Fantasy Start Or Sits, DraftKings TNF DFS Slate Preview | Fantasy Sports Today, 10/6/22

Alright, great. In the fantasy sports today. Here on Sports grid. The NFL is back for week five. That means I'm back in the house, along with Davis Maddock. Welcome to the show. No doubt we're going to talk some DFS tonight We'll preview the fantasy football weekend and David's They've given us a special treat tonight. Indianapolis Colts. And Denver Broncos to start off weeks late, But good to be back with you in the house. Hope you had a great show yesterday. Yeah you know, I mean, we ms you. did get to bring George Kurtz in the house to talk about Aaron. Judges 62nd home run our resident Yankees fan, So got to cover that. I mean, tonight's game. Probably not going to be, uh, you know, a great output of expansive progressive football, but probably the two biggest questions of the week.

In terms of fantasy football is what's the Denver backfield going to look like without you, Monty Williams and you know There are literally millions, maybe maybe a billion people. I don't know how many people play fantasy football sitting there trying to decide. Do I start 90 minds without Jonathan ylor? do I nott Jonathan Taylor. So I mean, in terms of fantasy football to the biggest storylines of the week, coming early on a Thursday Yeah , Latavius. Murray is now on the Denver Broncos. Do I suit him up tonight? What about Boone? I assume Melvin Gordon will start for everyone. You know, we're gonna learn a little bit tonight . I guess in this game and that's where we'll begin. Of course, here on the show will go over a little bit later, by the way, but let's start off with a little college football.

UCF They win again Last night, they improved to four and one as they beat the Mustangs of S. M u. This was interesting. I noticed yesterday. Draymond Green Jordan's pl. Get into it.t warriors practice Seems like a lot of people. Davis were on the side by the way, a pool on this one, at least on social media. Kansas City Royals Davis is I don't know, having a party today or upset. I don't know. I never stop on somebody's firing. But Mike Matheny is gone as the manager of the Royals and Cal Eldred has gone as the pitching coach of the Royals. They just have not been able to develop any sort of cohesive pitching nature. So that is the latest there. And also Phil Nevin agrees to a one year deal to manage the Angels next season.

Nevin you know did I guess a fair job Davis's manager of the happening he? Behind Thewhat's scenes of the Angels are for sale, and so you know, they're not going to give out a big time contract to a new manager. They're gonna get that sorted out, and a one year deal doesn't really mean anything in baseball . They could fire him two months into the season and just hire an interim, so that's just sort of the scope of that, but feel free to hit on the Warriors here or even the Royals. I mean, that's going to be a big fantasy story next year. I think that new manager is gonna come in. They're gonna change the way they play a little bit.

And obviously gonna help develop some pitching. I hope for you. I mean, this actually is, you know This is fantasy sports today. And you thi younow ere the Royals really bad that important of a team for fantasy. I actually think they might be. I mean, for one, we have MJ Melendez, who is one of the best catchers, bass young catchers. Then you have Salvador Perez, who's been You know, a top 50 pick for the last I mean, for as long as I can remember Fantasy baseball, but probably the more important stuff is Vinnie P. Right are are Italian first baseman if they go with him for 550 plate appearances he's gonna bring you know he is basically the Royals, Luke boy, and then you kind of have the young guys have, like, Okay.

Are they gonna lead it is Drew waters ing to py every day in the outfield. Edward Oliveira's right. Nick Prado. I mean, Nick Prado, one a couple of people hundreds of thousands of dollars this year with multiple I believe he had Two separate double digit home run games, and you know the way the Royals have run under Dayton Moore and Mike Matheny and Cala and Aldridge. I mean, they have not used these young guys right? They bring Greinke back to end his career. And I know from inside in school , not inside the organization, but inside people who followed the team really closely.

This elder guy, probably the most hated guy. In the organization mean, how many first roundI starting pitchers have the Royals taken and then never gotten anything out of them at the major league level. So me personally, you know, you mentioned throwing a party. We are throwing a party in my house, but I just think it was. It was well overdue to have, um , a renovation there and then you know the Jordans pool Draymond green stuff pretty interesting because There's money at stake here. Jordan Pool has not been given his big extension. They have not figured out the contract situation. Clay Thompson and Jamon Green. You know, this is all kind of an open discussion inside the Warriors organization. And one thing you would sayt's an outsider is like, okay, you know the You know, we don't have a contract situations figured out . But like, you know, these get there the warriors, they'll figure it out. I mean, I don't know, right if pool and Clay and Draymond all want pool, his first big contract, clay and dream on their last big contracts, and they're all wanting these situations taken care of, and the Warriors ownership is saying Figure it out.

We're not doing it until this next offseason. It seems like it's gonna make the situation kind of difficult for the coaching staff. See a lot of people, you know, saying Maybe it's time for Draymond ago. I deniteot to take that. I's was expecting no doubt. Um And then, as far as tonight's game goes, Davis, you know we're gonna hit on it quite a bit, I think probably would have, we would have hit on it more if it was a better game. But I guess it's fair to say that you lose a lot of confidence in the team that loses tonight. I would not say you gain a lot of confidence with the winner. But whoever loses this one you can't really look seriously at. I think the rest of the season. Yeah And I mean, it's you know, I think the Colts are just going to get very lucky. Their division is so poor that I mean, I truly think nine wins might take it for that division in the end, but probably not wning tm.

I an, other thanhe Titans, right Tightens Colts two of the these winning teams that I literally do not believe in. You cannot wait to bet against whoever wins the F C South in the postseason, For sure, I mean, I mean, look, let's be honest. Jacksonville has far and away played the best. Of any team in that division. And by the way, Davis I mean, let's get real. It poured in that game in Philadelphia, Jacksonville was up 14. The rain came down. They fell apart. I mean, who knows? I mean, maybe Jacksonville really is the team in that division. But coming up next starter, sick questions are on deck for Davis and I will go through them, including a qrterback pying tonit. So stay on the grid sports today here on sports grid and we'll be back. A few minutes. Don't go away. Great great. Oh, Temple scored a touchn that only took five years to score against the Pop Warner Team.

U Mass. You'll losers College or NFL. You're on the one yard line and you go shotgun drives me absolutely bonkers that you would throw the ball back for yards first before you even like, what are you doing? But it worked in game live all access only on sports grid The morning after the streets of Manhattan today to ask football fans where they want to travel to mt ithe rld. Gece Why Japan? Japan Japan blocks away from here, so I'm talking to you. Okay Kind of like that. Answer. What about London for an NFL game? Yeah London for another NFL game. Sounds pretty good. Your best British accent. Um. Sure I'm from foggy London town. The sports grid Network. All he does throw to one guy anyway, so they look Very glad there is no way on Earth. Youe goingacko a Super Bowl? Not that same No way. English Premier League. You know the English soccer football in General Scottie. I think it's a fantastic product in the fa.

Second to none. You know, we talked about bills Mafia for the NFL. I put you know the soccer fans right up the barrel coast to coast only on sports grid. I said Rabbi All the respect. You do a great job. Being a rabbi is not for me. I mean, like, what was I gonna tell him? I'm handing out the tip sheets just puked all over themselves down there.ine.

Notng losses. They goe Jacksonville Jaguars. 24 to nothing. The Bostonian versus the book only on sports grid. In on the CD lamb prop over 61 a half receiving yards. Like I said earlier, 11 targets 11 targets 12 targets in his first three weeks, both coming off of the loss. One of these teams unless we get a tie is going to fall to two and two. Youe taing out e seon two of the three teams for Super Bowl odds, and one of them is going to be 500 after four weeks of football. Pro football today only on sports grid.

We could very well be in a spot this season with this bills offense that you just keep betting this number until they start hanging 34 a half . So there college football team is gonna be able to pick wherever he wants to go . And whatever that paycheck is, the owner's gonna hand it over and say, Sean, just sign how much you need and we'll take care of it here thanking for Sean Payton, as opposed ttankg foa player.

It could happen early line only on sports grid. Great great. Welcome back to fantasy sports today here on start or questions here on this Thursday, including a player playing tonight in Fantas foo interesting that here we are a month into the season, you never would have thought that we'd be talking about two quarterbacks arguably within the top 10, maybe at the beginning of the season. Now that have fallen out of that, and then we have to make decisions tonight, especially on one player. So let's get started immediately and do this with Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos. This is not gone anywhere near as planned, although last week there were some shining moments for him, including rushing a touchdown, which obviously saved his day. Um but let's be honest. I mean, this is looked nothing like we thought it would look for Russell Wilson. He's played four games. He hasive uchdns on e season and one interception. The Broncos are just playing.

I don't know Davis looks exactly like last year. I don't see any difference whatsoever. Just running the ball clock runs down. Fans are yelling at the team 54321. Or they hike the ball. And they're playing against the team tonight. Davis that's going to do the same thing that they're just gonna play that same game plan. I mean, is this is just a simple as it looks here on paper. Would you dare start Russell Wilson. I mean, he did show a little bit of science last week right through for the two passing touchdowns. Probably the biggest thing that happened for him. Last week That was really what had let I mean a huge chunk of Russell Wilson's fantasy value throughout the years has come the rushing. You know, he has, uh, you ran for 800 yards in his career Multiple 500 Yard seasons, has ran for at least one touchdown every year of his career, except for weirdly 2018 the season where he was really good. And if you You remove all of that Russian production, then he becomes a very different Fantasy asset, and I actually have this starts at decision in a couple of leagues myself where I took Russell Wilson.

That's kind of a later round quarterback got Jar Goff against the New England Patriots sitting on the bench, probably getting him on raw ST Brown this week, probably getting DJ Shark back this week. Probably not DeAndre Swift. That very similarly is going to be. I think a pretty slow paced game. I don't really think that the Patriots are gonna push the lines, but You know what? I think we're going with God, I just I this game is you know they're coming on the four days rest. They don't have Javonte Williams like they're they're going to try and just escape this one. Can. You know exactly what you said. Bring the clock down to one. You know, maybe we get one deep strike to Courtland SuttnerJerr Juds going to be a very expansive passing game plan. Probably right around quarterback 11 or 12 this week, just like you can start him.

If your option is like, you know, Jamis, Winston or whatever, but you know if you if you happen to pick up Jared Goff , uh you know, I'm honestly very similar to Mario to like, Just not an exciting guy to start. Yeah It's a shame the way that it is gone, And I would guess Melvin Gordon is gonna at least get an attempt to have a big game tonight. I would assume there's gonna lean on him and go from there. All right now, this is probably a very importantormat. Ic question Dav when it comes to Matthew Stafford, because we're sort of at the point here now where if you play in a league where you losing points for interceptions, meaning like a touchdown. You get four to pick you get minus two. I mean, he's just not start herbal anymore. It's just throwing too many interceptions. Now I guess the question is, if you do If you play in a league that doesn't take away points for picks.

Would you start him this week? He does have four touchdowns. As you can see, he has more passing yards than Russell Wilson on the season. This has gotta be a better matchup for him. I would guess on paper going into this week is it Is it cut and dry for Stafford? Or is it matchup based? You think actually don't think this is that good of a matchup. I mean, the Cowboys have been murdering opposing quarterbacks Michael Parsons . Looks like I mean, it's Michael Parsons, the best pass rusher in the NFL even better than you know the that then uh, the younger What brother Like? I don't know. It's pretty close. I would definitely not be starting Matt Stafford. I mean, I just am not starting Stafford. I would I would cut him. I would prefer Jared Goff now, not this week, but moving forward rest of the season. I would maybe rather have you know Kenny Pickett. Honestly, he is in that quarterback 15 to 20 range where it's like. Sure maybe hgets y three touchdowns one week, But most of the time, I think he's going to be pretty disappointed.

Now Are the Rams eventually going to figure it out? Is Sean McVeigh going to figure out how to get the sticks moving ? Figure out how to get to 25 26 27 points a game? Probably but I don't see it right now. I don't see it right now, um at all, And really, the issue is They just have no one to throw to outside of Cooper Cup. I mean, Tyler Higbee should never be getting 10 receptions in an NFL game. Higbee is a fine player.

You know, he does his job. He blocks he runs his good little eight yard routes, but When were the Rams? Really good? The Rams are really good. When Robert Woods was always open when Odell Beckham Jr was creating space for Cooper Cup and You know, it's sad to see but you know out Robinson looks cooked. He There are only two players in the NFL, who have gained less yards per route run than him. The ancient AJ Green and third day draft pick on year three for the Carolina Panthers. Shy Smith. I mean, Alan Robinson has been horrible they're using, you know Ben's Corona while they wait for Van Jefferson to get back. I just There's no way I'm starting that Stafford right now. Yeah I agree. I think te t even it didn't even occur to me How well their defenses played. You're absolutely right. Been fantastic and helping out Cooper Rush in a big way. All right now, let's go over to running back, and naturally, we saw the emergence last week of Rashad White on the season.

He really hasn't done that much. He's more of the past, catching back and we know that obviously they have a very capable back there as well. But he did get more looks. It seems like he's becoming, you know, getting into the playing time. It's almost as if Davis it reminds me of a little like Keyshawn Varnish. Um reminds me a little of Giovanni Bernard ish where thejust ney going. And I wonder if this is the one that does Yeah, I would not be. I would not be starting Rashad white this week. I mean, he did get into the game last week for them, but it was when you know it's pretty well out of hand. And I would actually anticipate this game getting out of hand. But not in a way that would favor Rashad White.

I would. I would think that when they're up by 10 points that's going to go for next direction. Rashad White, Uh, you're kind of an interesting guy. Older prospect. He's already 23. He played at a junior college he played at the Keney. Not not the big. Nebraska University of Nebraska. Kearney, right, so weird journey for him to get into the NFL. He's not really, uh, you know, a 1st and 10 between the tackles.

You know, gold ago. Type runner. He's Yeah. Like Keyshawn von. You know, third downs, Giovanni Bernard, you know, protecting the quarterback and I mean, there will be some starts and if for network to get injured, I mean Yeah. I mean, Rashad White. Probably the best handcuff running back in the league. The Buccaneers are I believe one of only two teams in the NFL but have only used I think I believe the Cowboys in the Buccaneers are the only two teams ithe L thahave on had two running backs play snap, not not adding a third in there at all. So why I mean, yeah. Get him on your fantasy team and win for net has to miss time, but I don't think we're starting him. Can I ask you questions? This may slip body. What happened? Happened of on what happened to Keyshawn Lawn. Don't have no bad He has been a healthy scratch. He is still on their roster he but because he doesn't play special teams CG just basically, you know, I mean, he's Ronald Jones.

He's he's Jordan Howard like he just is there to break glass in case of emergency. Surprised he looked good lastear.kay finay, the bears never a great situation with them for sure, Darnell Mooney, I suppose. It could be considered their top guy. Eight receptions, 121 receiving yards, No touchdowns. And 16 targets. I'm guessing if we're talking about him, there's gonna be a case to be made for him, I guess because I cannot find one. Well I mean , they did run a little bit more of an NFL style offense last week they got up to I believe 22 passing attempts last week, which was their their tie of the season. Mooney turned in four for 94.

I mean, What's theoint , thou, like Are you starting to like? No. I mean, I think Darryl Mooney is closer to a cut that to start at this point. I'm not expecting them to. You know , all of a sudden, you know, start throwing the ball more here. I mean, maybe they will write and Mooney is good enough and has a solid enough role. It's inside a dome.

Like whatever but like, for example, I would rather start Khalil Shakir. Assuming that Mackenzie and Crowder don't play this weekend, then Darna Moody and that guy, I mean, that guy is probably on the waivers and everyone's league who's watching right now. Yep For sure. All right. Well listen tonight, not only in season long, but ily fantasy. Sean Green is going to join us next. We're going to give you a preview as to who you should be using tonight over on draft kings. So those of you getting ready to send a lot of personal football. Get out the draft. Things happened opening up and then also, we're going to talk about some quarterbacks going into this week.

Of course. This could be the first start for Billy's Appy going into the weekend for and also the first start for Kenny Pickett as well, some things in terms of what we can expect. We will talk about that next right here on fantasy sports today. Here on Sports. Greg Craig Mission Attic. We got strong green coming up next, so stay up. Gre gre. Sports grid, your 24 7 Sports Wagering Network game that I find to be the most fascinating spread in all of the country today because it h college football today the island of Misfit toys, fantasy sports today to understand pools for the most part because football deal with it. Most important player despite not being quarter focus of it, and I think that continues to be a really important part of the offense said it will be it will attract me. Shootout game. I'm not one who gonna cheer for Carla Murray, but I am cheering for him in the second half game live overtime days.

Almost almost read it as it s a question y doing when they were football? Full circle? 1.5 I mean, this was an insane amount of winning edge. Only On sports grid, your 24 7 Sports Wagering Network. You might be the next daily fantasy millionaires. No matter what you watch or where you play learned from the world's best DFS players line up building tools, expert projections and advanced that change the way you play the gamominate the competition.

Telly roto .com. The player's choice. New American League record Yankees franchise record As Aaron Judge officially passes Roger Maris setting that Newmark with 62 home runs, Jimbo Fisher did not cheat because if he did, this team would be better because you can't like these are all the steroid users who, like, never hit home runs. It's like all you e Larry Big Bees of the world the morning after only on sports grid. All he does is throw to one guy anyway, so they look Very glad there is no way on Earth. You're going back to a Super Bowl? Not that same No way. English Premier League. You know the English soccer football in General Scottie. I think it's a fantastic product in the fa. Second to none. You know, we talked about bills Mafia for the NFL. I put you know the soccer fans right up there. Carol Coast to coa onlon sports id. Great great. Breaking ball is a foreigner. We had the cold and the Broncos and those of you who have the draft Kings app.

Piers You're a 10. Seconds to get it out. We're gonna help you set a lineup coming up here. Shawn Green is with us, of course, along with Davis and we'll give you some advice on what to do tonight. Hey, Sean. anks f poppi back he on the show on this Thursday week. Five is here. Are you ready for it? Oh yeah. No A lot of good spots. Fantasy gambling? Yeah Just just up on my Eagles fan. I'm going to the Eagles Cardinals game, so that should be fun as well. So, yeah. Looking forward to week five. Alright so let's get right into it and dive into some of the pricing tonight over on Draftkings will start off with Michael Pittman Jr.

Who surprisingly, I guess is one of the higher price guys. Just not a lot of talent on these actually, probably a lot of talent, but we haven't seen it narally knowonatn Taylo0 in this game. We also Wilson's at 15,000. Uh 800 or 600. Matt Ryan is 14 4. Courtland Sutton is 14 1 Melvin Gordon Going to play a lot tonight, Which Avanti Williams out is 13 2 and then Sean Jerry Judy is priced at 11,700 Feels like anything goes tonight. This could be one of those games where you have a low point total. It may only be three or four touchdown scored. And so you got to make the most of every single one of them.

Yeah I think the way to attack plersI thk you go five. Broncos Broncos one colts. Um I think this could be a get right game for the Broncos offense. You know, everyone's asking. Hey When is Russ gonna start cooking ? When is you know? When are they gonna let Russ cook? Does he even know how to cook anymore? A lot of questions about the Broncos and the offense And I think this is a good opportunity. You know, colds coming in on a short week that always favors the home team. And you know, Colts pass defense is pretty bad. 27th in D V O A. I think they're going to have some opportunities in the past game and in particular, look at Albert O points allowed to the tight end. Think Alberto could get involved. I think Sutton has decent match up as well. And then as far as like the running back situation I like I like playing Mike Boone. I don't think they trust Melvin Gordon for good reason. He's lost a couple of fumbles, including one on the goal line, one that the Raiders returned for a touchdown.

And Mike Boone you know he had 5% snap share than 10, then 19. Then last week, with Javonte Williams going out. He's all the way up to 36% I don't think they trust Melvin Gordon. I do thinobviously ,d will go up a little bit, but I think Mike Boone is the running back. You want to play for the Broncos? Interesting. What do you think, David? I think it will likely be a hot hand situation. You know whoever plays well and I think it's going to kind of be that way. My guess would be the team is actually planning that Melvin Gordon B. The guy who comes out on the first drive, and then they'll just see where it goes. From there. There was reporting from Ben Albright , who does who does radio out in Denver last week that had been communicated to him.

That the plan was to rest. Melvin Gordon in that Raiders game. You know, Meinordo is believe 30. Mayb, obviously, like the four day turnaround for a 29 year old running back is going to be a little bit. I mean, not that Boone is any spring chicken, right? I mean doing spent all of last year on the IR. He played out his rookie contract in Minnesota. I am It also would not surprise me. If they just kept these guys in the roles they were in. Melvin Gordon plays the role he was in Mike Boone steps up and plays the quote unquote javonte role. I You know, if there if they get down to the three yard line in the first quarter, I think Mike Boone is probably going to get our I think prably gna get ttually firstarriedrom the goal and one other note. I wanted to mention for this game. I think, Eric so Burt, the Broncos tight end pretty interesting. I liked Sean. Stat Now, my best ball bags absolutely packed with Alberto Guy played only one snap last week. Absolutely brutal, but I there? Definitely waiting for Greg Dulcich to come back would be amazing if he got activated from the IR this week, but I do I do think you know, Tomlin said back any of these Broncos tight ends all seem like pretty good showdown.

Darks Yeah, back getting third and one carries if I'm not mistaken for the Broncos, at some point seasonal dn't ancipate that. OK So Sean , let's let's talk about this new quarterback for the New England Patriots. And if you want to go back to the old Brady days, boy didn't New England, you know, sort of have these guys that were backups that you know, ended up getting jobs in other places in the past male Matt Cassel comes to mind. Right, Malin. I think that was another one. He got an opportunity. Jimmy G obviously was there, but any quarterback that plays well now, ma'am, a shot in New England because Brady is no longer there. Obviously you know, Mac Jones, you know, Say what you want about him Great start to his career, and there has been a little ngedp, but zping look cable At the very least last week, he did throw a touchdown passing through for 99 yards. You know what this Patriots offense is going to be a lot of running and then special , you know, spots to throw the ball.

What do you make of what you saw from Zap E and Is he even playable at all in fantasy feels like he's on the back end of the of the 30 and, um Yeah, I don't know. I think if you're playing Bailey's Appy , you got bigger problems in life right now. Uh, maybe if you're in a maybe if you're in a two quarterback league, I guess you're talking yourself into the idea that you know you're going against this Detroit Lions defense, which allows the most pnts theeae. Um and you know you You want to load up on players against them? I think as you said, you know Damien Harris from Andre Stevenson. Those guys are certainly interesting plays. I think they could just, you know, Pound the ball a ton. Um Yeah, I think, Zap you looked okay? I mean, he came in relief so you would think he will look a little bit better at home against the Detroit lines Defense that isn't great.

And with a full week to prepare, I'm not expecting that ton. At Bailey's happy though it is especially from a fancy perspective. It would be. It for those w are unfamiliar with Mr Zap E. Last year at Western Kentucky, he threw the most yards and the most touchdowns ever in college football history right more than you know those old Hawaii air raid out. What was that Graham? Harold was the old Hawaii quarterback, You know, I mean, 6000 yards 62 touchdowns. No, I don't. I don't imagine that the New England Patriots are going to be rolling out the air raid this week, but it definitely is an interesting test to the thesis that you should just start every Player against the Detroit Lions. The Lions have the third best passing offense by Devi Away in the NFL. They h the 32nd out of 32 passing defense by Devi away in the NFL, you know, I mean, they just they just made Geno Smith look like God, you know John Elway out there, which was certainly pretty interesting. I think you're right. I mean, I don't know.

pexels photo 5325103

It's like he's probably gonna throw for 180 yards and one touchdown, one interception, and probably you're just, you know, nothing's gonna just that That game is gonna be horrible. I think Damian and Roman Dre are probably your starts there, but I He's probably the guy on most excited to watch this weekend just to see if he does breathe a little bit of life that did this offense. It could b You nevernow. Wee seen these stories fore. And you know, we've seen the Mike White's before, too. You just don't know which way it's going to end up going. Alright The Giants are in a real predicament this week. They're working out all kinds of quarterbacks. Poor Tyrod Taylor. I mean, this guy has the worst luck as far as injuries are concerned, seems like he plays immediately and immediately gets hurt in some way. Concussion is the story here.

I don't believe he's been cleared as of now , Sean, So Daniel Jones, who was limping and couldn't even play until they needed to pass. He came in on third down. They were running the wildcat last week. You know , Daniel Jones naturally had a pretty decent week. All things considered throwing the two touchdowns, but you know, basically got to th fantasy ints. Based off that Uh, you know, what do you think the Giants end up doing this week? You think more wild cat is in the conversation had continued. Jones play an entire game. Uh yeah. You know, they they brought him back in after the Tyrod concussion just because they needed needed a warm body in there. You know, the day able offense. He wants someone that can you know that is mobile that can move around. And right now, you know if you're dealing with the mobility issues that Daniel Jones has and you factor in the long flight to London. I think it's going to be tough, like starting Danl Jones, but I think he's going to be pretty limited.

Um, and I don't think he has much fantasy value because all this fantasy value has come from his ability to rush the ball rushing for two touchdowns last week against the Bears. It's certainly not coming in the air, and part of that is Daniel Jones , and part of it is they just have no one on receiver between injuries, foreplay? And whatever else is going on with some of these guys, they just have no competent receiving corps outside Sequin Barkley. So the only guy you know on the Giants, you should be starting fantasy wise is, say, Kwan Barkley, I You know th didn', which is a good sign, I guess for Daniel Jones to be the starter, but I would say I think they're going to start with Daniel Jones.

But I, Davis Webb. I think we'll definitely see some action. Yeah I mean, we're not even that far removed from being in this a very similar situation. I'll never forget Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm playing in a you know a quarterback Tandem series after series for New York giants. I mean, what a what a brutal What a brutal spot that they're in.

But I mean, the I if Juan Dale in Canarias Tony areot ae play this game now reports have been positive on them. But if those guys do not play Kenny Golladay is out with a knee injury. Sterling shepherds out for the year. I do think you can start Richie James and like we're in Leeds, where you start two or three flexes because I mean, they're they're just like I mean, it's kind of like a Darnell Mooney situation where it's like he is the only guy out there who is going to be targetting targets out of so obviously you're not excited to start him. But I personally hope Canaries. Tony is back this week, and I think they got to get toned to go. I mean, if I'm not mistaken, Richie James had a big fumble in that game last week to yes, really don't have much. right let's cap it off here and Sean Kenny pick. It's going to get his first career start. He had some good some bad in last week's game, and naturally, he's got like that gun slinger attached to him, which obviously is going to mean touchdowns.

Maybe it means some pics. But look, there's some reason to be like that . He can succeed, you know, hopefully in a game where they're not getting destroyed, which is sort of the script as of right now. Yeah. I mean, the spread is 14 points. Um so the odds makers aren't don't think Pittsburgh has a chance. But you watch Kenny Pickett.

I thoughte di bring a little se Pittsburgh Steelers offense . He also had two rushing touchdowns, which again, I think makes him kind of as an interesting dart throw and maybe a g p p lineup. He also got George Pickens involved, which I think You know Mitchell, too risky was just not able to do. He also completed two passes with 20 plus Air yards, which for reference, Matt Stafford only has three the entire season. So I like what? I saw that Kenny Pickett. I don't think all those scientists were his fault and I'm optimistic. Yeah I am optimisticOverl I'm optimistic. Kenny pick it can be like a top 15 quarterback, but we are going to go ahead and run to break your real quickly on fst. Sean Thank you for joining us fantasy or reality.

When we get back, Craig and I'll be ideally you in a few moments. Oh, double scored a touchdown that only took five years to score against the Pop Warner Team. U Mass . You losers. It's college or NFL. You're on the one yard line and you go shotgun drives me absolutely bonkers that you would throw the ball back four yards first before even like, what are you doing, Bud? It worked in game live all access only on sports grid. Heart's racing . The clock is running out comes down to this. We're talking pre game preme pregam Locked in with game time decisions. Your host gave Marin Z and Camp Stewart will get you ready for game time. Everything you need to know before a game goes off the board with the best lips to back it up. Make your best bet with live on to updates late breaking news up to the minute injury reports and real time analytics from Inside the sports books, all the odds all the action from sports wagering insiders and industry pros ght othe right side, Blue cousin Sal Pro football Doc Doctor, David Chow and more Get the winning edge every weekday afternoon from 6 to 7 P.m.

Eastern 3 to 4 Pacific. It's game time decisions. Only one sports grid. And on the CD, lamb prop over 61 a half receiving yards. Like I said earlier, 11 targets 11 targets 12 targets in his first three weeks, both coming off of a loss. One of these teams unless we get a tie is going to fall to two and two. You're talking about pre season two of the three teams for Super Bowl odds, and one of them is going to be 500 after four weeks of football. Pro football today only on sports grid, I said Rabbi All the respect. You do a great job. Being a rabbi is not for me. I mean, like, what was I going to tell her? I'm handing out the tip sheets just puked all over themselves down there.

Nine. Blked by the Jacksonvilleit. Jaguars. 24 to nothing. The Bostonian versus the book only on sports grid. Don't break great. Reports today. Here on Sports Straight Follow US on Twitter at Sports grid at Sports Grid TV for the inrmation picks againstate , the spread. And, of course, all of your fantasy and spos betting content, and Davis and I will be back here on the show tomorrow, right at this moment, giving out our pick of the week Now it's you know what Davidson kind of started off as just like a, You know, a whim sort of before the show. But I think what's really interesting is that if people went back And they looked at our one because you know we're not going to do a million picks on the show. We do fantasy. But if people went back and looked instead you know what? Let me just deal Telltale Craig and Davis's picks for the season.

There would be seven and one on theeawith a fferent picks. By the way, I've had four and won them all and you've gone three and one and we've had all different picks in those eight. So tomorrow I would say tune in to see if we can go. You know, 9 to 1, That's impressive, man. Yeah, well, you know, I got I'm going to have to be thinking. The pressure is on now. Now that we've now that we've been off to, uh, to this blistering start, we're going to have to really try and keep it up And you know, picking NFL sides is like that is that is tough work right? And then the casinos, casinos in the sports books make their money on on people who think that they know better than picking NFL sidesn tol, So it died.

It definitely is pretty definitely pretty tough work, but it's also been kind of an interesting year. Lots of, uh, lots of underdogs and lots of under Hers. Right Unders are just absolutely crushing so far this year. Under is above 60% and underdogs at 60% on the season and I can tell you that tomorrow's pick Davis is gonna on my pick is gonna absolutely hate one million% unequivocal taking the Raiders and Arrowhead is not going to go well for you . Okay Okay. Okay I'm just saying I'm gonna I'm gonna be picking a game where you're going to row . A those are the gl Games four and O, though, to start the season, Look at the teams that I've taken Indianapolis against Kansas City, Uh, last week was the Giants like that's to me. That's what you gotta do in this business.

But hey, some of the you know the picks three out of four You've hit too So we'll see what you choose tomorrow. All right. For now, let's end the show with some fantasy or reality. Alright Davis. The baseball season rularean came to an end yesterday and 48 hours later. We got playoffs tomorrow . They begin all day long, One o'clock eastern all the way through the night and I can't wait for this to start. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Now The Yankees will not be playing in the first round because they have a by Aaron Judge did As you mentioned end up hitting the 62nd home run. He did not play yesterday to end the season. And so he's on 62. He's going to be a free agent at the end of the year. This is going to be a very hot topic. No matter what happens at the end of the season, it was all anybody is going to be talking about because he's due for a monster raise fantasy or reality . ron dge will remain a Yankee in 2023. So it's pretty interesting.

I think a lot of well certainly my assumption and I think a lot of people's assumption would be that judge is going to go to free agency and you know the Dodgers and the Padres and the Mets and the Yankees and all these teams are just gonna be like, all right. Here's a blank check. Sign it. But then I looked into this a little bit after he hit the second the 62nd home run.

I actually think that probably the most likely thing is that he just resigns like it. Um, it ends up being like one of these p just doing the one year mega Millions deal like it's like a one year $39 million deal or something like that, because of the technicalities of the way that baseball contracts work, and you would know a little bit more about that than I would, but I believe it's like it's not like the NBA where you have bird rights, and it's not like the NFL where you have like the franchise tag and stuff. But I from the from the stuff that I saw yesterday and again like this could this could also be inaccurate, like a one year deal with a crazy amount of money seems like the most likely outcome he, which, ofourse wod be with the Yankees.

So I got I got reality. A one year deal for like $42 million with the Yankees next year. I'm not sure where you're getting that from. I don't I don't think that that is the case they can They offer offer the offer him the qualifying offer, which is going to be 30 or 40 million. Correct. Then he turns That down. And becomes a free agent. And then if he goes and signs somewhere else, the Yankees get the draft back. I think that that's the scenario that plays out, but I don't think he's going to sign that qualifying offer, so it just goes away. Um but regardless of that, I do think he doe endp bk inework. I think that ank check has to be signed. By the Yankees. Now, the one thing that we don't know. Is. We don't know who the Rangers are this offseason. We don't know that team that's going to go for Simeon and Seager. We don't know. And then they gave both those guys 200 million.

Detroit gave bias 150 million and there's going to be a team. I don't know who it is yet Davis maybe his Baltimore maybe the Orioles or that team that comes in and says five years 300 million for, you know, 250 million for hundreds. I don't know the answer to that. But my guess is there will be competition. But in the end, I don't think that there's any shot.

The Yankees can letim g . think itas to be just a as you said a blank check, and the Yankees have to match it. Because if they don't I don't think this is a Freddie Freeman type situation where they can go and get a player like Judge. I. I don't see one in the offseason , this free agency that's going to match the production that he can get. So I got reality.

I think he is back with the Yankees. But I was so wrong on Freddie Freeman. I guess I have to be prepared to be wrong on this one as well. Alright. Tonight it is Thursday night Football. Will it be a done? I don't know. Maybe this is one of those games that on paper looks like a duck. But is n. I' hopi for that. And you kw why? Because Davis, the total is not like 39 or 39 a half or 40. It's sort of giving you A little bit of a possibility here that the game is better than we think. That's what happens when the totals between 41 44. Usually anytime it's under that .

I mean, you have to assume it's going to be thought of the game. But let's play the total here tonight. Thursday night Football colts and Broncos over under 42 a half we're going to save for fantasy reality. It goes over 42 a half tonight. Well it's kind of interesting. I mean, we had Brown Steelers , which eveone oughwa gointo be like the worst game ever. Just two teams running the ball into the line and we got some exciting place in that game We got, you know, 100 yards and a touchdown for David and Joe Coogan to marry Cooper Game that crazy George Pickens catch another 12 target game for Deontay Johnson.

Um I mean, I think the big differences between those two teams, though it was like there are a great skill position players on both of those teams who are the great skill position players on the Colts, especially with Jonathan Taylor out like, What is the game plan from Frank? Right Gonna be like, Oh, we really got to make sure to get Mo Allie Coxn spe.nd honestly, s probably not a coach that I dislike more at this point, then Nathaniel Hackett, just like So slow. Never has any idea what to do. Once he gets into a situation. It's like it's like I swear every time they get into a new situation, Hackett is like responding like a nine year old playing mad and like, What do I do when the clock says this? What do I do when I'm down eight points in the fourth quarter? What do I like? I don't He's horrible . I mean, if I was if I was the new ownership group in Denver, I would already let him go, which I think is, I think at the end Yeah, Yeah, I just feels feels like total one and done to me.

I got I got fantasy here. I think we see a super slow game. I think we see both of these teams, you know, under 60 total plays. I bet the Broncos will throw one big deep shot. Maybe they connect. Maybe they don't. Maybe I the way I would see it is like maybe Alex Pearce gets deep for one for Indianapolis. But I just I think without Jonathan Taylor, they are going to be a sorry Site I got. I got fantasy. I got the under here. Yeah I think you know the other thing that has happedndt's really sad to see Davis on the cold side is that this is the end for Matt Ryan.

I mean, Matt Ryan just can't hang onto the football anymore. I don't know what is going on. This guy gets tackled immediately. The ball's going behind him, and I like Matt Ryan over the course of his career, but another season where the Colts are probably going to be going back for another quarterback again. Next year. I would tell you the danger zone here for me on this one. Davis is because both kickers seem to be pretty good. And they both seem to be running these conservative offenses. You know what is in play tonight? I think over time md e okay, 2020. And here we go. You know the game goes over on that, and it was like an under your 2017 with like, a minute ago.

They kicked a field goal. You lose on something like that going to ot unless they tie I'm gonna go with you here. I'm going to go on the under. It's rare that I would hear a call like that from me A door throw where I think over time is in play, But I think these two teams will be very happy to just you know, after 17 points apiece , and then one team scores a touchdown. You lose on that. That's the danger zone for me tonight, but I'll go under as well with you. Alright It is time for a competition ang t fattestears in Alaska And this is this is legitimate. Brett sent this to us last night. There are 12 bears in the vying during this hibernation period of the fattest bear contest, and one of them is named Chunk I saw here.

That's a popular one here. This is a real competition, folks that you can vote online. Just Google it probably you're streaming somewhere. You pull out your phone Google this And you can actually vote for the winner here. Davis have pictures and everything. Fantasy reality. You will vote for your favorite fat Alaskan bear. Iean, ye, Why not? I actually love Actually love bears like bears are the like there. There are a couple I mean, first off, bears are just big dogs, right? And most of their now, obviously, uh, they can. They can knock you out with a swipe of the paw . Uh, And then also, there is this great quote. I think about it quite often actually win playing fantasy sports and seeing some of the decisions that people make this.

This guy used to be like this head supervisor guy at at Yellowstone. One once told, I believe it was time magazine. There is considerable overlap. Betwn our smartest bears and our dumbest guess because they have these bear proof trash cans right? Because, like, obviously bears love to eat trash. They love to go and get the leftovers and stuff, but they would have people who would come to Yellowstone and could not figure out how to get the trash cans open because some bears are smarter than the dumbest people. So I am buying. I consider myself a bear softie, so sure I got I got reality here. I'll vote for my favorite fat Alaskan bear. You can't get them to watch. Shows on TV, But we got Davis to vote on the fattest bear.

Yeah I'm gonna yantasy here. I mean, could barely put my fantasy lineups in and make my picks of the week So odds of me doing this are slim. The other thing that I would say is that you know the thing with bears is that like it seems like a really nice and fun and cuddly until that, Like twice a year. You hear the story about somebody killed by a bear in the woods, you know, so Yeah, I got fantasy here, but I think it's cool, Fun contest for sure, Davis will let us know who he who he picked Chunk is the only one that I think that stands a chance in this one.

But who knows? Maybe that will will be the case. By the way. Do you have a team? You're rooting for the baseball playoffs hereBecae we'll b talkin about that. I'm sure over the next couple of weeks. And who are you pulling for here as we get to the end. I mean, probably probably the Blue Jays honestly is going to be the team that I end up that I end up putting my half, but I just kind of like them. You know, I just I like Vlad. I like to shed I like I mean, it's just it just kind of a cool Cool vibe, but I mean, it's just like the baseball playoffs. It's so disheartening because some of my favorite sports memories are obviously 2014 2015 with the Kansas City Royals, and it's just like when is the When is the next time I'm going to get to go to Kauffman Stadium for an American League championship game? Like, Will Will that happen again? In my lifetime ? Like I don't know.

It seems it seems pretty thin. You you absolutely hate to see it. Hmm How about my team? Here in South Florida ? It was Come on, at least you got will will never happen Bad. Uh yeah. You know, I'm gonna feel this is a tough one for me. I mean, obviously, I got ties to Philadelphia. I got ties to the Braves. I got ties to ST Louis. I think it's going to be one of those two t. I mean, I don't know, man. I'm not gonna pick mfavorite But my son wants to go see a game a playoff game and the only way that that happens, Davis's if Tampa Bay will round over the country while we're I gotta work and do these shows to do this, maybe in the World Series, but, uh, so Tampa Bay is going to be the team that at least not following for don't want to do that to you, but personal. They're one of drive up to ST Pete next week or the week after.

All right. We got to take a time out here on the show Coming up. Next. We've got these sports grid 60 and then Kevin and Dani feeling by this Thursday all day. Gra Sports grid, your 24 7 Sports Wagering Network game that I find to be the most fascinating spread in all of the country today bause it doest seemarge enough college football today the island of misfit to fantasy sports today to understand pools for the most part because football deal with most important player Despite not being quarter focus of it, and I think that continues to be a really important part of the offense said it will be it attract me Shootout game like I'm not one who gonna cheer for calamari, but I am cheering for him in the second half game live over case almost almost read it asf itas a questionike wh are they doing when they were football? Full circle? 1.5 This was an insane amount of life winning edge only.

On sports grid, your 24 7 Sports Wagering Network. But I want Texas A and M and I would go to a football field and they can't leave until one of the offenses scored three touchdowns. They'll be there to know that I mean it's a disgrace or we're out game playing him in this match up . You want to give me a touchdown with Illinois? I think they're liv and let's t fget i Paul Chr loses this match up.

Is he on the hot? When do we put Paul Chryst on the hot seat? Yes sir. College football today only on sports grid. The morning after the streets of Manhattan today to ask football fans where they want to travel to most in the world. Greece Japan, Japan, Japan five blocks away from here, so I'm talking to you. Okay actually kind of liked that answer. What about London for an NFL game? Yeah London for another NFL game. Sounds pretty good.

You give us your best British accent.m Sure, I'm from foggy London town. The sports grid Network. We could very well be in a spot this season with this bills offense that you just keep betting this number until they start hanging 34 a half. So there college football team is gonna be able to pick wherever he wants to go. And whatever that paycheck is, the owner is going to hand it over and say, Sean, just sign how much you need and we'll take care of it here thanking for Sean Payton, as opposed to tanking for a player. It could happen early line only on sports grid.

Great great. Welcome back to fantasy sports. Today as we wrap up the Children reminder. I'll be right back here with you at two o'clock eastern for newswire, So hopefully you stay on the grid for that. Let's turn it over to Davis as we wrap it up with today's sports created 60. You know, we are about to enter Basically the most chaotic period of the sporting calendar . I think that, like literally I don't know if this will ever happen again. We are at the same time Gonna have the football season going on. Hockey starts October 11th. The NBA starts October 18th. We have golf taking their month off the World Cup is going to be starting.

I think the World Cup is 37 days away if memory serves me correctly, but like we're going to be here on Thanksgiving. And there goi tbe like nine of the world's largest sporting events taking place all at the same time, so you know, say goodbye to your wife. Say goodbye to your kids, if you are, if you are in our line of work, because it is it's just going to be so unbelievably hectic. Yeah Definitely. So baseball post season starts tomorrow. I'll have more on that on newswire coming up at two o'clock eastern, But yesterday was young Kapoor. So in our house, you know Davis, we You know what's called the fast for a day and then we break the fast and nice.

That means no eating for 24 hours, had some family over to do that. And naturally, you know their baseball fans, you know ty're talking about guess who? The team that they like the New York Mets, and you can imagine how it is Davis right now. Oh my gosh. What's going to happen with this season's done? Etcetera etcetera . It's like the I'm like You guys want 100 games this year. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean it just goes to show you the pressure. Of playing in New York and rooting for your New York teams. You just cannot be happy with anything. Now. I will say this. If the Mets lose to the Padres and passion, maybe it'll be a different conversation. But I'm confident. I think the Mets are gonna have a good series against Padres think they're gonna beat the Padres. They may lose after th, bull hope is notost. Thanks again, Shawn Green for coming on the show. Of course, thanks for L. T N is always a great graphics department.

Thanks to Brent Levy and my coach Davis Maddock. I'm Craig. Mitch. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. We'll see you back here tomorrow and am Eastern, another edition of fantasies. What's today? Have a great first everyone. Yeah. Great. Great..

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