivation as an example You can also type in Inspiration Strength you can type in for example if You had if it was a study one you can Put study you can put workout whatever It is you're going to find all these Different types of images and videos Look there's 1 200 videos so all you Need to do is Click onto videos once you Click onto videos what you want to do is Quite simply scroll down and download These different videos to make it easy On yourself you can come over here to Filters you can click onto all sizes go To large go to all orientation and then Select horizontal these videos are Perfect for when you're creating videos For YouTube so what you want to do from Here is quite simply just click onto This download symbol over here and this Is going to download these different Types of images so all you need to do is

Click onto that as you can see this is Now downloading on to my computer so I've already downloaded a few and I'm Going to show you how we can upload them So now what we need to do now that we Have a video editing software and we Also have a whole heap of different Types of videos that we can use now what We need is we need to get some music Account there's a few places that you Can go but one of the better places that You can go to firstly if you wanted to That you can get music absolutely for Free is to come over and go over to YouTube's audio library now everybody Has this when you go over to YouTube Studio you can see here on the left hand Side if I scroll down I've got my audio Library then all you need to do is type In something like motivation and then You can scroll down and listen to all These different types of videos Different types of audio files sorry so All you need to do is for example click Onto this And you can hear these different types Of music clips then what you'll do is Come over here and click on to download This is if you wanted additional music Inside your videos so that's the first Place that you can do it the second Place that you can do it is you can come Over to this site over here called Epidemic sound now this is going to cost

You however you've already seen how much Money you can make with this strategy so Paying something like nine dollars you Can see here that nine dollars a month Is not that much okay all you need to do Is come over to epidemicsound.com I'm Not an affiliate of this I'm not trying To make money on you I just want to show You the different options that you have So when you're on epidemic sound you can See here you've got a 30-day free trial And you can cancel at any time in 30 Days you could make 60 of these videos And post every second day and have two Months worth of content So this is where you can get a whole Heap of audio files as well the place That I'm going to show you to use that You can use is to come over to this Website over here called internet Archive it's archive.org and the reason For this this is where you can go to get All those features that the other Channels are using and you can use them On your own videos so what you want to Do quite simply is come up to the top Click onto audio once you click onto Audio scroll down come over here and Click onto all audio once you've clicked Onto all audio make sure that you click Onto collection over here then you can See that in this search this collection All you need to do is type in something Like

Motivational Speeches okay Hit enter and now what this is going to Do is it's going to search for a whole Heap of different types of motivational Speeches now here's one over here we can Click onto this one you can see there Are so many of these different types of Motivational speeches you can literally Find hundreds of these you can search For inspiration you can search for Affirmation so many things you can Search for so what you want to do is you Want to come over here you want to click Onto this and when this comes up you can See here that you've got speeches from Arnold Schwarzenegger Denzel Washington Jack ma as you scroll down Les Brown Joe Rogan you can see that already there's 47 different types of eclipse over here That you can use and the amazing part About all this is take a look at this Some of these are an hour long 59 Minutes long so you have content For weeks and weeks if you wanted to use These very simple Clips so all you need To do is come over here as an example Let's just say this one over here this Arlo Schwarzenegger one you can click Onto it your there is no magic Here it drives me crazy to go to the gym These are the exact same clips that These other channels are using as their Content so how do you download these

Well very simply all you need to do is Take a look at the ones that you want to Download let's say you wanted to use Arnold Schwarzenegger Denzel Washington Jack ma you'll be able to find things Like Oprah Oprah Winfrey Will Smith Self-discipline this is a big one I mean A lot of people have had millions of Views with this one over here so quite Simply all you want to do is you want to Scroll down now one thing that you want To make sure that when you're on this Platform is just go down and take a look And make sure that when you're Downloading these you do have the right To download a lot of this content you're Going to see that a lot of YouTube Channels are using this but just make Sure that you're not breaking any Copyright laws just go down and take a Look at the licensing for this so once You've done that what you want to do is You want to come over here and see here Where he says show all just click on to Show all once you do that it's going to Give you the option for example with Arnold Schwarzenegger you can see here Arnold Schwarzenegger on Life MP3 file So all you need to do is Click onto that And that's going to download onto your Computer as an example we're fooled to Scroll down let's say I wanted to use This one over here I would click onto This okay this is going to come over I'm

Going to pause that and then what I'll Do is I'll come over here right Mouse Click and then I would click onto Download video okay once I click onto That you can see now this file has Downloaded onto my computer and now I Can upload that onto openshot.org or any Video editing software that I have so Now we have a video editing software Number one number two we've got a place Where we can get our Clips which is our Videos and now we have our audio when it Comes to audio you can use this site That I just showed you over here guys Which is this archive site archive.org Yeah other thing that you can also do if You wanted to is you could use your own Voice if you have a microphone and you Have a talon4 and you want to do it or Number three you can also pay people on Fiverr if you wanted them to create These audio files for you so you have a Few options now what we need to do is we Need to put this video together so what You want to do is you want to come Straight over to your video editing Software like this and you want to start Uploading these different types of files So for example what I'll do is I'll come Over to file and then I would go to Import and we're going to go to import Media and the first thing that we're Going to do is we're going to upload Some of these pixels video clips that I

Downloaded so let's just click on to This one we're going to import this let Me see if I can do multiple yep so we're Going to grab these okay and we're going To click on to import okay so you can See I've uploaded these so now what I'm Going to do is I'm going to grab these I'm going to drag these I'm going to Drop these here okay so there's one There's two now what you want to do when You're creating these videos is that When you're listening to some audio file You want to then go and grab these Different types of images that are going To match these different types of files Okay so just a tip for you I'm just Going to show you the example of how to Do this but when you're doing this Obviously you're going to be putting This together a little bit better now We've got a video that's over a minute And 30 seconds long now what we want to Do is we want to go back up to file we Want to go over to import and want to go To Media now what I want to do is I want To upload the different types of audio That I've downloaded for example here's The Oprah Winfrey one so what I'll do is I'll import that Then what we're going to do so you can See that's that audio file is downloaded Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to Come back up again go to file import Media and then we can download for

Example Arnold Schwarzenegger so I've Got two over here so I've got Arnold Schwarzenegger and I've got Oprah Winfrey as an example so I just want to Show you how this works now the good Thing about using these audio files is a Lot of them have music already so for to Grab the Arnold Schwarzenegger we can Drop this over here okay and now you can See that I'm just going to lower this Volume over here so it doesn't sound too Loud and I'm going to play this okay so You can listen to how this looks and Sounds a case let me play this for you Work your ass off there is no magic pill It drives me crazy to go to the gym you Read one hour a day I went and broke out Five so what you can do guys is you can Maybe push this say you grab this file Okay so what you'd need to do is say Move this over as an example okay so you Can grab that so the scenes move over so It doesn't stay on the same scene for Too long so we can use this so this is Going to transition over I went and Broke out five hours a day now if this Doesn't fit the scene over you can just Grab and extend this okay So you can see that you're gonna need to Match up these different types of you Know scenes that you have with the audio File so a couple of scenes that would Look really really good here you know It's construction working out Etc but

You get the idea I just want to show you The idea so if we stretch this out you Can see that this scene is probably Going to end about here you can see by The volume over here so if I play this Talk about success So we can pause that now what we can do Is we can for example come over here we Can cut this And now we can play for example Oprah so We can grab this And now I can start off with a new scene And somebody else talking so hit play I'm asking the bigger question And then you can grab this play this Here so you can see what this looks like I'm asking the bigger question Who am I And you can see that this looks really Good and this would probably look better With this over here as an example so if We're to play this I'll just show you Very very quickly I'm asking bigger Question Who am I So once you have all these scenes guys Where you want them and once you have All the audio that you want all you need To do from here is download this video On to your computer once you download This onto your computer from there what You need to do is you need to upload This on to YouTube okay and once you Upload these different types of audio

Files and these videos and everything Onto YouTube what you want to do from There is make sure that you're Optimizing this video number one so you Can get more views and number two so you Can make money with affiliate marketing Okay and the way you're going to make Money with affiliate marketing is by Placing links in the description of your Videos what that looks like is this for Example this is one of my videos and as You can see I've got a few links over Here to different types of products that I'm promoting at any given time and when It comes to these different types of Motivational videos all you need to do Is come over to a platform like Clickbank.com com and sign up because I Have a range of different types of Products that you can promote and when You sign up you can see here that they Have this entire categories list of Products that you can promote as an Example you've got education so people That are doing anything with study may Want to have a take a look at this they May be looking to learn how to Potentially make money online how to Start an online business Etc the other Thing as well is when you scroll down You can see you've got Sports you've got Spirituality you've got home and garden You've got a whole range of different Types of stuff you've got weight loss

You've got a whole different array of Categories that you can use now let's Say for example that somebody wanted to Do something with a business and E-marketing and you wanted to promote These products remember you can promote A range of different products let's say You want to promote 2E business and E-marketing products and two Health and Fitness Products all you need to do is Click onto these different types of Categories and you can see this product Over here that's going to help people Lose weight will pay you 149 on average Every single time somebody purchases is These videos are getting millions of Views which means gives you the Opportunity to make a lot of money all You need to do is click on to promote Grab this affiliate link and place it in The description of that video this is The link that you'd be promoting and With the amount of views that you're Getting even one sale a day can equate To over a hundred dollars a day this is How powerful this strategy is from there What you need to do is you obviously Need to create a thumbnail you can do That for free all you need to do is come Over to this platform called canva.com I'll have links in my description to a Lot of this stuff so feel free to take a Look at it but canva is free you don't Actually need to pay for anything on

Canva to create these thumbnails so come Over here and just type in thumbnail as An example hit enter And you can see you've got all these Free thumbnails that you can create Absolutely for free and you can even Type in something like thumbnail Bought as an example okay hit that and You're going to find all these different Ones that are you know sporting related As an example if that's the theme that You wanted to go with click onto these Guys and all you need to do is just Change these different types of Graphics Over here type in whatever you need to Type in and you create yourself a very Cool and catchy thumbnail so all you Need to do from there is upload that Thumbnail this is how simple it is to Start one of these channels it is going To take a little bit of work and it's Going to take a little bit of time to Get used to it but in time once you Start uploading these videos you can Start to make some serious money online Which is why I asked you how much money Do you need to make in order to be able To leave that nine to five because with This strategy when it comes to YouTube You are going to need to hit those 4 000 Watch hours and those 1 000 subscribers In order to be able to get partnered With the YouTube Partner program that's Number one but before that happens you

Can obviously make money with affiliate Marketing so if you enjoyed this video Guys don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation and go down the Bottom comment let me know how much you Need to leave that nine to five and Don't forget to subscribe got some more Awesome content coming your way until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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