10 HIGHEST Paying Work From Home Jobs ┃NO College Required ❌

– I combed the internet
and discover 10 jobs that you can do from the
comfort over your own home that don't require a college degree. And a handful of these can
make over six figures per year. I was actually so shocked, I
wanted to raise the stakes. So in this video, I had an Easter egg. And for one viewer that wins it, they're going to win a very special prize that I'll let you know at the end. And I'm saving the
highest paid job for last as well as adding a
bonus method at the end that will help multiply all of the dollars on any of these particular jobs.

Not to mention, there
are a couple of these that can make you more
money than some doctors. First up is online chat support. And with this job, you'll be answering the
questions of customers. Although this is the lowest
paid job on the list, I went ahead and I put this here mainly because of not only
how easy it is to get hired, but more and more companies
are moving remote. And this is a low stress job that you could just plug in a Bluetooth and do other things around your home while you're answering people's questions. And the barrier to entry to
this one is very low as well. All you need is English, good
grammar, and a wifi connection and you should be good to go.

Two sites that have online
chat support include FlexJobs as well as Up2staff. Now, salaries on this range from 25 to 48K with the mean average
being $33,000 per year, which comes out to be about $16 per hour. This might be a good job to stack with one of these other jobs on the list. Next up is lead generation for businesses, which unlike the previous
job of being tied to an hourly rate, this one
sometimes has a sales component, meaning you can earn a commission on top of your hourly rate. To have a good chance of getting hired for a lead generation role, it's recommended that you're
familiar with social media, cold calling, emailing,
as well as mailing lists.

A good site that I found that's offering lead generation
roles includes Guru.com and the average pay on this
one is about $38,000 per year or $19 per hour. Number three is affiliate marketing, meaning you're promoting
offers for individuals or businesses and you're
receiving either a commission from that or an hourly rate. Someone that you might have
heard of is Anthony Morrison. He is one of the original
affiliate marketing gurus. And he said he made his first million by finding car parts
on Craigslist for cheap and then crossposting
them with wanted sections in other areas of the
states, upselling them, and then getting a commission of the cash. Now, a good place to find
affiliate marketing jobs includes indeed.com or you
can just look around YouTube. There's a lot of individuals on here that want you to promote their product.

And I'm actually doing something similar with my Amazon training where
I'm offering a 20% commission to anyone who wants to sell it for me. And you can actually work your
way up to a 30% commission on the sale of the course. Now, obviously, the
best affiliate marketing is of a product that you're
actually passionate about or that you know of. So don't just try and sell my course just to make some money. Only do it if you plan on taking it or you're familiar with selling on Amazon.

Now, a typical affiliate
marketing job ranges anywhere from 37 to $53,000 per year
with the average clocking in at $44,000 or about $22 per hour. Coming in at number four
is a website designer. Now, according to the small
business administration, there are 600,000 new
businesses created every year just in the US. And I would say about
90% of these businesses need a new website. So this means that even
though there are a lot of website developers,
there is a lot of room in this market. Now, this is something that
you may need a little bit of a skill for, but you
can learn website design by taking courses on YouTube. And once you get familiar
with how to create a website, you can head over to indeed.com or you can post your
services on Fiverr or Upwork.

I've found some great people who can build websites on there and you can show off your talent there before moving into a bigger company. Some other sites that
might be good to apply for for website design are just
sites that sell domains because they have all of these people that are purchasing domains, and quite a few people
would use their services to actually build websites, so they have a whole team of
people that can build websites. And some sites, just to name
a few, include Namecheap, Bluehost, and GoDaddy. A typical website designer ranges anywhere from 38 to 78,000 per year with the median paying
about $52,000 per year or about $26 per hour. Coming in at number five is working for a social
media marketing agency. And do you remember this guy? Now with this job, you're helping
businesses generate leads, specifically through social media.

And some examples of this include helping clients run
Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads. That's a really common method here. Now, I do have about a
dozen friends that do this and they didn't go to
school for this at all and they make a solid
six figures per year. But that being said, they
run their own business. So you're going to make more
if you run your own business. If you're working for someone, the average pay range is
from 36 to $86,000 per year, depending on the size of the agency. And the average pay is $57,000 per year or about $27 per hour. Up next is SEO or search
engine optimization expert. If websites are the body
of an online business, SEO would be the blood
because it's the life force of how businesses are
found and get clients. You can have the best
product in the world, but if no one knows where
you are or how to get it, it's absolutely useless. And this is what good SEO helps with. Essentially, if I'm traveling and I wanna find the best
sushi place in the town I'm in, I go to Google and I type in sushi.

pexels photo 9786314

And the restaurant with
the best-rated results is going to be who pops up first. And that's partially because of good SEO. Now, back in 2015, I was actually working with a radio station selling radio ads and this was one of the
services that they offered. But a great website to find
SEO jobs if you are interested is seoclerk.com. Now, this is a skill that
you do need to learn, but they don't actually
offer a degree for this. You can just learn this through
YouTube videos and courses and be a self-taught person here. Average pay on this one ranges
from 44 to $84,000 per year with the average clocking
in at just under $58,000 or $29 per hour. Next up is a YouTube script writer. And this is exactly what it sounds like. You're writing scripts for YouTubers. There are hundreds of thousands
of YouTubers on the platform and they're just growing
more and more every day. And writing a good script is one of the most time-consuming parts. I know this from experience. And a good script writer
is someone who is creative, has good English, and I personally think someone who is an avid
consumer of YouTube, so you can differentiate between
good videos and bad videos.

I've personally tried to
find YouTube script writers, but I'm telling you right
now, they are a dime a dozen. So if you can prove yourself to a YouTuber that you can write a good script, I'm telling you, you will be
invaluable to that company or person. The best place to find a
YouTube script writer job is to just post on Upwork
or to go to the Upwork ads and see who is posting for script writing. Or what I would do is I would
just start emailing YouTubers and I would have a script
of one of their videos and show what I did to improve it or write them a brand new script. YouTube script writers range from 30,000 up to $120,000 per year with the average pay coming
in at $60,000 per year or $30 per hour.

All right, we're climbing up the list. Coming in at number eight is 3D CAD or computer-aided design modeling. And this allows engineers to design and build
realistic computer models. One of the things I love about this job is that there are just so many
industries using this now, including video game
design and architecture. The pay is higher here, but it's definitely a bit
more technical as well and requires more knowledge. But like anything else, it can be taught with
tutorials and online learning. The best place in my research to find these 3D CAD model
jobs is simplyhired.com. And pay on these range from
60K to $201,000 per year with the average salary
being $95,000 per year or about $48 per hour. The second highest paying job
on the list is an NFT artist. Although the NFT market has
pulled back substantially, there's still many businesses
and companies out here creating new NFT projects
every single day. And there was a study that predicted one out of every two
businesses by the year 2030 would use NFTs in one way, shape, or form.

Now, I actually had a friend
who had a job doing this and he was making $600
a day, seven days a week coloring NFTs. He actually never went to college for this and he gets jobs like this all the time. Now, it does help having a
background in graphic design or something along those lines, but this is something, once
again, that can be self-taught. The best place to find
these particular jobs include freelancing sites
like Fiverr and Upwork. The salaries on this one range from 32,000 to $210,000 per year with the average salary
being $84,000 per year or about $42 per hour. And the highest paid job on
this list is an Airbnb manager. Airbnbs make up 20% of the
vacation rental industry. And based on the previous year's growth, we don't see that slowing
down anytime soon.

And essentially, Airbnb managers
facilitate communication between the customers as
well as the staff maintenance of the Airbnbs, such as
cleaning, construction crews, and much more. The reason why this can
be such a high paying job is because there are so many moving parts to a successful Airbnb business. And these firms that run Airbnbs have hundreds of properties. A good site I found to
look for Airbnb jobs includes airconcierge.net. Average pay on this one ranges from 75,000 to $220,000 per year. And who knows, maybe if you get hired on as an Airbnb manager, one day, you'll be the one owning the Airbnbs.

I've actually heard of
this happening before. Now, what about the bonus
method and the Easter egg? The bonus method is to
multiply any of these jobs. Head on over to onlinejobs.ph or Upwork and find someone capable
to do the job for you that you're doing, but for less, whether it's an hourly job or something that's more
contracted on a per job basis. So for example, if you're
getting paid an hourly rate of $20 per hour from an
affiliate marketing job, maybe you can find someone for $5 per hour in the Philippines and use them to help you make more money. Essentially, you're running a
tiny business as an employee. Well, what about the Easter egg? I went ahead and I hid
somewhere in this video across one of the 10 jobs. There is an Easter egg somewhere. And the first person to
post below in the comments what job is associated with it and why they think that
was the Easter egg, that person's going to
win a free training. So whatever job they want,
they can find a training online and I will personally pay
for it for them to take.

It doesn't have to be the one associated with the Easter egg. And yes, there are some of these jobs that don't apply to me at all that there's no way I could use you for, but at the end of the day, if I help someone make a
six figure salary per year, I know that you're gonna remember that. And who knows, maybe
we can do some business down the road one day. That's the way I'm looking at this. But that's all for now. See you next time..

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