How To Make Money With ChatGPT | The ONLY ChatGPT Tutorial You Need To Make $1,000 a Day!

How to make passive income with ChatGPT AI in 2023. This is the ONLY ChatGPT Tutorial You Need To Make $1,000 a Day with affiliate marketing! It's simple and anyone can start this today.

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Hey everyone on this video today I want To show you how to use chat GPT to make Money online and generate anything from A few hundred dollars a day to tens of Thousands of dollars every single week Using 100 free traffic you see with chat GPT you can get it to write whatever you Want and what I'm going to do is show You specifically how you can write Content that converts in any Niche that You want then I want to show you where You're going to go to paste this content And take a look at this you can add as Many affiliate links as you want and When people click onto these links it's Going to take them to offers that can Pay you anything from ten dollars to a Thousand dollars every single time Somebody buys your product then what I Want to do is I want to take this to the Next level and show you how you can Drive even more traffic to your offer Using a social media site that gets Hundreds of millions of views every Single month on top of that this is Buyer traffic most of this traffic is Tier one traffic what this means is once You've used chat GPT to create this and You've uploaded this to this amazing Site which is also going to get you Traffic where you're going to drive even More buyer traffic meaning that you can Make even more money online with Affiliate marketing and chat GPT so I'm

Going to show you this entire strategy Step by step all you need to do is make Sure that you watch this it's going to Be detailed plus I've got a massive Bonus somewhere inside this video which Is going to show you how you can 10x Your chat GPT earnings no one is doing This and it's going to be especially for You my Watchers that are watching this Video today and how you can exclusively Get into this so make sure you look out For that so what we want to do now is we Want to get an offer so that we can Start making money with chat GPT what You want to do is you want to come over To platforms like either digistore24 jvzoo or even private Affiliate marketing programs where you Can promote these different products Once you sign up to digistore24 what's Going to happen is you want to come over To their Marketplace once you're in Their Marketplace what you're going to See on the left hand side over here is a Range of different niches and categories That you can promote different products In you've got anything from business and Investment you've got email marketing You've got family and friends fitness And health food and drink there's so Many different types of categories what We're going to do for today is we're Just going to stick to fitness and Health and you can see here one of the

Products that I can see here is this one Over here called the ultimate keto meal Plan now when you're first starting out You may want to start off with products That aren't too expensive just so you Can start getting the feel for affiliate Marketing and also obviously these Products are going to convert a little Bit better for you and start to make Some money online so what you want to do Quite simply this is the product that we Want to promote it's called the ultimate Keto meal plan you can see here that on Average earnings is 23.70 but if you can Drive of traffic to this you can make Some serious money online so what you Want to do from here you want to click Onto this link this is going to copy That affiliate link you're going to need That to be in order to promote this Product and in order to get paid so now What we need to do is we need to get This affiliate link because I've already Promoted this you're going to see that It doesn't say promote but when we Scroll down what you're going to see is This it's going to say promote now once You click onto that it's going to give You that affiliate link once you've Clicked onto it you'll be able to just Click onto it and it's going to copy it So what we're going to do is we're going To come over here and click onto this And that has been copied to our

Clipboard now what we need to do is we Need to go over to chatgpt in order to Get chat gbt to write a review on this Product now at the moment as you guys Can see chat GPT is actually at capacity I've got a lot of comments saying chat GPT is at capacity it's our capacity They're opening up slowly but they're Also starting to charge but what you can Do is you can come over to this site Called unlock AI once you come Over here and you click onto that this Is going to give you access to chat GPT So you can start doing this it's got a Five day free trial that you can use From there what you want to do once You've got access to chat GPT is you Want to ask it to write you a thousand Word review on the ultimate keto meal Plan highlighting all the important Parts see I've already done this I've Entered that in so I put that in here I Hit enter and it's written this entire Article for us what we now need to do is We need to copy this entire article so Just scroll down and copy this once you Have copied this entire article I'm now Going to show you the site that you're Going to be using to get your first lot Of free traffic and where you can embed All these affiliate links now just Before I show you that site what I want To tell you is that we know at the Moment that chat GPT and AI is the way

Of the future which is why I've Partnered up with chat GPT riches Because I want to show you and teach you How you can make even more money with Chat GPT and AI Bots what you need to do Is go down the bottom and click onto This link called AI bot this is going to bring you Over to this page what you want to do is Enter in your email address and click on To reserve spot what we are doing is We're only going to be allowing a Handful of people to get into this eight Week training where we're going to show Them how to properly use AI to make Money with cat GPT and content once You've entered in your details it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this where you can scroll Down and watch this video that's going To give you a whole heap of detail on How this works you see when it comes to AI this is absolutely the way of the Future so you need to understand how to Use chat gbt and Bot and this is why we Are doing this training because we want To help you succeed with this like I Said AI is just a tool knowing the right Strategies to use can make you some Serious money online and right now What's happening is a lot of the Students and we've put through put Through this and tested this with are Starting to make some serious money

Online some of them are making thousands Of dollars every single day building Their email list and absolutely crushing It and we're going to teach you exactly How you can do the same if you want to Be part of this community and this Program all you need to do is go down The bottom click onto aibot Reserve your spot come down here and Then click on to let's start automating And be one of the first to get into this Otherwise you're going to miss out also Right now this is the absolute cheapest That this software or this training this Eight-way bootcamp is going to be it's Going to go up I guarantee you you will See a timer on there the price is going To increase so get in early right now And reserve your spot so we can teach You how to absolutely take this to the Next level and start crushing it in 2023 Without help and training with chat GPT And Ai and content so make sure that you Reserve your spot right now so now what I want to do is show you the site that You want to be using with that article That chat GPT has written for you and That site is this one over here called Vocal dot media when it comes to vocal Dot media this is an amazing site you Can sign up absolutely for free that you Can start to create a whole heap of Content on all you need to do is come up To the top and click on to create Story

Once you click on to create story you Can see here that you need to enter in a Title then you can enter in a subtitle And then this is where you're going to Write all your content all I need to do Here is quite simply paste what chat GPT Has written up and I'm going to embed my Affiliate links now the title can quite Simply be a review you of this product Or what you can say is something like How to Lose Weight with keto as an example okay then What you can write here is This is a complete Review on sorry let's just fix this up Review on then you can come back over to This product Okay so just copy this Come straight back over to so come straight over to Here And paste that in there so this is a Complete review on the ultimate keto Meal plan how to lose weight with keto Now when you scroll down you can see That our article is in here what we now Need to do is we need to start embedding Our affiliate link okay so we're going To close this off now what you want to Do is you want to put in a call to Action so you can type in something like To get Access to the

Ultimate Cato Meal plan Click here and you are absolutely 100 Allowed to add affiliate links inside These articles so you come straight back Over to your Digi store 24 account you Copy this link Come back over to your article you want To highlight this you want to click onto These double links over here okay and You want to paste that in there then you Want to click onto this plus sign you Can then highlight this again and click Onto board you can even make it italic It's completely up to you now what you Want to do is you want to copy this okay And then you want to scroll down and you Want to add this in a few more times so Just come over here and hit paste there Scroll down here you want to hit paste That in there and then you may want to Add it at the end as well okay so you Can see here that we've got our Affiliate link embedded a few times in Here the other thing that you can also Do when it comes to these different Types of affiliate marketing offers When you come over here and you scroll Down you can see that you've got a sales Page and then you've got a affiliate Support page if you click onto the sales Page it's going to show you exactly what People are going to see when they click Onto your link that's the first thing

The second thing that you've got over Here guys is you've got the affiliate Support page when you click onto that You need to sometimes enter in your Email to get access talk with this one You don't necessarily need to but when You scroll down you will find sometimes Email swipes and the other thing that You can also find is different types of Images if you want to embed images the Other thing that you can also do guys if You click come over and click onto this Is you can see here that you can use Unsplash images or upload images so Let's say you go to unsplash image you Come over here and you type in keto Mill As an example it's going to show you These different types of images of Keto Mills so let's just click onto this one Over here and this is going to embed This image so you can just close this Off this is just going to break up this Article and it's going to give it a Better feel so you click onto this go to Unsplash images Again type in keto as an example okay It's going to give us a different one Over here so you can see now that this Article is starting to look a lot better Now what we need to do is we need to Publish this article so you can come up To the top you can click on to save Changes now that you've saved that all You need to do is add a featured image

So again you want to go to unsplash type In Keto It's going to come up with a range of Different things let's just do this one Over here so that is the featured image Now you're going to see this submit for Review once you've saved it what you Want to do now is you want to click on To submit for review generally it can Take a few hours and sometimes it can Take up to 24 hours but basically what's Going to happen is this is going to be Your link that you are going to later Use to drive traffic to these offers Okay so you submit for review and you Wait for it to be accepted once your Article is accepted you now want to come Over to this site called you See we are going to drive a lot of Traffic from quora back onto that Article at because we are Allowed to place links in But we're also allowed to place websites Inside Quorum we can drive a lot of Traffic and this makes me a lot of money Online using chatgpt this is going to Simplify everything for you if you are Understanding where you're up to up Until this point go down the bottom make Sure you smash that like button in Appreciation and just let me know that You got to this point in the video so What you want to do when you're on quora

Right now is you want to type in Something like best ways to lose weight So best ways to Lose Weight you can also type in something Like best keto diets Etc there's so many Different things that you want to do so As you can see what are the best ways to Lose weight just as an example so what You will do is you would click onto this Once you click onto that what we now Want to do is we want to start answering These different types of questions and Answering them is super simple so what You want to do is you want to come back Over to chat GPT and as you can see this Is exactly what I did I asked chatgpt to Write me a 300 word blog on the best Ways to lose weight so I typed it in Down the bottom and as you can see it's Given me this entire answer so what you Quite simply need to do is scroll down Now and copy this entire answer so we're Going to copy this and now you want to Come back over to quora where you've Opened up that question and you want to Click on to answer once you click on to Answer you quite simply want to paste That exact same answer that you got from Chat jbt the this is super quick guys This will take you 10 to 15 minutes once You have that affiliate product okay Because chat GPT is doing all the work For you you can see here that you've got

The question what is the best way or Fastest ways to lose weight you've got Your answer in here now what you want to Do when you get to the bottom over here Guys is you want to tell people to go Over to that vocal media article in Order for them to read that because what You're going to do is you're going to be Telling them that you found a website That's got a lot of tips on how they can Lose weight quickly with keto so all you Need to do is type in something like Click here to Read this amazing Article on the best ways to lose weight Using keto okay now what we need to do Is we need to come back over to vocal Media you want to copy this Come straight back over to quora you Want to highlight this okay now this is A trick down here you want to click onto These little this big a little a and This is going to give you all these Options you want to click onto this link And you want to paste that in there and You want to click on to add you can see That this has now highlighted that okay You want to click onto board and you Want to click onto italic now we have This link that's going to drive traffic Back to our article at vocal dot media And we're not violating any terms of Core as a k so quite simply now all you Need to do is you need to scroll down

And you need to click on to post we have Answered this question once you click on To post this article has been accepted And there is that link once you click Onto this link it's going to take us Straight over to this article and when People come through here and read this Article they're going to see all these Affiliate links they're going to click Onto this link it's going to take them Straight over to the product and anyone On their purchases you are going to make Money with affiliate marketing this is How simple this strategy is and this is What I'm doing every single day in my Business to make money online with AI Check GPT and content and you can do the Exact same thing like I said guys if you Want to learn the best ways that you can Start using chat GPT we are running that Eight week boot camp you need to sign up Today the link is in my description go To aibot and I'll see you There this is the best training hands Down that you are going to get in 2023 To go from zero to ten thousand dollars A month extremely quickly I've seen all The content it is absolutely amazing This is why I've partnered up with this This is something that is absolutely Amazing and you're not going to get Anywhere else so make sure you get down The bottom right now and click onto it And sign up and go down the bottom and

Comment yes I am in let me know that you Have reserved your spot with that being Said guys I really hope that you enjoyed This video if you have make sure you Subscribed to the channel I've got some More awesome content coming out with AI Chat GPT content and everything else in Between and if you enjoy the content as Always smash that like button in Appreciation but don't go anywhere Because I've got another amazing video That's going to teach you how to make Money with AI and chat GPT I'll see you On this video guys really hope you Enjoyed it until next time you guys take Care of yourselves and goodbye

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