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As you can see I just started this two Days ago and I'm consistently making Over 100 a day and I already made 265 Dollars without selling anything without Having my own website and without Investing a single dollar and I'm gonna Show you exactly how this actually works And how you can set this up from Literally anywhere in the world because This is actually worldwide available and It's not one of those boring survey apps Where you need to answer different Boring questions or whatsoever it's an Actual business that you can store to Potentially make over a hundred dollars A day without even selling anything so If that sounds good enough then make Sure to drop a like down below and let Us begin with a full step-by-step Tutorial just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can track their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would

Never text you like that so just stay Safe even report them also the website That I've been using to make over 100 a Day over the past three days and I'm Consistently gonna probably continue Making way over a hundred dollars a day Once it starts getting more attraction Is audible affiliate program now audible Is Amazon's sister company where they're Actually selling audio books books that People can listen to so this platform is Being visited by billions of people Already and you can promote their books You can promote their free trial and Make money when someone signs up for Free they don't even have to buy Anything and you're gonna get paid for It because if you go back you can see That I'm not making this money from Commissions or anything like that I'm Making money when someone signs up for Free because I'm getting five dollars For free sign up and I'm gonna show you Exactly how you can pretty much get Everything done for you and make money Online without selling anything so what You want to do is you want to sign up to Audible affiliate program you want to go To audible Affiliates where as you can See you've only paid five dollars per Free trial plus you will pay get paid Another ten dollars if someone actually Continues to use Audible which obviously Happened a lot of the time because

That's the only reason audible is paying You five dollars to incentivize you to Get as many people to the door because They know that a lot of people actually Stick and keep on paying for the audible For the audible program and obviously You're gonna make ten dollars from that As well so I did make like 365 so far But I'm probably gonna make even more in The future because those people are Gonna keep using audible as well because It's such a because it's such a good Service and as you can see I'm also Gonna get paid 50 cents per each audio Book that they get from the platform Which is really cool so you want to sign Up for the audible affiliate program for Completely free the school can become an Affiliate and create an account which Takes about five minutes to fill out now Once you get approved in the audible Affiliate program after a couple of Hours sometimes even 24 hours or if it's A weekend then you will have to wait a Couple of days but once you get approved Into audible affiliate program you can Just go over to Amazon or go to Audible And you can search for different audio Books in a certain Niche whether that's Going to be the weight loss Niche Whether it's gonna be the cooking Niche The fitness Niche the business Niche the Gaming Niche you can just search for Books and in that Niche so what I did I

Just went over to Amazon and searched For weight loss audiobook and I can just Find different audio books to promote And I'm gonna go with the first one over Here as you can see the Obesity code It's for people that want to lose weight Fast you just open up that book you Don't just click on text over here and You can grab your affiliate link right Away and if someone clicks on this link They're gonna be taken to this book Which they can grab for completely free So they can get this book for free if They sign up to free or free trial on Audible and I'm gonna make five dollars Someone is gonna get this book for free And I'm gonna make five dollars if they Get it for free which is really cool so What you want to do is you just want to Grab your link and then you want to Proceed to this AI bot called anyword This is the tool which is pretty much Gonna do all of the work for you Anywhere is an AI bot they can do a lot Of different things for you but once you Sign into your anyword account on the Last side you want to click on blog Wizard and you want to click on blog Post from scratch so you want to start a Completely brand new blog post and this Blog post is going to talk about Different tips to losing weight so for Example I can say five tips to lose Weight fast before some summer because

Summer is coming you know pretty soon so You want to click on next and then you Want to answer some Target keywords in This case I'm just going to enter weight Loss and fitness and something like that And then click on next and they're going To generate different titles and you're Going to select which title you like the Most and based on the title that you Select then I'm gonna write a full blog Post a full article I'm gonna go with The first one because it also has the Highest SEO score and now they're going To generate different outline Suggestions I'm going to click on next And they're going to generate an intro For our article if you like the intro You will select the one that you like it Will click on nice and you will continue To the editor I'm just gonna go with the First one again because it has the Highest SEO score and I'm going to click On continue to editor and now you just Need to generate each of these sections So in this case there's going to be five Different sections on my article I will Have a title I will have the Introduction section number one then We'll also have the section number two And then I will proceed and generate Each of these different ones and the Last section of my article is now being Generated and as you can see my article Currently has around 700 words now it

Has 885 five words so I'm going to copy This entire article with one click of a Button and then for the last step you Just need to go over to which Is a platform that is being visited by Millions of people every single month And it's a platform where people are Sharing different stories articles and Different topics and you can do the same So you can just sign up for completely Free to click on right right Over here and you will just paste your Entire article here as you can see and Now you can just copy the title and Paste it here so five tips for losing Weight before summer and now most Importantly between these lines you just Want to create a call to action that Might be like click here to get click Here to get a fast weight loss guide or Book for free or a training program for Free whatever you want to call it then Make that bold go back to Amazon grab Your affiliate link for that audio book And just insert that affiliate link Inside of this box so that when someone Sees this they click on it and they're Redirected to Amazon where they can grab That book from Audible for completely Free and you're gonna be paid five Dollars per person that clicks on that And actually gets a free book which is Really cool so I'm gonna insert my Affiliate link and insert the same call

To action between all of these different Lines to ensure that people are seeing That and people are actually signing up To maximize my chances of getting as Many sign ups as possible and then just Click on publish you can enter the topic Right over here in this case it's going To be weight loss just so we can attract Targeted people that want to actually Read this and by the way this can be on A literally any topic it doesn't Necessarily need to be weight loss as I Said you can write an article that might Potentially be about gaming or business Or making money online about literally Anything and you can also include a high Quality image for the story which you Can also find on a website like pixels This is a copyright free platform where You can find a lot of different stock Footage and I'm just gonna grab one of These images so for example I'm just Gonna go with this one and download it To my computer with one click of a Button and then go back and just publish My article so here it is here's my Article that is now live on And anyone can read it and whenever Someone clicks on this they're going to Be taken to Amazon where they sign up For free to get a free book and I'm a Five dollars per person and you can Pretty much not just generate as many of These different articles as you possibly

Can on all sorts of different topics to Get as many people signing up to your Link earning you five dollars each time Someone signs up and I'm gonna actually Reload the page so you can see that this Is actually real that I'm actually being Paid with Amazon as you can see here we Have it another so 115 dollars in the First day and then yesterday I made over A hundred dollars and hopefully today I'm gonna make even more unaffiliate Earnings if you want me to keep you Updated on how much money I'm making With this affiliate program let me know In the comments down below and if you Got some value out of this tutorial make Sure to drop a like and I will see you In some of the next ones Thank you

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