A BETTER Way To Do Social Media Marketing In 2022 (SECRET)

– So if you're not getting
the results that you want from your social media
marketing right now, it's simply because you're using… (bomb exploding) In this video, I'm gonna show you a better way to do your
social media marketing and share with you several social media
marketing tips and tricks that you can implement
into your strategy today.

Doing these will enable
you to get more followers, more comments, and ultimately
more sales and more customers from your social media marketing. You see, there's a few simple
social media marketing tactics that you can use that are
going to help you reach a whole lot more people. Because it's going to help increase the amount of engagement
you're getting on your content. And when you do that, it's going to help the social
media algorithms recognize, hey, this person makes good
stuff that people like to see.

And once they recognize that, the social media platforms
will do everything they can to help you reach more people. The good news is, this isn't about luck, and it's not even about skill. Rather, it's about knowing
a few simple tricks that all of the best
social media marketers use that enable them to
build massive audiences of engaged and loyal fans. So if you're not getting
the results that you want from your social media
marketing right now, it's simply because you're
using old and outdated tactics that simply don't work anymore. For example, maybe your social
media marketing strategy is mostly self-promotional,
or worst of all, maybe you're just on the
completely wrong platform in the first place, which means it doesn't matter
how good your content is, cause none of your target
market is going to see it.

Or worst of worst of all? Do people say that? You're not doing anything,
sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the right time, letting overwhelm get the best of you and not creating, not posting,
and therefore, not growing. Now, one option you have is
to rail against social media and to complain on
social media, of course, ane maybe even quit
social media altogether. (bell sounding) At least for a couple days,
just to prove a point.

But then the big guys win
and so do your competitors, and we can't let that happen. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Or if you're Elon Musk, you could always buy them
like he did with Twitter. Silly guy paid 44 billion
for Twitter. (laughing) I got it for free on the app store. Checkmate, Mr. Musk. So let me help you fix that now. And it all starts by first understanding how consumer behavior on
social media has changed. Specifically, how social media continues to replace other forms of
media in your audience's lives. Month after month and year after year, social media consumption rises, and as apps like Instagram and
TikTok and YouTube continue to take market share
away from TV and Netflix and Amazon and other streaming services, the demand for quality
content on these platforms just keeps rising. But what makes social media and
marketing on these platforms so different and so interesting, especially when compared
to traditional media, is the social aspect of it, the community, the conversations, the fact
that it's an engagement platform where you can interact and
talk to people, real people, in many cases, the
business owner, influencer, or creator themselves.

For example, I'm not sure how much longer I'm gonna be able to keep this up, but at least until now, I've tried to respond to
each and every single comment I get on all of my YouTube videos. And I've done this with every
video for the past five years. And it's these unscalable activities that humanize your brand. They create trust and they
build relationships over time. But there's another
element to this as well, which is that it's not
just about conversations or being open and available
or engaged and authentic or whatever other goal you're aiming for. It's also about marketing and growing your business
and making money. And people forget that all the time, focusing instead on trying to go viral or getting as many likes and comments and shares as possible. But you can't pay your bills with likes.

So the goal of social media marketing is to do marketing on social media. That was deep, I know. And marketing is about communicating value to your customers or to your audience. It's about serving them
and helping them get to where they wanna go. But in order to do that,
you're gonna need a plan. And that's why I created
the Marketing Masterplan. So, let me walk you through that now. First, you start with the model. This is the what, as in, "What am I going to offer to my market?" Not in terms of content, but in terms of how you're
actually going to make money. Because a business that doesn't make money is just a hobby and
hobbies are totally okay, just don't get them
confused with a business or there's gonna be a world of hurt.

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Next is market. This is the who, as in, "Who
is my ideal customer avatar, my perfect target market,
that perfect customer that loves me, loves what I do, and wants to tell everyone
about just how great I am?" You know the ones. It's important to be
clear about who you serve and where they're at in life, because this is going to lead you to the next part, the message. The message is the why, as in,
"Why are they going to care? What problems do they have
that I can solve for them? What goals do they have that
I could help them achieve? What do they wanna hear and
what do they need to hear?" Once that's covered, you move on to the next
part, which is media. Media is all about the
where and when, as in, "Where are they present
and active online?" or in other words, where
are you going to reach them? "And then when and how often will I post or create content there?" Which is about setting up a
consistent content schedule.

This is important because
you can't just show up on social media for a day
and expect magic to happen. It's gonna take some reps. And then finally, you have the machine. The machine is the how, as in, "How will I guide my
audience through the process that takes them from
audience to customer?" Another word for this is marketing funnel or sales funnel or customer journey. So now that you've got
the framework in place with the Marketing Masterplan, it's time to throw a
little gas on the fire. Take things to the next level. Put the cherry on top. Twist the something,
twist, twist something. In other words, now that
you've got the strategy, it's open season for
tips and tricks and hacks and all that fun stuff. The first of which is to capitalize on short form vertical video. Here's the deal. If you've been on Instagram
or TikTok or YouTube lately, then I know you're already familiar with what exactly a short
form vertical video is. But just in case not, it's pretty much exactly
what it sounds like, a short video that's filmed
vertically, not horizontally.

See, marketing's not that complicated. But what you may not
know is just how popular these short form vertical
videos are these days. And I'm not just talking
about your audience either. I'm talking about the
platforms themselves, being TikTok and Instagram and YouTube, and how they're trying
to get you to create more of these short form vertical videos. And when you do, when you
give them what they want, well, they'll show your stuff
to more people for free, which sounds like a pretty
good trade-off to me. The other benefit of short
form vertical video, though, is that you can typically
create it around 10 times faster because it's 10 times shorter. At least when compared
to a full length blog or a podcast or a full length video. And that means that you can
create 10 times more of them, which if my math is correct,
carry the one and two, three, move the four, six, and divide that, it'll basically give you
10 times more opportunities to get your stuff in
front of the right people.

But there's something else
you need to know as well. Not just about short form vertical video, but about social media in general. Come closer. Closer. Closer. Whoa, too close. You see, the different
social media platforms typically don't get along
very well with each other. Not because they don't want to, but because they're sworn enemies, each vying for their piece
of the multi-billion dollar online advertising industry. Now, they don't say this directly, but their actions speak louder than words. Here's the deal. As we saw with Elon
Musk's purchase of Twitter for $44 billion dollars, owning a social media platform can be a very lucrative business. But here's the thing. Twitter only generates around
$4.5 billion a year from ads. Facebook made 114.93 billion on ads, Google, 209.49 billion,
Amazon, 31.16 billion, and even TikTok's ad revenue
is expected to triple this year to 11.64 billion, up from
3.88 billion the year before. These are big numbers, and the social media companies
have a legal obligation to try to maximize these
as much as possible.

Which means it's really
not in their best interest to play well with others, so they don't. This is why whenever you
upload content to social media, whether it is a short form vertical video, an image, a text post,
or basically anything, you wanna upload it natively
to each platform individually. In other words, don't just
post something on TikTok and then share the link and
put the link on Instagram. Because there'll be a
little watermark there and Instagram doesn't like that. And they're gonna punish you by putting your content in the corner and not letting anybody see it. Same with YouTube, same with
LinkedIn, same with Facebook, same with pretty much everything else. But there's another lesson that
can be learned here as well, which is just how powerful and popular their advertising platforms are.

And if social media
advertising is something that you want to improve or to add to your social media marketing strategy, then the next thing you're gonna wanna do is check out the video I've
got linked up right here on a better way to do
Facebook advertising. So, make sure to check it out now and I'll see you in the next video. Nope, the reason that most ads don't work is because they're saying the wrong things to the wrong people. Or in other words, the
offer that they're making is either unrelated or unappealing. An unrelated message means….

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