How to Get a Funded Forex Account

So you see these huge testimonials of
people and they make thousands of dollars
per trade but the only way they do that is if they
have a huge account balance to trade with because you have to keep in mind
the risk to reward ratio for each trade all these people with these
huge testimonials have an account minimum of a hundred A thousand dollars
but you like me and most other people on the planet
don't have a hundred thousand dollars to start trading with
so in this video I'm going to show you how to take a $650 and
turn it into a hundred thousand dollars account
[music] Welcome back to everyone's channel
my name is Artie and this is a moving average show we discuss
trading every day to keep it profitable on a consistent basis
ok so if you have seen any of my videos you know i am very close with
christy who is a
very professional trader and very high paying she is already using her account
funded through a bond company done now Don't worry if you don't know what any of these things mean
I'm going to explain it to you now Basically the support company is looking for
talented traders you prove your skill to them then they
give you money to trade with you you
get a nice split of the profit of the account Trade this
for the most aggressive accounts it is 90 for you and 10 percent for it and the
less aggressive one is 50.

Now why is it important to trade
with a large account if you want to make profits big
enough to have a sustainable living and replace a day job
you need to trade with a larger account because If you risk one percent on
a hundred dollar account then it will be a very small profit margin but if
you risk one percent per trade on a hundred thousand dollars account
looking for 2 percent that means each one in the trade you will
make two thousand dollars then by dividing the commission in
half or 90 10 Now ninety percent of
two thousand dollars seems like a big chunk of change to
me especially with such a small investment
now here is my warning if you are not consistently profitable
if you are trading and you are trading six months a month a
year no matter what you are not profitable Consistently please do not pay for
a funded account because you are going to fail and it is basically throwing money away
faster than you are now if you are consistent and
profitable in a demo account or in your real account
please try it because with six hundred and fifty dollars
you can have an account left hm a hundred thousand dollars
normally using a one to one risk to reward ratio or one to two risk to
reward ratio and be making a thousand dollars or
two thousand dollars per ah trade so without further ado
let's get into my computer i'm going to show you how to
do this move Step This is the first time I've signed up for an
account I've chosen Talent Funding because it's the one
Christy recommends is the one she uses
I'm going to do a full video series of me trading this funded account
on this channel so make sure you're subscribed to keep up with the videos
For how do I do in this funded account but if you want to
sign up and do this whole process with me side by side the
links are in the description below ok so real people real
solutions real success quick word from CEO and
how it works step one sign So two steps trading Start
getting your login details within 24 hours and start trading right away
Three get paid Receive payout First as early as two weeks If I trade with a flexible account
now I'll go Li accounts a little later
in this video now there are a lot of supporting companies that
offer these funded accounts and a lot of them are like 99 of
them really really sucks and one of the more popular is
ftmo but really if you dive deep into the reviews on
ftmo and the challenge they put you through It's
absolutely insane how bad it is that's why I'm going with talent funded
faster payouts you deserve your money in your pocket double model trading
and slightly higher rewards info a couple of
reviews from 416 trusted pilots 5 star review and that's kind of nice here
You can choose your account size so they have
different price categories you can get 25 000 account 50 100 200 and three hundred
thousand dollars they represent they have classic flex aggressive
and challenging just like ftmo has the challenge
they also have a basic challenge you sign up for the challenge
they give you a demo account you trade that demo account and
They have access to it to look at your trading and see how profitable you are and
if you pass their challenge get a certain percentage increase within
30 days of the challenge then they give you
a real money funded account at that even I want a hundred thousand dollars account
I think this would be a great middle place it's not too low at 25k
it's not frivolous at 300k account 100k risking one
per trade which is a thousand dollars rs and looking for your bonus of 2
percent per trade ie two thousand Dollars
so it's fine for me so they have three different denominations which is Flex
Classic which is 610 Aggressive Flex which is 650 and
Challenge which is 610.

pexels photo 2068664

And again the challenge is for you you have to demo
through the process before you actually get an account funded by
Live trading so no valuation or profit targets using the classic flex system
10% of all your profits you make are
paid every 2 weeks this money is transferred to the
elite account with your funded profits monthly
the monthly fee on this is 250 I'm not going to challenge
I will go straight to aggressive flex account which
is faster access to elite account and there are no rules on
trading style which is really nice because I love to speculate and a lot of these
support companies do not allow to speculate twenty percent profits are added to
elite account every two weeks no cash bonus for money A ninety percent endowment
to split the profits on the elite account which is really cool
because I'd rather ninety percent of the money that I'm making to the
company and of them taking a ten percent stake
so clicky click the red tick on the up button and let's create your account please
fill out the form below to create a private member profile and start
trading you will just fill out this form completely and I will
now blur my details so you guys can't see my personal info
so while filling out the form it asks you to
choose a broker I'll go with hugo away because that's the
thing Kristi recommended So without any further research on
the other three I 'm going to click on that now at the
end of this paper it says you're asking for a hundred
thousand dollars obviously account taxes six hundred and fifty dollars
included you can either paypal
bitcoin or credit card I'm going with paypal because this is the easiest
because i don't want to pay the entire swap fee with bitcoin or other
cryptocurrency because when you withdraw from
exchange that transaction fee will add up to more money i
prefer to get it directly from my paypal Pye ok so once you go through the
paypal step it says welcome to your account select one of the options below
to get started so I'm actually really curious what this
education center is like so I'm going to click education access
welcome to your education center you want to select One of the options below
there's only one option until the class arrives quickly forex course
wow this is forex three lesson course this is I'm going to do this later
today not on video but I 'll definitely check that
so I'll click on account metrics because I want to see what the
board looks like Their controls are actually fine, so basically I'm here in
the dashboard there's no info yet because it said you had to wait 24 hours
until your account was set up for you so basically I just got to wait until
tomorrow and then Can start trading which is
great because tomorrow I'm doing m weekly livestream so 3 hours
before the London session open we're doing
live about 2 hours analyzing all the currencies to
answer your guys questions what coins are you guys looking at to show you
how to set up the charts Your charts and knowing what we should expect
next week okay now it's another day from
when I recorded it earlier but I wanted to share some
additional info with you that I didn't put in the
day before so when you compare the different funded account platforms that are
more popular I think in Today the market is going to be
ftmo everyone's been talking about it and using it I've been advertising
like crazy and on a talent fund site you can actually compare
the different options funded account there is talent fund that
I'm going to using ftmo 5 percent from central trader
bluffix 1up and dtx4 you can click Click each one of them and
watch a side by side comparison so the reason I didn't go with ftmo or the ing challenge
is because first you need to pass their challenge and
hit their criteria of earning 10 in a month and then once you
pass that challenge you have to do an
extra month of verification to verify Than your earnings for the
first month weren't a fluke so this is like two months of your time
totally bye bye that's why I'm not going to challenge
I go strictly with the funded account so like I mentioned before there are
three different categories yum Being the
2nd and 3rd choice is the only one I'm going to cover in this video
because it's the most relevant so for those of you who are interested in doing a
model challenge these are the rules on the talent funding site
phase 1 of the challenge is 30 days and phase 2 of the challenge
is 60 days In length there is no minimum number of
days you have to trade in either challenge phase as long as you
hit your profit targets it's good to start with drawdown parameters are daily maximum
you can see a drawdown of five percent
and a maximum total of 10 here on the $25000 account And calculating 100,000
what are those numbers actually here are your profit targets which are
a little bit lower than ftmo which is good because it teaches you better risk
management because if you're trying to get high on that percentage
every month it's a little bit over average The average person
so you're looking at eight percent in phase one
and four percent in phase two the cool thing about funded talent is you can
use any trading style you want a lot of these companies don't want you to
use scalping so There are no ground rules on
trading styles You are allowed to trade metals indices pairs
and cryptocurrencies Please do not trade anything outside of
this list If you trade a financial instrument outside this list your account will not be
eligible to pass the challenge So keep this in mind for losses This is
a simulation account and you are not responsible nor do
I s there a penalty for any losses because it is a demo account and because it is a
demo account you start with a specific
100 000 or 25 000 km and it has not at any point update
your account balance will not be tolerated under any circumstances so
You can't circumvent the system now when it comes to using
bots on your own funder account they say you shouldn't use them and
especially if you are using a bot which is like a copy trader of one person
for another account but its ok if you are using a bot that is built
on its own strategy so It's not banned but preferably you don't if you
finish either challenge phase but don't hit the profit target you don't
have a rollback violation and we're not
profitable then you'll have a one time chance to switch to a flexible account
at no cost and that's really nice so after you're done Successfully completed both phases of the funded
talent challenge The registration fee will be refunded on
the first withdrawal you receive Whatever money you pay for this
funded challenge You will get that money
now Those are the rules for the funded challenge
Now I'm going to go to flex form Aggressive number of trading days
You must enter At least 1 trade per day for 10 days out of
every month so there are 20 trading days in a month you need to do
50 of them now with this day on the demo account there is no maximum withdrawal limit
but once you get to the elite account
there is a limit Maximum 10 total withdrawals and this is
one of the main things that I like about this account is that you don't
need to be consistent because I have a very choppy schedule, I don't
like to trade very much and sometimes when I do it's a very short trade
with small profits and sometimes it's a trade that I hold
for several hours and this account don't tell me i need
consistent profits every single trading day
so excellent consistency rule in my book now aggressive
flex elite account offers 90 10 profit split which i mentioned
earlier e in my favor and all elite accounts will be opened We are funded
with black bull markets this is a highly regulated and reliable broker again
same rule only forex pairs indices metals
and cryptocurrencies are not
allowed and when it comes to withdrawals you must request to withdraw
your winnings from your elite account before the 1st and 15th of each calendar month
by midnight if no order has been placed by this time you will need to wait
for the next available date so the underlying reason is that I chose
aggressive flexibility because I don't feel the need to take on the challenge
I just want to build up capital for a fat funded account and
this What I'm going to do in this series so if you guys are interested in
doing a funded account and you don't have the capital
to own a hundred thousand dollar account you can do the two stage challenge mode and
you can also go straight to
aggressive flex but please please don't do this unless you
prove To yourself already you are making money in a demo account
it's a waste of money for you if you are just going to try to be
profitable using more money then it doesn't work that way you
need to be consistent in your rules and stake Your
first before you start something like this so if you have any
more questions please put them in the discord group I'm going to
make a separate channel just for questions about funded accounts
Christy and I will be in there answering people's questions
she's more knowledgeable than me because she's been doing this for a while
long and if you guys want to see what
strategy I will be using while trading this account check out
this video here and if you like the way I teach
and get some value from this video be sure to subscribe to the channel by
clicking this button here thanks So much for watching and we'll see you
in the next clip

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