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In this video we will go through how to Use these done for your user generated Viral YouTube shorts which you can Download with one click of a button and Upload your channel to go viral get a Lot of views and then monetize those Views in three different ways and the Reason I know this works is because I Have many different faceless YouTube Shorts channels channels where I'm not Showing my face and not recording Anything with a camera where I'm using These down for your shorts that have Gotten hundreds of millions of views Because those shorts are optimized for Highest appeal possible and for highest Viewers should possible just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they are Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their post the Engagement is fake they are new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them online for example this

YouTube channel we're here has gotten Over 246 million views so far and Sometimes we get like six seven million Eight million views a day and this Channel has over 115 000 subscribers thanks to YouTube shorts So for example this channel over here 183 million views so far and millions of Views every single day and you can see 89 a thousand subscribers from those YouTube shorts or for example these Viral shows like repeatedly getting Viral YouTube shorts and viral hits that Get like millions of views for example This YouTube short has gotten 6.9 Million views and has gained this Channel 2.7 000 subscribers as you can See it was steadily growing to over 6.9 Million views or for example this YouTube short also went viral this is a 45 a 44 54 seconds Long YouTube short That has gotten 12 million views I'm Going to show you exactly where to get These YouTube shorts download them and Re-uplo them to your own channel to Monetize them in different ways but Anyways here's another YouTube show that We posted this one has gotten 31 million Views so far and gained this channel Over 16 thousand subscribers just from a Single YouTube short if you're getting 16 000 subscribers that can now Potentially watch higher videos and Other things that we publish in the

Channel just from a single YouTube short And then here's another one 11 million Views on this one and if you check out This one this one got 8.3 million views And has gained this channel 1.9 a Thousand subscribers so what you can Simply do is you can click the first Link in the description box down below To get custom made user generated 100 Original YouTube shorts so there's gonna Be 30 different Google Drive folders That you can purchase one of them is Going to have 30 different YouTube Shorts one of them is going to have 180 YouTube shorts which is for six months And one of them is going to have 365 YouTube shorts meaning that you can Publish one YouTube short a day for an Entire year so you're gonna have one Short to publish every single day those Are already pre-made edited and you get 100 of the rights for those YouTube Shorts to upload them to your channel Again and again to resell them if you Want and also to keep 100 of the profits And the views that come and all the Benefits that come from those YouTube Shorts and from the channel that you Build based on those YouTube shorts You're just going to come over to here You're going to click on let's start Working together and then you can select The plan you can select how many YouTube Shorts you want whether that's going to

Be 30 different YouTube shorts but There's going to be 180 or 365 YouTube Shorts and then you can order them if They're in stock and basically you can Just download them and re-uplo them to Your own channel you can even re-upload All of them at once and then just Schedule them day by day so it's going To be fully automated it's something That you can literally do once in a Single day and you're gonna have content For an entire year for your channel that Can rapidly grow because it's user Generated content and it's 100 unique You only have the titles so you don't Have to worry about how to title those Videos or whatsoever it's already there You literally just download and Re-upload to your channel and as I said It is 100 unique content which has never Been uploaded to YouTube before and once You download them they will just be Replaced with brand new content so Nobody gonna get the same YouTube short It's a meaning that you can actually get Most the benefit most of the benefits From them now there's many different Ways that you can monetize these YouTube Shorts and some of them are actually Monetizing them without Revenue which Isn't currently available but starting From February 1st 2023 which is really Really soon you're going to be able to Monetize your YouTube shorts with ads

Just look you're able to monetize Long-form content there's gonna be ads Showing up on YouTube shorts so you can Actually earn money from ad Revenue if You're approved into the partner program And the requirements for the partner Program are 1 000 subscribers and either Four thousand hours of watch time or 10 Million YouTube shorts views and as I Showed you some of those YouTube shorts Can literally get tens of millions of Views so from that you can easily get a Thousand subscribers like for example This one this one single YouTube short Has gotten 31 million views and over 16 000 subscribers so that's gonna be Pretty easy to enrich and once you've Reach those numbers you can instantly Get approved into the partner program And then you can start monetizing your YouTube shorts with ads just one YouTube Short it can help you you get your Channel uploaded to the monetization Into the partner program get Monetization and then make money off of Ads that's one of the ways you can Monetize those YouTube shorts the second Way that you can monetize them is with The CPA grip and CPA offers you can Promote different CPA offers in those YouTube shorts and the reason I'm not Telling you to promote affiliate offers Is because with affiliate marketing People actually have to spend money they

Gotta buy some products and it's kind of Hard to do that with YouTube shorts Especially the ones where you are not The face of the channel and there's like No specific brand around it it's kind of Hard to sell affiliate offers but it's Easy to promote referral links from CPA Networks like CPA grip because people Don't actually have to buy anything in Order for you to make money so you can Go to cpagrib.com and then once you're At CPA grip you can pretty much just Select some of these countries and then You can find the offers to promote like For example this one people have a Chance to win a 700 people gift card and You are gonna make two dollars per Person and submit the email address for A chance to win something so you can Just grab your referral link and you can Promote it in those YouTube shorts or You can just leave a link in the Description box up those YouTube shorts Or also once you start growing your YouTube channel it starts getting a lot Of views you're gonna have a massive Rich you can reach a lot of people Through your community tab on your YouTube channel so you start getting Views with YouTube shorts your channel Starts growing you start getting some Subscribers and then you leverage the Community tab on your YouTube channel to Start sharing Community posts where

You're promoting different things Whether that's a referral link whether That's your own website whether that's Your own product your service whatever That might be and once again you don't Actually have to create anything Yourself you don't have to record any of The videos yourself you don't have to Edit anything you literally just get Access to a Google drive folder with a Different YouTube shorts you right click On the YouTube short but you want to Download download and just re-upload to Your own channel that's literally all You gotta do you don't need a thumbnail For it YouTube shorts don't need Thumbnails and that's it now since the Demand for this service is extremely High we're trying to restock the YouTube Shorts as fast as possible but sometimes It happens that everything is out of Stock so you will have to check for Yourself if there are some YouTube Shorts available at the moment if They're not you can just come back after A couple of hours or a couple of days And they should be back in stock again But the team is working hard to create As many viral YouTube shorts as possible Which you can then use to start getting Views and to start going viral and I'm Also going to leave other tools and Resources for getting views and going Viral in the description box down below

So you can test them out yourself as Well those are additional platforms and Tools which you can leverage to grow Your YouTube channel faster get more Subscribers and get more views all of That is going to be linked in the Description box down below so if you are Willing to start your online business And grow your online business on YouTube Without showing your face and without Recording anything with a camera all the Tools that you need are going to be Linked in the description box down below Including these down for your YouTube Shorts which once again I cannot promise They're always going to be available so Maybe right now when you click the link In the description the first link in the Description maybe they're not going to Be in stock and you won't be able to Purchase them so don't get mad just know That we're working hard to restock them Again and hopefully they are going to be In stock in a very short period of time And these are the same YouTube shorts That I'm posting on these channels that Are once again getting millions and Millions of views so they have been Battle tested again and again and again I'm guess these are the YouTube shorts Channels that I've been running for over A year and they have us proven times and Times again that those types of YouTube Shorts can get a lot of views they are

Made for Mass Appeal so they're not for A specific Niche they're for Mass Appeal To get as many views as possible to help You grow your YouTube channel and then You can decide what you want to do with It whether you want to sell the channel Once it starts getting a lot of views And subscribers whether you want to get Brand deals and sponsorships whether you Want to sell Community tabs whether you Want to share something on a community Tab and promote a referral link Affiliate link your own product Service Website or business whatever that might Be you can just use all the views and Subscribers for yourself because you Have 100 rights to do that with the YouTube shorts that you buy anyways with All that being said and done I will see You in some of the next videos

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