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Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, etc… As always there is a risk with any business. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this video should be considered legal advice

You see usually I like to talk about Different side hustles and different Online businesses that you can start From home and different ways that you Can make money online with affiliate Marketing CPA marketing with freelancing And so on but what if you don't actually Want to put that much effort and you Still want to make some money online What if you actually don't want to do Anything and you still want to get paid Like you don't want millions of dollars Or whatsoever you know that that Requires a lot of time and effort but You just want some side income can you Actually do that well inside of this Video I want to share with you five Different absolutely free apps that you Can install right now if you get paid You literally do nothing you don't have To complete any surveys offers watch Videos or whatsoever these are literally Apps that will pay you to do nothing That's their purpose they allow you to Download them for free and get paid You're obviously not gonna get rich this Is not something that I do in my spare Time because there's different ways that I make passive income that I make a lot More than that but still if you just Want to set it up in a little bit less Than a couple of minutes less than two Minutes and let it just earn you some Passive income then this is great

Because these apps are absolutely free Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so let's begin With the first app which is Sim cash This is already and as you Can see you can make profits with your Unused SMS you literally set to the Device you download this app and you Leave it over there so you're gonna get Paid for your SMS like share with us Your Sims and switch your mobile phone In a free income source so if you have Some device that's sitting around you Can basically just connect this app to That device upload a SIM card inside of It and you're gonna be earning some Passive income from that so you can Scroll a little bit down you can see That you can get paid weekly so monitor

Your balance in real time and ask Payments by clicking the request payout Button so you can ask them to pay out Whatever you want and you will receive The payment within seven days you can Get paid in Euros US Dollars and crypto And this is a pure form of passive Income joining Sim cash is free and Require no investment once you've set up The the seams you can just relax and the App will work for you even in the Background so you don't necessarily have To do anything actively you can chill And see your money grow without working At all and you can just obviously scale By having dual Sims you can scale but Having many accounts and with many Different devices it really depends on You so you can obviously just download This app for completely free try it out Once again it's not going to make you Rich you can maybe make 10 10 20 bucks 30 bucks a month but still it's a pure Form of passive income you can make even More money by referring others so you Can make videos talking about the app And then leave a link to it in the Description I'm not doing that I don't Have a referral link for this app so I I Could do do that easily I could just Leave a link to it in the description But I'm not doing that so I don't have a Link to sim cash you can just go to or just search for it on the

App Store the second app that you can Use to earn passive income is going to Be this make money online SMS app so This is already the money and This app will also pay you for just Receiving SMS so they will send you like Test SMS from different companies to see If it's working and if you're accepting That and if it works I mean even if it Doesn't you're still gonna be paid for Each SMS so this works for Android so This one only works for Android so You're not going to be able to find this On the App Store there's other ones that I'm going to share with you that are Available for both IOS and Android but Their app is exclusively Android based Because only Android allows apps to Access SMS this is entirely automatic You earn money with the app passively Without any active actions required from Your side you earn money online it's Absolutely free and it is secure so you Don't have to worry about losing your Data or whatsoever getting your data Exposed so our app does not read any of Your private messages or use any other Data they access they can access only Your own test SMS that they are sending To you so they can see your actual data And then you can track your earnings Inside of the app and then you can Withdraw your money anytime and as you Can see so far they paid our paid out

Over 300 000 Euros which is over three Hundred thousand dollars that have paid Out through their users so this is going To be money SMS app this is going to be The second app that you can use to Literally make money while doing nothing The next app that you can use is gonna Be cash Magnet or And you can see get money from your Android phone so this one is also for Android because these are all like SMS Apps so get money from your Android Phone we pay for every minute of that Time when you do nothing so they pay you Every single minute when you're Literally doing nothing so you do not Need to perform tasks you do not need to Watch ads or play games earnings will Come in an absolute autonomous and Passive mode as you can see even while You're sleeping even while you're Outside even while you're doing whatever You're doing with your day they will Still get you paid and PayPal money in Amazon gift cards Google Play gift cards IMusic Playstation Xbox so there's Obviously a lot of different questions That you might have and you can read all The frequently asked questions below on this is gonna be the Second one this is also not gonna make You rich so if you combine all of these Different apps you will so far be able To make maybe a hundred 150 a month in

Passive income from three different apps So let's go to the next one the next app You can use is going to be mcmoney so This is you can earn money For receiving text messages so they will Be sending messages to you you don't Have to read them you don't have to Respond to them they will just send the Text SMS from time to time and each time They do that you're going to be paid for That so you can just download this Application to your phone proceed the Installation register your phone number Receive SMS and make money so once You've registered it after a couple of Minutes they're gonna start sending text SMS and you're gonna get paid for that So you can earn money with this app as You can see you can download MC money App on your Android phone this one is Also only for Android and you can earn The cash and it's secure so it pretty Much works like the previous one that we Talked about you can also install this One and the more devices that you have Obviously the more money you can make And then you can basically use the money That you make from these apps to buy a Brand new device so that's how you can Reinvest the money if you made a hundred And fifty dollars now take like 60 bucks To buy some old phone so that you can Install these apps in that photo as well So the next month you make a little bit

More money and then you buy another Device and you buy another and another And another and another device and then After a couple of months might have like 10 different devices that are working For you making a passive income and at That point it can actually get you a Little bit more decent amount of passive Income per month but it obviously takes Time to scale it up until you have a Little bit more devices and then the Last app that you can use is earn app as You can see you can earn passive income While your devices arrest make big money Safely by sharing the unused resources On your resting devices so you can Download it install it and you can earn Money it's pure passive income with this Set but once again it's not gonna make You rich or whatsoever and obviously as I said The more devices that you have The more money you can earn so reinvest Your income into buying more devices Into buying more phones because it's Eventually going to pay off now as I Said that's not how I personally make Money online and that's not how I Personally make passive income so if you Want to see in my opinion in a lot Better way if you make a lot more money Online then click the first link in the Description box down below and I will Walk you through the entire process and Show you exactly how to do it step by

Step and exactly how I'm personally Making money from my YouTube automation Channels where I'm not showing my face And I'm not recording anything with a Camera I'm going to show you 10 Different ways that you can monetize Those videos and how to actually create Them without recording anything with the Camera and without actually showing your Face in front of the camera so once Again that's going to be the first link In the description box down below Everything is explained step by step Click by click I really hope you got at Least one brand new app that you can add And then you can install right now to Make some passive income and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next Tutorials

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