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If you're a complete beginner or Searching for how to make money online Then I suggest you stop searching right Now because right away I'm going to show You exactly how to set up this autopilot Passive income system without having any Previous experience without investing a Single dollar without actually having Any social media followers and literally From anywhere in the world and I'm going To walk you through the entire process And show you exactly how to set it up But it can actually get a little bit Confusing because there's a lot of Different steps so if you're skipping or You're not watching this until the end Then you are probably not going to be Able to make this a success story so Make sure to sit down watch every single Second of this video and stick with me All the way until the end so drop a like Down below and let us begin with the Step number one which is to create an Absolutely free account on a website Called get response just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just damn you my only

Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all I'm Gonna Leave a link To get response in the description box Down below so you can sign up for Completely free now once you create an Absolutely free account on get response This is what you're gonna be able to see This is what you're gonna be able to see As soon as you log in on the left side You have different quick actions like Creating a forum creating a landing page Adding context and creating an Autoresponder now I'm going to show you Exactly how to set up an actual passive Income system inside of get response so You can actually get those sign ups on a Complete autopilot and you will see Exactly what I mean by this because I'm Not going to tell you to sell anything Or whatsoever so you don't have to sell Any products or whatsoever and you can Still get paid without actually getting A single sale which is really cool so What I simply want to do is you want to Go through the context section first so Go to the context and then just create a Brand new list click on create a list And enter a name for your list now I

Named my list giveaway and you will see Exactly why so all I did is just typed In giveaway here and click create now Once you have that list I'm gonna go Back to the last page which is this page Over here and then you simply want to Click on create a landing page and you Want to create a brand new landing page From scratch so create a brand new one And then you can choose some from some Of these templates there's a lot of them So let's say for example I'm gonna use This one so all I gotta do is click on Select the template I'm going to give it A name in this case it's going to be a Giveaway and then I'm going to click on Next step now I can start customizing This landing page and I'm going to show You exactly how this is actually fully Beginner friendly so you can just Customize these designs you can change The text over here so all you got to do Is basically double click on the text You can type in whatever you want you Know what I'm actually going to type in Is a anther the 750 giveaway and you Will see exactly why I'm doing this and Below that I'm gonna type in enter your Email to receive more free giveaways in The future and then here I'm gonna type In enter your email here for more Giveaway now I can also add my logo here Now because I don't have a logo for this One I'm just going to remove it and for

This I can also change it with an actual Image that is related to like giveaways And money and whatnot because I'm going To create a giveaway type of website now I honestly don't need the second section I don't need this section as well so I Don't need any other section but the First one where people can submit their Email address and you will see exactly Why and exactly how that's going to be My passive income stream so this is Literally all I need this is a simple Page that you can create in literally Two minutes you can of course customize Colors and everything I'm just going to Go super super simple with this one now The next thing that we got to do is we Want to click on next step over here now Once you proceed to The Next Step it's Going to open up the mobile version if You like it just click on next step if Not you can edit it and just click on Next step and then what you're gonna do Is before you you submit this you will Scroll a little bit now you can of Course customize your your domain and You can even add a custom domain if you Want to but that does cost money so I'm Just gonna leave it like this because I Want to make everything completely free Now we're going to choose a list you're Going to change this and you're going to Choose the giveaway list which you Previously made now once you have it

You're going to scroll a little bit down And change the thank you page so instead Of the default thank you page you will Select the custom thank you page you Will enter a custom URL now that URL is Going to be one of the offers which you Can find on the CPA grip Marketplace so You can just go over to CPA grip which Is a CPA network with thousands of Different offers to promote and CPA Stands for cost per action which means That in most of the cases people Literally just have to submit their Email address and you're going to be Paid for it so they don't need to buy Anything they don't need to spend any Money they literally submit their email Address and you can get paid for it Because they will become a qualified Lead so just create an account or log Into your account and as soon as you log In you're gonna be able to see first of All people making money with a platform Like you can see for example this person Made eighty one thousand dollars and This person made three thousand bucks uh This person made eleven dollars Yesterday this person made 800 this Person made 160 1.8 thousand dollars on Point six thousand dollars nine hundred Dollars so there are people making money On the platform now you simply want to Go to offered tools go to my offers and There you can find all sorts of

Different giveaways to promote and here It is like for example I can promote This giveaway 750 people gift card to Give away and when someone submits their Email address on this page I'm gonna Make three dollars and five cents for Them just becoming a qualified lead so They will enter this giveaway and I'm Gonna be paid three dollars when they do Without them buying anything whatsoever So now you can just copy a referral link For that offer and you can use it as a Thank you page a custom URL thank you Page I'm just gonna paste that link here And if you scroll a little bit down you Can now publish this landing page and Let's see how this is actually going to Look like now we can view our landing Page and when someone comes in and they Say M37 and they see this and through The 750 giveaway and they do that like They want to answer they type in their Name and they type in their email Address they just click on sign up now And that instantly redirects them Through that offer that we are promoting As you can see this is the giveaway that They will be able to enter in they're Just gonna answer a couple of questions But when they do I'm gonna earn two Dollars for them doing this as you can See it's redirecting them to this offer Now the reason we are doing this this is Because now we're collecting not only

Revenue for them for signing up for this Offer but you're also collecting their Email address because we promised them That we're gonna send them more Giveaways in the future so now because You have your email address you can go To the context section and do email Marketing to them so you have them in Context now and you can just go through Email marketing section over here and You can even just create a basic Newsletter you can of course set up an Autoresponder that sends a automatic Email like every day you send them a new Giveaway so every single day they can Sign up to new giveaways and they're Going to be thankful for that because They can potentially win something and All they got to do is just answer a Couple of questions and submit their Email address so now you can just click On for example create a newsletter and You can send it out for your list so you Can type in a brand new giveaway and Then you can just select some other Giveaway from here so for example Example I'm gonna use this one I'm gonna Just copy the headline and I'm gonna Paste it as the subject line and I can Select the recipients and the recipients Are going to be the people from my list So this list over here the giveaway list I'm going to click on ADD and now I can Design my message so I'm just going to

Click on design my message I can of Course select for some of these Templates or I can begin wiggin with a Blank document with a blank fan plate so I'm gonna use a super basic blank Template from here and I can just drag And drop some facts blocks here so if I Want to type in oh we just launched a Brand new giveaway field for a few enter By clicking here and now I can highlight That part I can make it bold so it Stinging South and I can also attach my Link there so I can attach the URL of That new offer that I want to promote Which is going to be this offer over Here so I'm just going to paste the URL Here and click on insert so that when Someone is reading this email that I Wrote they can click on this and they're Going to be redirected to the brand new Offer where I'm also going to make money When they submit the email address so Now I just click on next and I can send This new use a letter to an email list That I've collected and you can Literally get thousands of people Signing up to your list like this and Then once you have them in in your email List you can send out new offers every Single day every other day every week You can choose and you're always going To have some people signing up to those Offer you're basically building an Audience without actually recording

YouTube videos or posting any content on Social media or whatsoever now obviously Now you need to start sending some Traffic through that landing page that You've built with get response so you Will simply go through the landing pages And then you will copy the URL of the Landing page which you need to promote In this case that's going to be this Landing page over here so I'm promoting This one now there's going to be three Different ways that you can promote your Landing page the first one is absolutely Free but it does take some time and Effort and the second one that does Require is a little bit of an investment But it's extremely easy and simple it Literally just requires a couple of Clicks of a button so I'm going to show You the first one which is free and then I'm going to show you the second one so The first one is to go to any word which Is an AI bot that is going going to Write different facts articles and blog Posts for you so you can just create an Account on any word sign into your Account and then you can write a blog Post that talks about literally anything Whether that's a blog post about how to Make money online whether that's a blog Post about how to lose weight whether That's a blog post about five facts About animals it doesn't matter I'm Gonna go to the new blog post and I'm

Gonna type in for example five ways to Make money online let's say for example I need an article about that I'm gonna Click on next that will generate a title For me so that will do everything for me And as I said it is free to sign up to This platform and I'm just going to Select the title which I like for Example the five best ways to make money Online and then they're gonna generate An outline for my article for my blog Post if I like it I'm just going to Click on next they will then generate an Intro paragraph and once they have the Intro paragraph I can continue to the Editor to get a full article written for Me with literally just a couple of Clicks of a button so I'm going to Select this intro paragraph click on Next and continue to the editor and now I can generate each and every single one Of these sections by pressing on this Blue button which is going to be on the The side of each of these sections so in This case I think I have five different Sections which I will need to generate And that will take about one to two Minutes to finish up now once you have a Full article written for you you just Press the copy button over here and you Can share it on a free platform called is a platform Where people come to share different Articles blog posts and stories and you

Can just click and create a story of Your own and then you can paste it Inside of this box over here you will Have this full article down below this Is how it's going to look like and now You can just copy the title and paste The title inside of this box and as you Can see it says the best five ways to Make money online it talks about how to Make money online and then I can just Say click here to sign up to a free 750 dollars giveaway and obviously if Someone is reading an article that talks About making money online they're Probably going to be interested in Signing up to a free giveaway so I'm Just going to highlight this make it Bold and then insert my landing page Link which is this link again so I'm Promoting this one and I'm just going to Paste it here and like this now I can Just copy this same text and I can paste It between multiple lines on the stacks So to make sure that people are actually Paying attention to this and to make Sure that they're not skipping it and to Make sure that there's going to be a lot More people actually entering their Email address because the more of them They enter their email address the more Earnings I'm gonna get so I can just Click on Save changes over here and I Can publish this to walk all dot media So that's one of the ways that you can

Start driving traffic just start posting All sorts of different articles stories And blog posts and vocal media and Insert your affiliate link between those Lines so that when someone is reading These articles they can sign up through Your offer and enter your email address Now the second traffic source that you Can use is going to come from propeller Ads you can just go over to and as you can see This is the number one Part push and Display advertising Network so you can Start driving traffic but it does Require a small investment so you can Just click on get traffic over here you Can simply log into your account and Then as you log into your account you Can add your funds here and you can Click and create a campaign and once You're on this page you can set up a Push notifications campaign enter your Name I'm gonna type in a giveaway scroll A little bit down select the pricing Model to be CPA goal and then scroll a Little bit down set the target URL to be Your landing page link landing page Which you made with get a response so Now you can just copy that get a Response link you can go back to Propeller ads and you can paste that Here and you can scroll a little bit Down you can select the countries that You want to Target now because I need

People that sign up for this offer to be From the US I need to select the country To be United States I'm only targeting That country because they come from France or Italy or Germany it's not Going to count so I'm not gonna make any Money now the same goes if you choose Some other offers from CPA Group that Are maybe available in just in Spain Then you will just need to Target Spain In this case and then you can Target Them by demographics you can change your Budgets as well so for example I want my Daily budget to be 20 bucks and the Total budget is going to be only a Hundred dollars so this way I'm spending 100 dollars on this ad for potentially Give thousands of people into my email List and once I invest a hundred dollars Into this if I get a thousand people Signed up through my list those are a Thousand people that I can Target every Single day every single week I can send Them emails for all sorts of different Offers that they can sign up for and It's also going to be beneficial for Them because they will have a chance to Win something and it doesn't cost them Anything I'm not selling them anything Or whatsoever so I'm not being spammy And I can scroll a little bit down I can Select their interest to Big giveaways So I only need people that are Interested in those giveaways and then

We can scroll down we can create our ad Creative and that's gonna be like a Notification that's gonna show up on Someone's phone or their desktop and I Can just type in and get a 750 Giveaway or gift card so it's gonna show Up as a notification which is gonna say Get a 750 gift card now click here to Claim that's the ad created that I'm Gonna Make You Can of course customize Your own and you can even add an icon as Well that's gonna show up on the right Side and then you can scroll down and Just click on start a campaign and now There's no notification is going to show Up on like thousands of people's phones That can see that potentially click on It and through their email address on Your landing page become a subscriber of Your email list and then they're gonna Be redirected to the first offer where You're gonna make around three dollars Per person that signs up and then you're Gonna have your email address to start Sending them emails every single day and You can also set up autoresponders with Get a response to make everything Completely passive and actually set Everything on an autopilot if you want Me to make a full step-by-step tutorial On how to do that how to set up those Autoresponders with a get response then Make sure to comment down below and let Me know if I should make that or not

Anyways I really hope you got some value Out of this video really hope you've Learned something new and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you next time

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