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You can literally just download videos Using these brand new and absolutely Free app and you can get paid again and Again as a complete beginner from Literally anywhere in the world you Don't need your own website you don't Need any social media followers and you Don't need to create anything from Scratch it's completely beginner Friendly and I'm gonna walk you through The entire process and show you exactly How to do it so drop a like down below And let us begin just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming their meat just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can track their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never fax you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so as You can see on one of these accounts on One of the platforms I personally made Over 160 thousand dollars as you can see In withdrawals we have one hundred and Sixty thousand dollars I'm gonna reload

The page so you can see this is actually Real so it's gonna reload right now and You can see that the balance is still Gonna stay there as soon as it loads so I'm just gonna go back to the summary And if we go to the summary you're going To be able to see that it's gonna load So current balance is four thousand Seven hundred dollars in depending Balance I have nine thousand five Hundred dollars so pending to be paid Out and then you're gonna be able to see That the earnings onward travels are About a hundred and sixty one thousand Dollars in earnings in around one Hundred and sixty thousand dollars in uh Withdrawals so far so as you can see one Hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred Dollars in earnings and one hundred and Sixty thousand dollars in withdrawals so I'm gonna show you exactly what this Platform is and how to use it but first Of all you're gonna have to install this Free app called downloader for Vimeo Vimeo is a video player so you're just Gonna go to Google search for downloader For Vimeo there's a lot of these Different apps that you can download it Doesn't need to be a specific one I'm Just gonna open up this one from Google Chrome and you can add it as a Chrome Extension so I already have this one There's gonna be an install button over Here just click install and it's going

To be installed into your Chrome browser So you have to be using Chrome extension For this one so just you're going to Have to use the Chrome browser for this One just so you can add this Chrome Extension now once we view that you're Going to go back to this platform which Is actually called Warrior plus this is Already Warrior plus where you can find A lot of different affiliate offers to Promote and because it's affiliate Marketing you don't necessarily need Your own website you don't need to Create a product or service or anything Like that you literally just have to Find the right offer to promote Drive Traffic to it and get paid whenever Somebody signs up through your link so Here you can find all sorts of different Offers that you can promote and you can See the conversion rate you can see all The useful data including how much will Be paid on average per person that you Refer and you can see the pulse score on The right side Now once you find the right offer what You want to promote you'll literally Just press on the request and then you Can request approval for that offer and You can preview the sales Page by Clicking on The View sales page and That's going to take you through the Most important page which is where they Are actually doing the selling for you

So basically when someone comes in onto This page they can watch this video that Is going to convince them that they need This product or service and once they Watch this video they're most likely Going to click on get instant access and They're gonna buy this product and You're going to earn a commission if you Refer them to the website and because You have this downloader from Vimeo app You will have this button over here that Allows you to download that sales video Into your computer so you literally just Press the download button and it's going To be onto your computer and now what You can do is you can copy an affiliate Link for that offer so in this case I Would have to request for approval first So I'm just gonna request an offer and Once I get accepted I'm gonna receive an Email and I'm also going to be able to Find my my affiliate link which is going To look something like this as you can See I'm going to be able to copy my Affiliate link and refer people to it But anyways what I need to do with this Video that I downloaded from Vimeo is I Need to open up canva which is an Absolutely free tool which is a graphic Design stool but you're gonna use it as A video editor in this case and now you Can go to custom size and you can select The 1920 by 1080 and you can just upload This video which you've gotten from that

Sales page and what you simply need to Do with this video is you just need to Cut it so instead of three and a half Minutes in this case you're just gonna Cut it to let's say about 20 seconds and Then you're gonna add a new scene and That scene is just going to say click The link in this description if you Watch the full video for free so we Don't want them to think that they have To pay to watch the video whatsoever we Want them to know that it's free to Watch it just by clicking the link in The description And this is how that's going to look Like I can add an animation so something Like this And I can now download this video which Is going to be about 25 seconds long in Total I can download it as an MP4 video So basically start the sales video but Then it cuts the sales video and it just Shows the message that if someone wants To watch it until the end they have to Delete the link in the description and These are mostly like interesting Engaging videos and animations that the Kid people could because obviously the Person who made these vsl these video Sales letters had in mind that they Wanted to keep people longer watching Those videos so they're way more likely To actually purchase the product so They're basically hooking people into

Them with these like first 20 30 seconds So as soon as someone gets hooked into The video they want to watch it but they Get the message that they can only watch The full video if they click the link in The description and you're not gonna Have to share this on YouTube or Whatsoever but there are two different Platforms you can share it instead of Sharing it on YouTube you can just go Over to dtube over the B Dot fube and This is a free platform that is also Getting millions of visitors every Single month you can create an account And you can click on upload and you can Upload that shortened version from canva And you can just leave your affiliate Link in the description so that people Can go to the sales page they can watch That video completely they can watch it For for free but while they're watching It they're more likely gonna purchase The product that is being offered on the Sales page and you can do the same thing On Rumble as well Rumble is another Platform that is currently being visited By over a hundred million people every Single month so you can just create an Absolutely free account and you can Upload those videos to rumble and add an Affiliate Link in the description and The beauty of Rumble is that you're also Going to be paid by Rumble themselves Depending on how many views that video

Gets so you're being paid by Rumble and It's all absolutely free and on top of All of that people that start watching That video might potentially click the Link in the description go to the sales Page and potentially purchase the Product earning you an affiliate Commission and if you want to see how I Personally Drive consistent traffic Through my affiliate links in all the Different offers that I'm promoting then Click the first link in the description Box down below and I will walk you Through the entire process step by step And show you my personal favorite Traffic Source anyways I really hope you Guys some value out of this video if you Did drop a like and I will see you next Time

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