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What's going on awesome people of YouTube I'm back with another bang over Video and in today's video I'm going to Show you how I made over 597.52 on a website called gumroad.com Over here today I've had over 72 sales On this one simple product that I Uploaded to gamrow.com which was a total Net revenue of 597 now what I really Like about this is that you keep a Hundred percent of the profits as it's Your own product this is not affiliate Marketing this is not Drop Shipping it's No form of drop servicing or CPA Marketing this is selling your own Product on your own website well in this Case called gumro.com that sets Everything up for you so what I really Like about this it takes very little Time to set up anywhere between 5 and 10 Minutes and this is good to go and can Run on autopilots no fancy coding or eco Mode skills needed to be not going to be Running Facebook ads or Google ad Campaigns where we need to know how to Set that up there's none of that Involved whatsoever all you're going to Need is a laptop your keyboard your Mouse an internet connection and you'll Be able to make money on the same Website called gumroad.com this is going To be a very new unseen method that I Have not really talked about on my YouTube channel before I've talked about

One or two of the websites before but Not using it in this form of strategy You don't need any camera there's going To be no recording no content creation Whatsoever as well which I'm pretty sure A lot of you guys will like and thirdly You don't even need to spend a single Dollar on this all of the platforms that I'm going to show you in today's video Is completely free to use free to sign Up there's no free trials where you have To pay off to 14 days all of this is Completely free and I've built this Entire system and model for you guys to Actually copy and paste in today's video So if you want to get your hands on Exactly what I did to make 597 dollars And 52 cents in one day on camera.com Make sure to watch this video Until the End because I'm going to show you Exactly how I did this in the most Simple step-by-step process in today's Video without further Ado let's not Waste any time and get straight into it Before we get in before we dive straight Into my PC my name is Jay your no BS South African online entrepreneur and Coach and Trader documenting my journey On various ways that I used to make Money online ranging from e-commerce to Mostly trading off of YouTube which I've Got a whole series on in my playlist Section Drop Shipping drop servicing a Lot of affiliate marketing content as

Well as CPA marketing if you want to get A daily notification from me every time I upload my latest way that I use to Make money online make sure to go down Below and subscribe to the Millennium Minded YouTube channel with the red Notification bar on if you'd like to Chat to me or ask me any questions Personally make sure to go down below to The description and follow me on Instagram as that is where I talk to all Of my DMs and messages from you guys but Without further Ado let's not waste any Time time and dive straight into the Strategy the first thing you need to do Is is learn how to go and get free Access to tons of free resources video Courses ebooks and giveaway products That gives you the license to resell Giveaway claim as your own and do what You like with without worrying about Copyright issues this website over here Called free plrdownloads.com is the Perfect database for you to go and visit And to find these types of free products On the home screen of this website you Will see tons of different ebooks one Such as Food for a healthy life free ebook which Is a book all about recipes and cooking Guides on how to eat healthily every Single day from breakfast lunch to Supper this is just one example there's Another book over here called depth safe

Marketing System which is an ebook and a Course book which will teach you how to Do marketing without actually spending Any of your own money and going into Debt another ebook and course on online Advertising cash Smasher Secrets which Is all about how to save money and grow Your own Capital wonderful strength of Fruits and vegetables so you will find All sorts of ebooks courses on valuable Topics and information for example here Is a great example of the one that I've Been using called How to Succeed In Affiliate marketing so you can go and Choose any one of these I recommend the Best niches that make the most money and The most sales is anything in online Entrepreneurship such as affiliate Marketing deep safe marketing cash Smashes Secrets anything about Finance So I'm gonna go and choose how to Succeed in affiliate marketing you'll See one or two ads pop up you can just Go and close them if you want to go and Download this you'll see if you scroll Down there's a big blue download button Click on this and it will download to Your PC in a zip folder format another Great example and bonus that you guys Can go and use is called idplr.com this Is a website that I've talked a lot About on my channel and I've made tons Of money online utilizing this website In various different strategies

Especially funnel building and building My own affiliate marketing funnels and Using products on idplr.com as free Giveaways and hooks to hook people into My paid product but that's a whole Different story and strategy that I Won't be talking about in today's video But I will leave references to those Videos where I talk about building my Own funnels in the description and Comment down below but this is a website Where you can come over to free products Click on free videos and you will find Hundreds of different free video courses And mentorship programs that you can Download use as your own claim as your Own brand as your own giveaway resell do What you like with because there's no Licenses on these particular products so For example Here is a entire video course on your First sales funnel so this is a course That will teach you how to create your Own faux sales funnel and sell a product Online here is another example of Success Habits video upgrades so this is A course all on the manipulation and Talk about psychology success habits Morning habits evening habits all sorts Of things that you can do to become Successful and you will find hundreds And thousands of various different Topics that you can go and download for Example LinkedIn traffic Generation

Video upgrade is an entire course on how To use LinkedIn to get traffic to your Offers and products that you're busy Selling so again you can go and click on Download over here and you'll be able to Download the same video course to your PC in zip format you've discovered how To download any plr product resource Video course ebook digital art and all Sorts of valuable resources online that You can make money online from from the Two websites that I just showed you Secondly you need to come over to the Main website of today's video called Gamrow.com this is going to be the Website in the middle between your Product and how you're going to actually Make money and get paid for that Specific product on gumroad.com you'll See this big button on the right hand Side called start selling click on that Button and it's going to take you to a Page where you need to sign up your free Account and once you've done that you Will be logged into your dashboard that Looks like this on the left menu bar Side over here you will see there's a Section that says products click on Products on the top right hand side you Will see a giant Pink button that says New product click on new product and It's going to take you to a page where You need to go and type the name of your Product and simply you can go and copy

And paste go and copy the title of your Ebook so this will be how to succeed in Affiliate marketing How to succeed in affiliate marketing E-guide for example you want to go and Click On Under this section it will be a eBook For your price I recommend keep your Price not very high at all anything less Than ten dollars is fine I'm gonna go And start off at 6.99 so if you think About it 6.99 may not seem like a lot But with the strategy that I'm going to Show you you can at least get anywhere Between two and a hundred sales a day 10 Sales on a 6.99 product is basically Seventy dollars a day into your pocket And all the profits are 100 yours so Next go and click on customize on the Top right hand side and you'll see over Here you need to add a description which Again you can go and copy and paste the Description from the website and go and Paste this in your description and as Simple as that your description is now Complete you can even customize your url So we can go and type here affiliate Dash marketing Dash success for the Cover click on upload images click on Computer files come over to the folder Where you've downloaded your ebook once You've unzipped that folder click on E-cover and if you zoom in over here

You'll see You can actually go and upload a cover That is already included and made for You to go and post on this website Finally we need to go and edit the Product information such as your call to Action we want to go and click click on I want this for the summary you want to Type full lifetime access for additional Details you can leave that as is for Integrations you can leave this as is You don't have to worry about that and You can finally go and click on Save Changes on the top right hand side you Can go and copy the link to your Clipboard paste this in a new tab and This is what your product is going to Look like so once your customer clicks On I want this it's going to take them To the checkout section where they can Go and enter the email address pay for This product they can even buy it as a Gift for somebody and it will be emailed To their email and this is the exact way That I've been using to get over sales Over and over again to make well over 500 in a day but how exactly do we get 597 dollars worth of sales from one from One product like this that only costs 6.99 in one day well this is exactly What I did come over to ticktock.com now This is not what you're thinking we're Not going to be posting content on Tick Tock trying to grow an audience waiting

For people to click on our product we Don't have to take the time out of our Day to go and record come up with ideas And we don't even have to talk into a Camera in fact you don't even need a Tick tock account for this we're going To be using Tick Tock to Outsource Already viral content that we are Allowed to use provided that we give the Original Creator credit you're allowed To download and repost these videos to Replicate the virality it has already Created on Tick Tock since our product Is about affiliate marketing you want to Go and search up in the search bar of Tick tock your ebook title so for Example affiliate marketing Click on enter and you will see over Here A whole bunch of videos that I've Gotten hundreds of thousands some of Them even millions of views in the Affiliate marketing Niche so we can go For example click on this video over Here Click on copy link on the right hand Side of this Tick Tock come over to the Search bar of your browser and go and Search Tick Tock download Without Watermark click on the first link called Ssstik.io paste the link of that Tick Tock click on download Click on without watermark Just ignore the ads and click close And

This Tick Tock will now download to your PC without the watermark this is very Important that you download this without The watermark because the platform I'm About to show you is able to pick it up As a repost if you leave the watermark Enabled on your video but now that it's Removed it won't pick it up as a repost I actually went and created an example For this video I went and created a Facebook page called Rocket growth with My own icon my own thumbnail which are All designed on canva.com so in a Nutshell you want to go and do the same Thing and I want to show you how easy it Is to replicate virality on facebook.com So I've already posted one video in my First video only where I use this exact Same strategy and this video got 135 Views in just one day now this may not Seem like a lot of views but remember This is the first video I've ever posted On my page my new page that has zero Followers zero likes and for the Algorithm to really be pushing it out of This many people imagine where you're Going to be if you post every day for 30 Days at least one or two of those videos Are going to blow up to 10 000 even Maybe a hundred thousand views and I Have another example for you I've got my Main Facebook page where I do something Similar instead I do create my own Content but the same concept follows all

Of these videos over here that I'm Showing you on the screen have gotten Anywhere between 20 000 and 1.2 million views this video Over here I've got over 250 000 views This one got over 800 000 views this one Got over 50 000 views this one got over 200 000 views some videos such as this One over here blew up to 1.2 million Views now if you imagine if you put in The comments something very simple such As click on the link in BIO to download Your affiliate marketing course and if Only at least 10 out of those million People which I will nearly guarantee you You will get a lot more than 10 out of a Million people that will be clicking on The link in your bio to your gumroad Product that you just uploaded getting New sales which would easily be anywhere Between sixty dollars and sometimes up To five hundred dollars even perhaps a Thousand dollars in a day especially if A video blows up this strategy is really Not hard at all tick tock.com Facebook.com the website the plr free PLL downloads.com and instagram.com are All free platforms to go and download Set up your product and go and make Money online through the monetization And selling your product through short Video content that you are now Outsourcing on tick tock.com the secret To really succeeding and making over 597

Dollars in a day like I did is not Posting one or two videos and hoping They'll go viral you need to go and Stick to consistency stick to some kind Of schedule on facebook.com because Videos that you've posted years ago can Still be getting views and sales today It is very similar to that of a snowball Effect in the beginning it might go slow As I showed you on my new page only 120 Views but as I've showed you on my more Older page that I've been posting for a While I'm not getting anything less than 20 000 views of video and that is what's Bringing in hundreds of sales every Single week and this is exactly where You can scale to in less than two months So that is why I want you to take the First month post every day for 30 days It will literally take 10 to 20 minutes A day to go and download a tick tock in The affiliate marketing Niche and to Repost that on facebook.com and all I Recommend is in the comments just type Something credit to and you can tag the Person's username or handle from Tiktok.com for the original content it's Very important that you do give the Original content creators their credit Because they've taken the time and Effort out of their day to go and make This content that you and I are using But what I'm going to do is to help you Out even more to teach you ways and give

You a free course on making money on Short video platforms is I've got an Entire free course free program on YouTube with no upsell to some crazy two Thousand dollar course all of it is 100 Lifetime free the only thing I'm Benefiting from is helping you guys and Also a lot of the things I teach I do Myself and make my income streams from That so the playlist and that entire Program is going to be this link on the Screen over here somewhere in the screen What I recommend you do is go and click On this playlist save it to your watch Later if you can't watch everything now There's about 20 videos in this playlist If you can watch it now great recommend Start from video number one if you can't Save it to your watch later and watch it Later down the line but click on this Playlist over here and I'll see you over There

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