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Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, etc… As always there is a risk with any business. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this video should be considered legal advice

Do you want to earn four thousand Dollars every week with the simplest Affiliate marketing method available Online Are you a beginner who is looking for a Free of cost method to earn thousands of Dollars while sitting at home Do you want to know each tried and Tested method that requires no skills or Prior experience Then this video is just for you In today’s video I will teach you a Unique affiliate marketing method to Earn tons of money online I will show you a step-by-step approach Which you can Implement today without Any cost So make sure you watch the video till The end and follow each step carefully To get started with the journey towards Financial Freedom And if you want my team and I to set up A fully manage affiliate marketing Business for you click the first in the Description box down below please keep In mind that this is only offered to 10 Persons every month due to limit Capacity so if that’s still available Click the first link in the description Tab my team and I set up a fully Automated affiliate marketing business Customized for you and you can keep 100 Of profits for the rest of your life so Let’s get started

Step one you have to go to the website this is a platform That provides information about all the Questions and inquiries people are Making online it gives you an over idea About the interest of people for a Specific question in a niche so for this Video Let’s choose the niche make money Online Now let’s take the question on this Website and write how to make money Online and click on search This will show you all the questions That people are concurrently searching For on the internet This result is different from keyword Research this website shows all recent Results and Maps the overall interest of People towards the specific niche Some of the questions you will see would Be how can I make money online as a Student how to make money online without Investment What can I learn to make money online Now copy one of the questions from the Website and paste it into a Word file Then copy the next questions and paste All them into Word file one by one after That you can scroll down in the website Will show more ideas of questions that Are asked online you will need this Because it’ll provide you with so many Helpful suggestions Step two now let’s go to another website

That is called this is an Automated AI website that creates a free Article writing bot for creating unique Content The best part is that this AI robot Creates content that will advance your Website to the top of Google search Results So I will show you how to get started With blog content by using Simply click on the section blog wizard From the menu on the left then click on The button new blog to get started with The content Step 3. now in the first section Describe the blog post you want to Create you have to paste any of the Questions from the word file so for Example I will write how to make money Online fast Then in the section industry you have to Select business and finance Then don’t click the slider SEO keywords As you would not needed for this method Then click on the next button Step four now in the next section the Bot will suggest titles for the blog Such as seven ways to make money online Fast or 10 ways to make money online Fast You can choose any of the topics as all Of them are trending and has a good SEO Score then proceed by using the next Button below

This step will generate an outline for Your blog so if you’re happy with the One that is generated you can click next Otherwise you can generate a new one I like this outline as it covers the Topic well so proceed with it and click Next again Step five Now at this stage the bot will create an Intro paragraph for your blog There will be a number written next to Every intro paragraph which is the SEO Score for the content This SEO score is based on search engine Optimization SEO and overall content Quality crafted through the latest AI Technology You can choose the intro that has the Highest SEO score as it will rank higher In the search engines Then click on next Step 6. now it will show an option Continue to the editor so click on that Button after that click on generate for All the remaining sections This will create a blog article that you Can utilize for medium So once the article is completely Generated you can copy the article by Clicking on the copy icon at the top of The software this will copy the article To the clipboard Step 7 now go to the website And create a free account don’t worry as

You can use the AI generate content Freely here as it is all you need Content and not plagiarize from any Website So once your account is activated you Can start writing your blog post You can do so by clicking on the small Pencil icon to start drafting your Article Next copy the title of the article you Have generated on and paste It into the midi EDM blog editor You can add the year 2023 at the end of The title to make it more attractive so Here you can write seven techniques to Make money online quickly for beginners In 2023 After that you have to paste the Complete article from Step 8. now to make money you have to go To the website and make a Free account here Then go to the section E-Business and E-marketing categories Then you have to select the product free Traffic system flood your sites with Free traffic This is an amazing product that pays More than 500 in every conversion So even if you just make six sales a Month at 520 each you will earn more Than three thousand dollars every month With this method As you saw in the previous steps how

Easy it is to create content for medium By using both and So go back to the medium article now you Have to add a call to action inside the Article I would recommend adding something like Here is the fastest way to earn over 200 Per day online as a complete beginner Full video I have added the word video as reading a Sales copy sounds boring to many people But a video is something that most People would want to watch and learn From it Then copy these C chain lines and paste Them throughout the article three to Four times Make sure your personal affiliate link Is added to the CTA after that click on Publish then you need to add some tags To the content such as earn money online Affiliate marketing work from home get Paid online and online money we’ll do The trick Then click publish now Step nine Now this is the most important step As you know publishing content on a Medium will not get you on top of search Results that quickly You need to have a good SEO strategy for This So I will tell you a secret website

Which will rank your article in the top Search results now you have to copy the URL of your medium article then go to The first website pingomatic and paste Your url here the best thing about this Website is that it’s free After pasting the URL you have to copy The title of the blog and paste it into The Blog name section then check all Boxes and click on send pings this will Now start sending ping alerts to search Engines and provide you with backlinks To help your site’s rankings The second website that you can use is Pangomatics which is similar to the Previous website Here repeat the same process of pasting The medium article URL and click on Submit now The third website that you can use is and you can simply copy and Paste the URL in the large box and click The button Mass pin The fourth website that you can use is Called index Kings Now repeat the same process for this Website too simply paste the medium blog URL in the box and check the option Complex URLs then click on rapid index Now you’re done This is the easiest method to rank your Content on the search engine You can check your progress after a week Or so and repeat the pinning process if

Required After the content is ranked you will Start getting conversions on your CPA Offer from ClickBank and get commissions On autopilot every day Once again if you want my teammates have A fully managed affiliate marketing Business for you click the first in the Description box down below

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