13 Best Online High Paying Jobs You Can Learn And Do From Home Today

When I noticed how much you guys loved
these two videos right here about working from home I was like "Oh snap! They
love this!" So I'm like "Okay, here we go, Marissa strikes back," and in today's video
what we're gonna do is talk about 13 high paying jobs that you can learn and
start to do today from home. And so I get it, I know what it's like when your
work from home job search is just so slow and you're just like "I just want to
get up and running and start generating cash from home to replace either
the nine-to-five I have right now, or to generate that income stream that you've
been wanting to do," whether you want to work from home the, other end of the
world, outside, at Airbnb, I got you covered. Several of these job
opportunities that I'll talk to you about today, you could potentially earn
anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars a day and we're gonna start
right now.

Alright, so coming in at job number one is a medical biller or coder.
So, basically, your job is at home, you don't have to go near the hospital, what
you would do is you would document events in the hospital. This job does not
require a four-year degree, you can get a certificate to do this job online. So you
would need that online certificate to certify from the job, but after that you
would qualify to then work from home. So what exactly does this job entail? In
a hospital there are a lot of events going on, there's injuries, there's people
coming in with different illnesses, different diagnosis, and so what the
medical coders do is they code every one of these things.

So it's an alphanumeric
code that you would learn through the training that you would take online to
get your certificate. So anything like covid-19, coronavirus, whatever it is, any
type of surgery that goes on within the hospital, you would be in charge of
organizing and coding and, basically, documenting every single thing into the
database as a medical coder. Alright so the number 2 work from home job that's
super high paying and that has really great potential of being an online
business for yourself is to be a book keeper. Now, people like me, an influencer,
a content creator, an online entrepreneur, I need a book keeper, right? Because I
have expensive going out and profits coming in, so I need to keep track every
month with what my numbers are, it's extremely important for every business
to keep track of their numbers no matter
what part they are in their journey in business, but that's beside the point.
So, anyways, what a bookkeeper would do is learn how to use softwares like
QuickBooks, or there's another one called zoom, and you would need to learn how to
use one of those softwares to track expenses, you would also probably need to
learn what is tax deductible and what is not, and what is a personal expense
versus a business expense because that's obviously extremely important when it
comes down to tax season for the entrepreneur to know like, well, I need to
be able to trust in my bookkeeper that they didn't mix the personal expenses
with the business expenses.

That's a big no-no and they would get in
trouble in an audit. So there's a very successful bookkeeping company I know
called evolvedfinance and this company is really great because they've worked
with a lot of multi millionaires on their bookkeeping, it's incredible. They
have several clients and the starting price to work with them for bookkeeping
is $400 a month, and it can go up and up and up depending on the amount that the
client makes. So the more you make, the more expensive it's going to be, and the
more that you'll be able to charge as a bookkeeper.

But I wanted to break down
the business side of bookkeeping because it is really cool, and shout out to my
bookkeeper Arielle, she killed it, she just recently left her nine-to-five
to pursue her bookkeeping business, and she has several clients now, I'm one of
them. What she did was her background was in accounting, it doesn't need to be an
accounting but it definitely helped her. So she just really got to learn the ins
and outs of expenses and she became an expert with QuickBooks and learning how
to reconcile bank accounts like PayPal and also your regular bank accounts, and
she became really good with categorizing different things.

So categorizing
different income streams, so people will have different income streams from
clients, from products, from merchandise, whatever it is, so she got really good
all of that and so it's really great because not only does she have her main
bookkeeping business where she has clients and she does their bookkeeping,
but also she has her own different products centered around bookkeeping. So
she has like her own DIY bookkeeping, she I think she calls it
QuickBooks for boss babes, she does like one-off appointments and audits, so it's
a really great opportunity in the bookkeeping business normally as a job, but also
to start your own online business from home. So the next online job is an online
reseller. Now before you roll your eyes and be like "oh my god Marissa, seriously?" It's so good that I could not pass up the opportunity
to talk about online reselling which is where you would go to any store and any
thrift store and buy something on sale or for a very inexpensive price and
resell it, either on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, people
actually have online reseller businesses.

So, for example, I know a person who uses
this app called Depop and it's a app that you can download on your phone and
that, specifically, is to resell clothes online, vintage clothes at that, but I was
looking at it and I was like "Wow, there's clothes on here that are selling
for hundreds of dollars, literally, like there's these bell-bottom plants that
are selling for a hundred and sixty four dollars which probably cost the owner
like nothing," probably handed down from their moms grand moms whatever from like,
I don't know, the 50s. But I was like "What?" like you can find these things at strip
stores. There's more apps than just Depop, but Depop is very popular because
you set up your store on the application, you set up your profile, and you take
different pictures of the clothes so that the person understands what
kind of condition they're in and stuff and you set your own price.

And so the
more you sell, the more reviews you get, and you can still like bump up the
prices little by little. So, yes, you can
negotiate from buyer to seller on Depop. This is a very cool job opportunity from
home with things that are around the house, or old vintage clothes that you
may have. The next high paying work from home position that you could have is a
copywriter. Now, you may have heard this one before, but I can't emphasize enough
how important copywriting is. If you don't have copywriting in your business,
you won't sell anything, right? And so to be a copywriter you can get paid a lot
of money, especially if you know the psychology of selling and that's what I
would do if you're interested in getting into copywriting, there are so many
different free courses and there's also tons of books about selling and the
psychology of selling that you can understand.

So if you're by nature like a
good writer, in high school I considered myself a pretty good
writer, I got like A's on a lot of my papers. Obviously writing copy for
businesses is different, but the idea is the same. If you're a good writer you can
easily become a good copywriter. So people need to copy for their websites,
their sale funnels, for their Facebook ads, for their
YouTube ads, anywhere where you need to write something down on a website,
that's called copy and it's in a very, very, very high demand and it is
something that you can easily get started and learn and up and running
yesterday, today. Alright so coming in at number five for highest paying jobs is
an affiliate marketer.

So this is a job and also a business. I just did a whole
lecture about affiliate marketing in this video right here, so I will leave
that in the description if you're more interested in affiliate marketing, but
basically what makes affiliate marketing so amazing is that there is literally no
upfront cost to start affiliate marketing, you can test out other
people's products and send traffic to them, and get a commission. So that is
exactly what affiliate marketing is, you're the middleman to connecting the
buyer to the company that is selling the product or service and you get a

Let's say it's somewhere between thirty and sixty percent,
sometimes higher sometimes lower than that, but what it is super important to
understand about affiliate marketing is that it is extremely scalable. Yes, you
can make anywhere from zero dollars to a million dollars if you learn how to
scale your affiliate marketing job / business correctly because you are not
in charge of creating a product, you're not in charge of testing the product, so
you don't have to spend your money and effort on doing those things in the
beginning you just pick a product or two and you can scale those to the moon.

again, check out that video if you want to find out way more about affiliate
marketing, I talked about my six tips on how to get started, the
funnel you need for it, everything. It's all in that video. Alright, so coming in
at number six for highest paying jobs is YouTube. So if you look at an article, I
can't remember who wrote it I think it was CNN, but they had interviewed a whole
bunch of elementary school kids and the number three most wanted
profession that they wanted to be was a youtuber.

So, yes, a youtuber is a
profession, it is a job, it's a full-time job. I can tell you that, because I'm a
youtuber myself. The profitability and the revenue potential with YouTube is
outstanding because first of all you can make money from google adsense, right? So
that's the money that YouTube or Google, technically, pays you for the ads
run on your channel so the pre-roll, the mid-roll, the videos and ads that you see
after the video, so you can get paid with google adsense, you can get paid for
selling your merchandise on your videos once you cross ten thousand subscribers
and YouTube is a traffic generating machine which then means it's a passive
income machine because you can promote anything you want, literally, on your
YouTube channel, you don't have to limit yourself to just promoting one link.

could have ten links to different things, to Amazon products, to your courses, to
your services, to your offers, it is incredible, and I understand that you're
probably thinking "I'm terrified of the camera!" Everyone is. Everyone is terrified
of the camera. I was the same exact way, if you put that camera in front of me in
the beginning I was like "Ah! Get me away! Stop it!" It's like it was burning my skin.
People are so scared of public speaking/talking in front of the camera. I don't know why we were born like this as
humans, but that's just the way it is. I do have a resource if you're interested
in starting your wildly profitable YouTube channel on your expertise, on
teaching whatever it is you want, and you can download my subscribers to sales
blueprint which goes through the exact six steps on how to build a six-figure
youtube channel. So you can download that blueprint here, or it'll be the first
link in the description.

Alright, so coming in at number seven is software
testing. This is a little bit weird because people think like this is online
surveys and everyone's like "Oh my god, surveys!" When you say surveys it's like
ah it's scam, scam, scam, oh my god it's a scam and you'll only make $2.00 an hour! This
is a little bit different, these are legitimate websites. Basically, what it is
you're doing is you're testing out people's websites, chat bots, new
applications and things that they really need help with finding different defects
and bugs so that they can roll out this product or website or whatever it is to
the general public and be confident that the system works flawlessly without any
glitches or bugs or whatever it is, so with a couple of these websites you can
make anywhere, depending on how hard you work, between five hundred and three
thousand dollars per month, so it could be a really great opportunity to get
into to have a high paying work from home job.

So one example is uTest so
you uTest.com, if you go on there they actually do care about who's testing
their website, you have to fill out a profile and fill
some of your information to explain what your background is so that they could match
you with a good test. So as I mentioned, this isn't some $2.00 survey, they
really want their candidates to be good candidates and reliable candidates that
they can trust that their products will be tested properly. So you could expect
something like that on uTest and another thing you can do on uTest is
go to their project boards, and this is really cool because there's projects
that need to be done ASAP, they have urgent by them which means they have to
be done right away.

pexels photo 267367

So there's, I guess, specific and technical projects on the
project board, like "Oh I need a transcriber that speaks Russian
and all these languages that most people don't speak or at least not in the
United States," so there's a lot of projects on that that'll pay higher
because they are urgent. Alright so some other websites where you could be a
software tester is testbirds.com, usertesting.com,
and also userfeel.com. So they all are a little bit different, they all pay a
little bit differently, but the idea is the same
with testing software's chat bots and other things that companies
really need to make sure it is solid and that there's no issues when they put it
out for the general public.

Alright, so the next high paying job on this list is
online tutoring. Now, don't take this lightly. Maybe you've heard it before but,
seriously, I have several friends who are online tutors and teachers and they make
quite a bit of money, on the upward range of 4000 dollars per month. So, hourly, your
wage will go up the more experience you get, but a couple of websites where you
can start and look for online tutoring jobs are tutors.com and tutorme.com.
So with tutors.com, they pay quite a bit. The credentials to become a tutor
are a little bit more competitive, but you could make up to $50 an hour on
tutors calm and find a position that suits you.

So maybe if you're good at
mathematics, physics, english, whatever it is, those jobs are clearly posted on
tutors.com so with tutorme.com, the pay isn't as high. You can work up to
fifty dollars an hour, but the base pay starts between sixteen to twenty dollars
an hour, but the cool thing with this website is that you can get bonuses and
there's a lot more flexibility in regards to the fact that you can work whatever you want and make your own schedule. Then there's this other
website called school saver, this one's cool because this one's not really
tutoring, this one is answering questions.

So let's say I'm in
physics 1 and I have a question about whatever is in physics, I need a question
answered so what do I do is go to school saver so that somebody that's really
knowledgeable in physics, or thermodynamics, or whatever the subject
is can answer the question. So the way it works is there's the same
thing, there's a list of different projects or questions that people have
asked and they'll be labeled as urgent, like I need this now, or you know I need
this once in the next three days, people can't have your answer until they buy it.
And so people are able to see some of your answer, and the way that you get paid
is dependent upon how good you answer the question.

So these questions, you can
get paid anywhere from five dollars per question, to I've seen up to $700 to
answer a question. So people will pay a lot of money to get a question answered
about their particular topic and whatever it is they're going to school
for. Alright, so coming in at number nine for the next high paying job is to
become an online consulting expert. So this one is really cool because you have
an expertise in there somewhere, even if you think "I don't." Trust me, you do. You
know one thing you know better than somebody else, so let's say, for example,
you're really good at credit repair, there's a lot of people that have a high
demand and that want to know how to fix their credit scores, so that's where you
can become an online expert and consultant, and if you're thinking "Well I
don't have an audience, I don't have clients," that's fine.

There's different
websites that will match you to people that need to talk to somebody about
their problems. So, for example, if you go to clarity.fm, you get paid by the minute
to talk to people on the phone and they have your information on the website, so
they could arrange a time and date to talk to you, and let's say you get paid
50 cents per minute, that's pretty good, and you could always raise it. I mean
there are some people on there that get paid a few dollars a minute. I'm like
"Dang! I want to get paid $3.00 a minute," it goes, like, on that website you
can raise your prices as you get more reviews, and get more people that are
loving the work that you're doing.

So there's all kinds of expertise filled on
that website. Another website you can check out is gocatalant.com, and this
one's a little bit different because, depending on your expertise, you could be
assigned an entire project which is ongoing with a company. So it's a little
bit more company based, so instead of it being like individual to individual on
the other website where you're talking to somebody on a phone,
a company would hire you to be their expert consultant in one particular
field. So these are more long-term projects, they pay well and its really
cool if you were to get one of these gigs because you're not
confined to just working with one company, you can have several different
companies that you work for and this website will help connect you to a
company that really needs your services. Alright, coming in at number ten for
high-paying jobs is a proofreader. Yes, this job is in very high demand all the
time because having spelling errors and grammatical errors in your lead magnets,
on your websites, whereever it is, could really be bad.

People get so offended
sometimes, the spelling errors and grammatical errors, so that's why I have
somebody proofread our stuff for everything that I put out because I make
mistakes religiously, all the time, I just brrrr,
spit it out, and don't think twice. I'm like I don't care if I don't spell
definitely wrong, I always spell definitely wrong. Anyways, so the point is
there's a plenty of resources out there, free and also paid courses where you can
learn how to become a professional proof reader. Yes, I said professional proof
reader, it is that serious of a job. And one website where you can check out
proofreading jobs is proofreadingservices.com, and this website is cool
because you can apply worldwide from wherever you are in the world, it's not
just based out of the US and Canadian applicants, it's anyone, anywhere in the
world can apply and they have competitive pay, flexible hours, and you
get connected to some of the top proof readers in the world so you could, at a
lower-end starting salary, you can expect $19 an hour all the way up to $46 an hour.

It could really be a great opportunity to find a gig on that
website, and I did find a course. It's called proofreading 101, I think it's
free. If you just google proofreading 101, it is a course, I think like a five-day
mini course that just breaks down what it is you need to know and look for to
become a much better proof reader.

Okay, so coming in at the next highest paying
work from home job is a freelance writer. Don't take this one lightly whatsoever, I
do know a freelance writer who now has an online freelance writing business,
she's making twenty five thousand dollars per month. That's a lot for being
a freelance writer and doing what she loves, and just writing things for people.
Not just things- just really things that people need like lead
magnets, like can you write an e-book for somebody? Can you identify their voice
and write a book for them? There's so many things that people need written,
their blog articles, just so many different content pieces that businesses
and influencers need, right? For example, I'm gonna be developing a couple of more
ebooks, and I would be looking into a freelance writer to help me write it so
I don't have to just sit there word-for-word, that's their job, they're
really good at doing it and so I would outsource that so that they could help
me write some of my lead magnets.

Some websites that I would reference to look
for freelance jobs and get started with this opportunity is upwork.com,
Iwriter.com flexjobs.com, bloggingpro.com, guru.com, freelancer.com, peopleperhour.com, and Craigslist. So, yeah, Craigslist and Indeed are very good to
get freelance writing positions. Okay, so coming in at number 12 is something
super cool and that is podcast production. So this job is in huge demand
as more and more people are starting their podcasts, they really need help
with every single thing from recording, to researching podcast titles, to
helping reach out and inviting guests to be on the podcast, audio engineering, the
editing, putting in commercials, everything that is involved with
creating a podcast you have to have a podcast production team.

And so doing
this, I honestly don't know the price range of it, but I know that once you,
just like anything else, get better and better you can make a whole lot of money
the more you referred and the better and better your work gets after time, the
more you'll make as a podcast producer. And also on the management side, like a
podcast managers probably on the podcast production team, but this person is in
charge of coming up with the ideas of the podcast, doing some scripts, and
really doing the outreach piece of the podcast and making sure like it goes
live correctly on the Apple Store, and Spotify, and wherever you post your
podcast online.

So podcast production is becoming increasingly, increasingly
popular and a high paying job. Alright so coming in at number 13 for high paying
jobs is an online business manager aka OBMs. So OBMs are very, very, very
increasingly popular as online businesses grow and more and more
people are starting their online businesses. So the job of an OBM is kind
of like a super virtual assistant, they take it a step further.
So the idea is that they're able to come into the business and, kind of, replace
the CEOs job, or the owner that is in charge. So they are in charge of things
like creating systems for the business, automation, implementing different tools,
that takes out less steps in the process of doing something, so they'll also help
the CEO like onboard clients, and off-board clients, and just things that
help streamline and simplify the business for that business owner, or the CEO,
or whoever's in charge. So, for example, if I needed an automation that helped me
identify when a student starts in my course, and then when they get done in
the course they automatically get sent a gift, and just things so that I don't
have to worry about doing it.

They are in charge of setting up systems, funnels,
just things to really, really, really help the owner, and other things that they
could do is be kind of like a project manager, they could even step in and be
in charge of paying your employees, and just things on the admin side that also
need to be taken care of, they can help with that.
So, for example, me as an influencer slash online business owner, like I really want
to learn air table, for example, it's a very powerful tool, they have pivot
tables and all that stuff, I just don't have the time. That's where an online
business manager would come in, learn air table for me, and create whatever I
wanted to have on air table in the first place, whatever I was using it for. So
that's kind of the idea, they make, easily, $40 to $70, I've
interviewed a couple of OBMs myself and that's what I found is the price range
when you become an OBM.

So I have the feeling that you absolutely love this
video, so if you love this video, I know for a fact you're gonna get a lot of
value and like this video that is coming up next, which is about
the 12 newest side hustles online and that video starts right now. He just had
a hundred thousand dollar revenue month, I'm not kidding, my friend one time did a
focus group and for eight hours, she got paid a thousand dollars just for
participating in the study with a group of people.

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