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In this step-by-step tutorial I will Show you exactly how to use this brand New website in order to either start the Drop Shipping or start a print-on demand Business in 2023 as a complete beginner Without actually having any previous Experience and literally from anywhere In the world so this platform is Worldwide available and I will leave a Link to it in the description box down Below so let us begin with a full Step-by-step breakdown which is first of All to go over to shop live so this is Already and this is a Brand new website that I discovered Which is basically an e-commerce Platform where you can start multiple Businesses and you can build your own Website even as a complete beginner Because everything is beginner friendly And pretty easy and simple to use and I'm going to walk you through the Process step by step and you can also Try Shop Plaza for free for seven days If you use the first link from the Description box down below but anyways Once we come over to what You simply want to do is you just want To press on the sign up button over here And you want to sign up for one of the Plans that they have and create an Absolutely free account or shop Lotsa Now once you create an account on Shoplat you simply want to log in so

Press the login button over here and Then just log into your account now once You log in this is what you're going to Be able to see so first of all you can Start completing different steps they Have that they will have a laid out for You and the step number one it will Obviously be to start adding products And once you add the product you will Set up shipping after that you will need To set up a payment so how you're Actually going to be paid for those Products you will be able to publish Your site with literally one click of a Button and as you publish your site They're also going to allow you if you Do marketing with the platform as well To start driving traffic to the website That you launched it's completely Beginner friendly little it just follow The steps that are on the left side that Are laid out on the left side and you Can't miss out like it's literally Adding products setting the shipping Getting the payments publishing your Site and once everything is ready They're gonna allow you to do marketing As well and there's obviously thousands Of different ways you can promote Products and offers that you're going to Be offering on your website with Shoplata there's thousands of different Traffic sources that you can use that Are also completely free so as you can

See I have completed two out of five Steps I added the produce I set up the Shipping now I got a set of payments and To set up payments all I got to do is Press and set up payments right over Here and I can connect with one of my Payment methods whether that's gonna be Stripe whether that's gonna be PayPal Whether that's going to be ocean payment Or clarda it literally takes one click Of a button so if I want to add stripe All I gotta do is press add and just Link my stripe by pressing on the link Button over here now on the left side You will also be able to find different Useful tools including blog posts you Can create blog posts to increase your Rich you will be able to see the Marketing tools you will be able to Check your analytics so how many Visitors you're getting how many sales You've gotten so how much money you've Made where are those sales coming from Where are those visitors coming from so You will have the world map over here to See where your customers are actually Coming from to check all the Demographics you will have page data Details sold out rates customer reports And you can also check out your online Store on the left hand side and you have All of these different free fan plates From which you can choose like for Example if you want to sell bikes let's

Say you can just click on add this fan Plate and you can started using it you Can start customizing this and it's Pretty easy to customize these pages so We're going to do is press and customize And it's going to open up this page this Editor where you can start working on Your page so on the left side you will Find all sorts of different things and All sorts of different tools to edit This page but basically if you want to Change this text you literally just have To double click on it and then just on The left side you can type in whatever You want to so for example if you want To type in Dave nickdaily over here I Can easily do that it's going to show up On the screen like this and that's Pretty much it and then if you want to Save my changes or just click on Save Draft and I can also publish this online Store by pressing on the publish button So I can just publish this this Obviously isn't ready but I just want to Show you how simple it is and now it's Live now I can obviously preview this by Pressing on these three dots and then Click on view store and here is how it's Going to look like so someone can for Example start scrolling here they can Find it from products they can buy them And whenever they buy them I will be Paid out using the payment method which I've set up previously and you can sell

All sorts of different products with Shop plots that you can sell print to Demand products you can do Drop Shipping And drop observing basically means that Instead of you owning some product Instead of you manufacturing some Product you basically find some product That is already selling on a different Website for example it's selling an Alibaba for ten dollars each now you can List it on your own website for 25 and Then drive traffic through marketing for Your shop and when someone buys from Your website you'll literally just go to The supplier you enter your customer's Email address you don't even attach the Product it just gets directly shipped to Your customer and you pay 10 bucks to Get it shipped and then you're being Left with 15 profit in this case so That's how that's like a brief Explanation of what Drop Shipping is but Setting up a Drop Shipping business or a Printed demand business is really really Easy and simple with this platform and You can literally do it in just a couple Of minutes you literally just log in and On the last side you can start Customizing everything step one step two Step three step four and step five and You're literally ready to go after that So I recommend you play around with These different free themes that they Have set up your own store do some

Market thing on the left side so you can Get traffic and all sorts of different Things things and if you don't want to Spend money on like Facebook ads Google Ads or any other pay the traffic Source You can also start for free you can Build your own store with this platform You can set up everything on the back End which literally takes less than 10 Minutes and then grab your store link And start driving traffic through Different free Revenue sources including YouTube automation including Pinterest Including Facebook groups and maybe Groups maybe joining different forums Like if you build a store with a weight Loss type of offers or Fitness types of Products then you can join different Fitness forums and start sharing that With people that are interested in Fitness and weight loss start sharing Your stores start promoting it in those Forums in those Facebook groups on Instagram on YouTube Pinterest any Platform that you choose it's all Absolutely free start driving some Traffic start getting some sales and Once you already start making some money Off of your shop Lots or shop you can go Out there and reinvest some of those Profits into Facebook ads or Google ads To start getting those sales basically On an autopilot so once again you can Try shop lots of for absolutely free for

Full seven days by clicking on the first Link in the description box and down Below thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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