HOW I EARNED ₱95,000+ AS A STUDENT with no investments | freelancing + how i get clients for FREE!

What's up, Dencies? This is Dencel. So for this video, I'll be sharing with you how I earned ₱95,000 as a student. Just a disclaimer. All I will say are based on my experience, and this is not to brag but for you to be aware that there are these opportunities online. Without other further ado, let's begin. Tora woke up. Hi guys! Say hi, Tora. Hi guys. Tora smells good. Grab your coffee, milk tea, milkshake, or any snacks because I teach like this. I made this video for heads-up because I keep moving my hair in this video. As in, I constantly do this because I have a new haircut after one year of having no haircut. I'm not used to it yet, so I keep moving.

Bye! Enjoy! This one is a big help for me. I didn't spend money here. I didn't invest. I didn't enroll. So I want to share it with you because these are my ways of how I earned this amount of money. It is stated in our title, ₱95,000+ as a student and I didn't spend there. I want this to be a chill night because it's evening. It's already 10:32 pm. It's evening. This is just a chill night to talk about how we can earn online. By the way, this work is what we call freelancing. I think some of you are familiar with this. I started freelancing not just this year. I started before but those are just local clients. Those are just like commissions. That's last year. I got my first client last year and what I do there is I am a video editor. I'm the one editing her videos. I have various clients at that time so it's like commissions but I have one client that lasted for, I think 1-2 months. Not sure, but she is local so she is in the Philippines, but she is Chinese.

My rate per minute is ₱300 so once I finished a video sometimes, her videos are 9-10 minutes I have ₱3000 or ₱2000 in one night if I finished it right away. So it's a big thing already. This time, my work is I am a social media manager. My client is US-based so my salary is dollars. Later, in this video, I'll be sharing with you my tips or the personal things I do for me to have a client. To be honest, usually, you have to invest in freelancing like you will enroll in a course where they teach how to have a client. Actually, I go to those kinds of seminars. They said you will earn six digits for free. They said you will learn that for free if you will attend their seminar.

But nothing is free. After their seminar, they are always inviting you to enroll in a course. For me, there is nothing wrong with that if you have money. You will invest to earn more money. Because if you know how to use what you learned you can double or triple the money you invest in that learning or knowledge. But in my case as a student, I can't afford their course because it's almost ₱100,000.

Then sometimes, they say that it is discounted. Sometimes, it's around ₱40,000 Something like that. But in my case, I didn't invest. I didn't spend money to work on the job I have right now. That's my background in freelancing. I had a local client before and I remember that it happened in the first month of the pandemic. All classes are suspended. They are studying how to do online classes so we really do nothing. I make sure that my time is still productive so I find ways on how I will earn money. I did editing videos, and I'm using those skills on YouTube. Now, I will share with you what I'm doing at work. How much? Even the proof of payment of my client I will show it to you so that you will be encouraged more.

I'm really eager to do this video, not to brag but for you to be aware that this is possible to be earned as a student. As far as I know, many students earn in freelancing compared to me compared to the amount I presented earlier. You can maximize the internet to earn money. We will now focus on my work. I'll just drink water. Again, as I mentioned, I am a social media manager. I have a client. She is a doctor in the US. I don't want to disclose her name or the accounts that I handle because that's her privacy. I got this client because my classmate referred me to her. That you very much, Ashley, if you're watching this. For later, I said earlier that I will share my tips and some of those tips are from Ashley.

Let's thank Ashley. My client and I are talking on WhatsApp. I'm searching on Google for the conversion. Because my salary is dollars, my salary depends on the conversion of PayPal. If the conversion is high, my salary is high. If the conversion is low, my salary is also low. My rate is per hour. $5 per hour. I have ₱253.23 as of now in the conversion if I work for one hour. Before, I started 2 hours a day. I have $10 in one day. It's around ₱506.46 I work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I have a 2 days rest day. So I have $100 dollars… I am working for 5 days. That is $50 for one week. It's around ₱2532.28 as of now. The payment is every 2 weeks.

I have $100. I started there. That's the rate or the amount I am receiving when I started. By the way, I started this June 2021, and this is my rate $100 for 2 weeks. When I started in June, that was just like a trial of my client if she will like how I work if she sees the result of my work and after she said that she has a good feeling about this she increased my hours. From 2 hours, it becomes 4 hours a day. Still, 5 dollars per hour. I started to earn this much in July. We will compute it now. My hours adjusted. From 2 hours to 4 hours a day. It becomes 4 hours a day and 5 days a week. I have $20 in one day. It's around ₱1012.91 for working for 4 hours. I am working 5 days a week. She's telling me to send an invoice every 14 days.

It is $280 per cut-off. It was around ₱14180.74. You will receive two payments. It is the same for those who work full time. It is two gives. That's the same with us. Our mode of payment is through PayPal because my client is international. That's what I earn. Now, I will share what I am doing as her social media manager. I'm the one handling her Instagram and YouTube. I said earlier that I didn't invest money.

I didn't enroll in a course. I didn't pay. But I think what I invested there are my skills. Years of studying. I mean, it's not totally studying because social media is part of my lifestyle. But maybe, researching how social media works how to gain engagement and editing also because I'm the one editing what she posts before. Even the captions. Those are the things I do to her. I make sure that her followers are increasing genuinely. The number of her subscribers and views. That's my goal, while my classmate is working on another forte. That is more on website. Freelancing has many branches. You can work on social media, customer service, or else. I also know many that do freelancing.

Others work on graphics. If you love editing… But what's difficult is to find a client. You could also do video editing. Later, I will tell my personal ways how I got a client for this freelancing job. Because I already told my work and my role now, I will show my proof of payment. I will put it all here. Ta-da! Just multiply 14 to 2. That's my salary for one month. 14 x 2 is around 28. Sometimes, it is low because of the conversion of dollar to peso. Paypal also has tax but I am lucky on my client because… she is so kind, and she asks if we feel overwhelmed just say it to her. We can ask her if we didn't understand some of her instructions. She is very humble and kind, so we are very lucky. This is the good thing about freelancing. You can maximize your time. There is no specific time when will we work in our case. Sometimes, me, because I work 4 hours a day I can work 1 hour in the morning 1 hour in lunch, 1 hour in the afternoon, and 1 hour in the evening.

It's like that. I make sure that I'm not fooling my client and she is benefited from my work. It feels good to work if it is genuine, and your boss takes care of you. We are building a relationship. It feels good to have your own money. You can buy your craving and the things you want where you are not asking for money from your parents. That's only the reason why I'm sharing this with you. I don't want this information to be just mine because my classmate also shared to me that there is this kind of opportunity so I am also sharing this with you.

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Sorry if my voice is low because it is evening. To be honest, this opportunity is a big help. You can use this for your tuition fee. This is not just for your cravings. You can invest like you can start your own business because you have your money. You already have capital. So I really suggest… just a suggestion because if you are capable and your parents give you allowance but if you're on the side that wants to earn your own money and you are a student then I really suggest freelancing.

In this part of the video, I will share how I am getting a client because that is really our goal in freelancing. Our goal is to have our client or our boss where we will work with. It depends on your luck who will be your boss. Other bosses send their payment late. Mine is not like that. There are just times that it is delayed because she is busy, and I understand that. I'm not pressuring her to send my salary right away. I'm not like that because I understand her. Now, I will share how to get a client for free. First is you need to be open-minded. Maybe it's a cliche, or others take it as a joke, but you really need to be open-minded. You will not be shy to ask for work. You will not be shy to find a job. When I say you need to be open-minded when it comes to freelancing you need to inform people that you are interested.

This is how I do it. Tip number two. This is how I do it. I post a story that if you are looking for a video editor, I'm here. Maybe, that's the reason why my classmate reached out to me because I am open to those kinds of jobs. I am willing to work. I think that's the reason because we are not really talking much like, "Hey, I am looking for work. I need work." Out of nowhere, she messaged me, and the work she referred to me is a video editor. Here comes me being open-minded. I asked her, "Maybe there's more to work there, Ash?" I told her that.

And she said she will try if her client is finding more. That's the reason why I have this client. I asked if there was more. I inquired because I am not shy to ask if there's more if it is possible for me to still apply. My client didn't ask for my resume. I work right away. We didn't video call each other. We have our interview through chat, through WhatsApp because she is busy. She trusted my classmate that I am the one she referred. She checked for social media background so I think that helped. Maybe that's the reason why Ash messaged me because she knows that I will accept jobs. Tip number three is you can join a Facebook group of freelancers.

Actually, that's where I found my first client as a video editor. She found me there. My first-rate in video editing is almost ₱500 and it is a whole video that is almost 5 minutes. My rate is low because I don't know the standard rate on those kinds of things. But because of that, I learned. My classmate got mad at me like, "Why did you only charge ₱500?" This is also the good thing about me that I want to share with you.

Once there is an opportunity, I'm grabbing it. I grabbed ₱500 because that is my first time. My thinking is it's better to have money than none. That's my stepping stone on what I have now. After that, I said my real rate. I said that my rate is ₱300 per minute, and she accepted it. My client accepted it that time. Maybe you will see me at Facebook groups. And I am not shy to post like If you are looking for a virtual assistant, social media manager, video editor they can send me a private message. It's up to you how will you sell your skills. It's up to you how well you market yourself. You can say that this is your rate because you are using this. Things like that. Actually, I just came from the salon. I treated myself. Those are the perks if you have your own money.

You will not feel guilty at some point because you know that you work hard. It feels good because it's rewarding, and you're capable to treat your family. That feels good. Next tip is from Ashley. I asked her how she got her clients and how did she study. She just gave one answer. She studied it through YouTube. She really searched. Ash, thank you so much. She searched in Youtube, as in YouTube only. Then sometimes, she takes notes. Do you know that? If you really want something, you will really study it. You will work hard for it. Next step and last. This is the website where you can apply as a freelancer. But on this website, the competition is big. You have many competitors. That is Fiverr. I just learned this online. I will just recommend Facebook and Fiverr. I posted my gig on Fiverr. I'm not active there because I am contented with my client today.

Eventually, there will be more. Those are my tips for you if ever you're planning to start your freelancing career. Now, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer while you were studying like me. One advantage is your time is flexible. It depends on me how will I divide my work. Before I started freelancing and have a client, I am an ESL teacher. It reached the point that they overlap like I have class, and I am a teacher at kids in the night then after that, I will do my work in freelancing and that is very toxic. I mean, me as an ESL teacher. For me, it becomes toxic because even I don't have a student, but I plot my schedule Actually, I have video about that.

If you are interested. I don't have updates about Acadsoc because I'm no longer there. Even if I don't have students, once I plotted my schedule, I will wait for that and if there's no student no payment no salary it's a waste of time. I enjoyed teaching kids but my voice after one hour of teaching is… worn-out. I am not pressured with my part-time job because I know what I am doing. I mean, we are usually using social media. But the rate that you earn is like your working full-time, but it is part-time. If you watched some part of this video Maybe I'll just put this on the last part. But the ₱95,000+ in our title I didn't earn that in just one month.

I worked for that for 3-4 months. Just divide it. Per month is around ₱20,000 because I'm feeding someone. I'm taking care of someone. He will celebrate his birthday soon. You are kind today. You are not reacting. Bye! Back to the video. That's the advantage. This is a big help to pay your tuition fee to survive every day and it's not tiring at all. The only disadvantage of being a freelancer while you were studying is that your focus is really divided. For example, you have an exam. It's embarrassing to tell your boss that you need to study. I'm not doing that. Because you are working, you still need a commitment even if it's just freelancing. Others have contracts, but there is none for us. Our client is really great, and we are great to work with.

On the disadvantage, while you're studying, your focus is really divided. If you have an exam, there's no excuse. You need to prioritize two things. While you are studying, you have many things to prioritize. Work and school. If you really want to work and you need it, this is less hassle of work for the students like me. I experienced being an ESL teacher, starting an online business. I also experienced coding. If you want to be a YouTuber or an endorser freelancing is more stable. It is not per commission. You have payment on day to day basis. Your time is paid. I hope you learned from this video. I hope I enlightened you about freelancing. That's it for our today's video.

I hope you liked it. I hope this is helpful for you. That's just my goal for this video. I'm happy to read your comments that you are also inspired at some point. That's really my goal here. I want to share this information with you. Thank you so much for watching. Please don't forget to subscribe, like this video, and comment down below. If you have video recommendations and suggestion feel free to comment them in the comment section. If you reached until the end of the video, then comment polaroid. Thank you so much. I hope to see you again next Saturday, 7pm. Positive heart always seize everything! P-H-A-S-E! Notify me on the comment section if you have freelancing jobs soon. Bye!.

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