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Fair enough if you set this up correctly This might be one of the easiest ways to Make money online using Google Especially Google translate and I'm Going to show you exactly how to Actually do this but you have to pay Close attention to every single second Of this video and stick with me all the Way until the end you don't actually Need to have your own website you don't Need any social media followers and you Don't need to invest a single dollar Which means this is absolutely perfect For complete beginners so if that sounds Good enough then drop a like down below And let us begin with a full Step-by-step breakdown just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so first things first

What you want to do is you want to sign Up to and even though this Is a social media platform as I said you Don't necessarily need any social media Followers I barely had any followers on Pinterest when I started making money With it so I currently have 800 Followers after like a year or so Because it doesn't really matter how Many followers you have or whatsoever You can still use it with Google Translate in order to make money online So for the step number one you just want To sign up to and you want To proceed to step number two which is To open up Google translate so you want To go to Google Translate and then you Want to translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish which basically means That if you type in something in English Here so for example if you type in hello In English it's gonna tell you that you Can say hola in Spanish so whatever you Type it in English it's going to be Translated instantly into Spanish Language now leave it like that leave it Open like that we're gonna come back to Google Translate but the next thing you Pretty much want to do is you want to Sign up to now is A platform that's being visited by tens Of millions of people from all around The world that come here to read Different stories articles and blog

Posts and if you sign up by clicking on Get started you can also start riding on Medium and you can start publishing your Own articles now you might be thinking Like Dave why would I write my own Articles and why would I do that like You don't actually need to write Articles yourself from scratch I'm going To show you how to copy and paste them And also how to actually get paid with It using the method that we never talked About before so what you simply want to Do is you just want to click on write And then click on start writing and then You want to sign up to now Once you sign up to for Completely free as you can see you can Start your title here you can tell your Story here and you can publish that Article to millions of people from all Around the world now let me just leave It open like that we're gonna come back To as well for the next step What you simply want to do is you want To go over to ClickBank now ClickBank is An affiliate marketplace with thousands Of different affiliate offers to promote And because these are affiliate offers You don't necessarily have to create Your own product your service or a Website all you need to do is pretty Much just grab your referral link start Referring people to your referral link Whenever someone buys all of these

Products or Services through your link You're gonna earn an affiliate Commission which is pretty much pure Profit because you're not spending any Money on ads or whatsoever so what you Want to do is you want to select one of These categories let's say for example I'm just going to go with something That's related to Fitness something That's related to weight loss something That's related to dieting so health and Fitness is here and on the left side I Can select diets and weight loss but Most importantly you want to filter out By languages so a lot of people just Focus on the U.S speak on the English Speaking Market in the U.S market but They're missing out on billions of People they're not picking English so You can make a lot of money even if you Don't speak a different language even if You only speak English you can still Promote offers in different niches and In different languages such as Spanish So on the left side you can just select Spanish offers and it's going to show You these different offers that you can Promote and earn like 179 dollars per Conversion or for example this one wake Up lean 52 dollars so someone can Actually buy this product daily use Pills and wake up lean and wake up Losing weight so you can just click on Promote and then you can answer your

Nickname account right over here and Then once you do that you just click on Create a hop link now once you grab your Refill that link from click Bank what You want to do is you want to go back to Google Translate and you want to search For different articles that are related To the offer that you are promoting so Obviously if you're promoting something That's in a fitness and weight loss Niche you'll just go and you will ask Them to translate for example 10 healthy Recipes you can write an article it's Going to be about 10 healthy recipes and If you translate that into Spanish it's Going to tell you that this is how you Say that in Spanish so you can now copy That and what you can do is you can Search for 10 healthy recipes but in Spanish and it's going to give you these Different articles which you can pretty Much take so you can just open up this Article which is as you can see in Spanish so I can now use this I can use This title over here you can of course Make some changes to it and then you Want to go back to medium and then you Want to paste that in the title section And then you want to tell your story so What I'm going to do is I'm pretty much Just going to copy and paste this Article but I do recommend you make some Changes to it you can even use quill bot To paraphrase the article you don't just

Want to completely copy and paste it Because you will get in some copyright Issues with that but once you do make Some changes to it what you can also do Is you can insert heard your affiliate Link between these lines so you can Create a call to a call to action for Example I'm going to try something along The lines of a click here to lose weight While sleeping or something like that You can create your own call to action And then you're gonna copy that call to Action in Spanish You're Gonna paste it Here and then you're gonna highlight That text and you're pretty much just Gonna make it bold and then you're gonna Insert your affiliate link right over Here so just click here to insert a link And you go back to ClickBank you paste Your link here so that when someone is Reading this they can see the call to Action and they can actually click on it And it will be taken to the product that You're promoting and then you just copy And paste the same code to action Between multiple lines of this article To make sure that when someone is Reading this valuable article in Spanish They will also see a call to action in Spanish which takes them to a Spanish a Sales page where they can buy the Product earning you an affiliate Commission so now what you can simply do Is you can just click on publish right

Over here you can publish this article It's not completely done so I'm not Going to publish it now but once it's Completed I just click publish and then It's going to be taken to medium Marketplace with millions of users who Can read this article from all around The world as long as they speak Spanish And then what you can simply do is you Can go back to Pinterest this is in a Completely optional step you don't even Have to do this you can just rely on Traffic it's coming from medium and just Google searches and then your article Pops up but to maximize your results and Maximize your traffic you can also go to and you can create a pin So you can create a pin promoting that Article promoting those standard healthy Recipes that article that you previously Made in my case it's 10 healthy recipes And you just promote that on Pinterest In Spanish language so you just create a Call to action in English and you Translate it using Google translate you Publish that you take people to your Medium article that helps you with Traffic helps you with rankings and also When someone is reading that article They're gonna see a call to action for The offer that you're promoting on ClickBank earning you affiliate Commissions literally on incomplete Autopilot so I really hope you got some

Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like and I will see you In some of the next ones

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