$798.85/Day – Make Money Online WATCHING YouTube Videos (No Website or Affiliate Marketing Needed)

In this video you will find out how to make money online by watching videos on youtube, the more you watch the more you earn, You don't need any skills or a website, and this doesn't require any affiliate marketing or other technical methods to get started, this is one of the easiest ways to make money!


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On this video today I'm going to show You how to go from this to this and make Money online watching YouTube videos From anywhere in the world and the best Part about this it does not involve Affiliate marketing you don't need a Following and you definitely donate a Website to start but what you do need to Do is you need to make sure that you Watch this entire video step by step do Not skip ahead because I'm going to show You exactly how to put this together Even though this is really easy you need To follow each step if you skip ahead You're only going to have to go back and It's going to waste your time so make Sure that you follow everything so that You can get started because this can pay You every single day and you can make Hundreds of dollars online watching These different types of YouTube videos So step one what you need to do is you Need to go down the bottom and you need To make sure that you subscribe to this Channel because I've got some more Awesome follow-up videos on the back of This that you don't want to miss and That could be the video go that helps You make even more money online so step One on this what you need to do is you Need to come over to YouTube and you Need to take a look at all these Different videos that you have at your Disposal that you can use to make money

Watching these different types of YouTube videos now what you want to do Is you want to pick a niche that you Potentially want to do this in good ones To do are something like how to make Money online different types of YouTube Videos you can do sport you can do Hobbies you can do how-to videos you can Do weight loss you can do Fitness Etc And what you want to do is you want to Create a collage of these videos and People watch these videos you're going To make money online and like I said This does not involve any sort of Selling so there's no affiliate Marketing involved there's no e-commerce Involved there's no CPA Market involved It's purely people going to watch these Videos and you're going to make money Online so what you want to do is you Want to find different types of videos Let me show you an example of how you Going to put this together so what I've Gone and done is I'm going to do this in The weight loss and fitness leash and I Want to show you how you're going to put This together so you can do the same you Can see here that if somebody wants to Lose weight they're going to be looking For a certain type of video and you're Going to give them a whole range of Videos that they can watch you want in Every single video that you watch they Watch you're going to make money online

For example let's start with fastest way To lose weight what you want to do is You want to copy this you want to find a Title as an example let's say you wanted To do this in the hobby Niche and you Wanted to do this with fishing you could Put in best reels for fishing you can do Different types of rods for fishing best Places to go fishing best lures for Fishing best boats to take out whatever Fly fishing whatever it might be best Type of tents or camping gear when you Go fishing and then you'd find all these Videos and then you'd put this together And then I'm going to show you how to Get free traffic for this so that you Can make money online with this strategy So let's just grab grab and find videos On this so copy this you want to come Straight over to YouTube you want to Type this in here and then what you want To do is you want to find a video on This particular Niche when you scroll Down you're going to find something like This how to lose weight fast with Dr Ken So what you do is you click onto this You can pause this video and then what You want to do is you want to copy this URL so you'd grab that URL you'd come Over to your notepad and then what you Want to do quite simply is you want to Paste that in here that's the first one Now what you want to do is you want to Type in best keto diets you want to copy

That because what people are going to do Is they're going to want to learn all These different types of strategies if They're looking to lose weight so best Keto diet so here's a meal plan what you Can do quite simply make sure you don't Click on any of the ads come if you grab This one I mean this one's had 6.1 Million views so people are interested In this pause this Copy this okay and then all you need to Do is follow the process and then come Over here and then Ctrl V and you want To paste all this next one is how to Start intermediate fasting copy this Come straight over to here So you get the idea of what we are doing Here and how we are grabbing these Videos so come over here you can see he Beginner's guide perfect want to click Onto this we're going to pause this We're going to grab this Okay now as you can see we are creating This entire collage of videos let's just Do one more best home workout routines Copy this I'll delete this one over here As you guys are starting to get the idea So just paste this in here and let's Grab one more video okay here's this one Full body home workout routine maybe you Can grab one where there's male and Female as an example it's completely up To you here we go beginner's guide to a Full body workout let's grab this one

Pause this and grab this okay so what You want to do now again come over here Guys and paste this in here now that we Have we've got one two three four videos There's four videos and when people Watch this you stand a very good chance To make money online watching these Videos so what we now need to do is I Need to show you exactly how you are Going to put this together so you know How this is all going to work so what You want to do is you want to come over To this platform over here called Shrinkme.io now if you've seen this Platform before and other people talk About it I guarantee you no one is going To show you how to do this the way I'm Going to show you how to do it today Because it's going to maximize how much Money you're going to make and you're Going to be able to you know triple and Could triple the amount of money you're Going to make and let me show you Exactly how this works you can see here That with shrinkme.io this is a service That allows you to shrink a URL or a Video and what's going to happen is They're going to show an ad or they're Going to show something before your Video and that's how you're going to get Paid but people are going to potentially Go through with this so they can get the End result of what you're promoting and You can see here that you can make

Anything up to 20 220 for 10 000 views And the free traffic source that I'm Going to show you today can definitely Get you these views okay now when you Come over to Shrinkme.io and you take a look at how Much people are earning you can see here That people are getting paid every Single day some people have just cashed Out as much as 76 dollars twenty six Dollars a hundred and six dollars twenty Eight dollars and the best part about This platform when you come over here You can see that they do have a one Dollar sign up bonus they've got a Minimum payout of five dollars which is Really easy to get and you can see that The payment frequency is every single Day on top of that you can get paid out In Bitcoin you can get paid into your us Accounts your PayPal pay any you can see All these other payout options guys so You are not limited as to how you're Going to get paid and the best part is You can get paid in so many different Countries when you scroll down you can See that Greenland has a 22. c p.m this Is 22 dollars per thousand views that You get but what you're really looking For are countries like the United States United Kingdom Canada and New Zealand Australia Brazil India even had four Dollars I mean that's quite good because India is a massive country and with the

Platform that I'm going to show you they Also use this platform quite a lot so I Know that you can make some really good Money and I'll show you that in a second So all these countries you stand a very Good chance at anybody that's watching These videos you can make money online So what you want to do from here quite Simply is come up to the top and Register for an account once you do that It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and you can sign in With your Google account once you sign In what's going to happen is it's going To bring you over to a page that looks Like this and what you want to do is you Want to shorten these links so quite Simply come straight back over to your Notepad we're going to grab this first Video okay so we can grab that so we can Copy this then what we want to do is Come back over to this platform and Click onto new short and Link and what You want to do is you want to hit Ctrl V And you want paste that in there and Then you want to click on to shorten This link what's going to happen now is This link has been shortened so this is The link that you're going to be Promoting so you're going to copy that You want to come back over to your Notepad Okay then what we're going to do Is we're going to paste this here now I'm not going to do all of these but you

Get the idea of exactly how you're going To shorten this link what you will do For this one let's just do one more very Quickly for the keto diets one is you Can copy come straight back over to you Click onto new shorten link paste this In here okay and then click on to Shorten sorry let's just remove that Dash click on to shorten and this is Going to give us the next link now what You want to do is you want to copy this Okay so copy that come straight back Over to your notepad and this is how You've got two now okay Ctrl V so now We've got two of these links now what we Need to do is we need to get all these Links inside one link so that people can Watch all these videos so that you can Get paid and I'll show you exactly how This works now you're following along Just let me know in the comments by Smashing that like button in Appreciation just go down the bottom and Comment let me know that you got to this Stage and please continue to follow do Not skip ahead because you do not want To miss anything about this process and Like I said if you enjoy making money Online and if you enjoy watching my Videos make sure you subscribed to the Channel because I've got some more Follow-up videos that you do not want to Miss so what you want to do from here is You want to come over to this platform

Called link tr.e this is a platform That's going to allow you to put Multiple links inside one link where People can watch all these different Videos so as you scroll down you can see Here that you can share your link Anywhere this is an amazing platform and I use this absolutely for free it's not Going to cost you a single thing so what You want to do is quite simply sign up Once you sign up what's going to happen Is this is how your back office is going To look like my one is called at click Here to start so you can see here this Is My URL link tree forward slash click Start you want to be mindful of how you Create yours you can call it whatever You want maybe tailor it to a specific Niche if you're doing weight loss or if You're doing Hobbies or if you're doing Relationship or make money online Whatever it might be I'll leave that up To you so what you want to do from here What's going to happen when you create Your link tree profile you're not going To have any of these links these are the Links that I promote currently on my Linktree profile you're not going to Have any of this yours is going to be Blank and what you're going to do is You're going to see this add new link And what you want to do is just quite Simply click on to add new link over Here once you do that this is where you

Need to enter the title and you need to Enter the URL this is where you come Back over to your notepad and then what You want to do is copy this so this is Going to be your title so you want to Copy that okay you want to come back Over to here and you want to paste this As your title so you can type in Something like Watch this video On and they just put the fastest way to Lose weight then what you want to do is Come straight back over to you guys and You want to copy this link so copy that Come straight back over to you guys and This is where you're going to paste this URL you want to double click onto this Twice And what's going to happen you're going To see that pop up there then what you Want to do is Click onto add new link And you want to conf and you just want To repeat this process so with the Second one what you do is you come over Here and then best keto diet so you'd Copy this quite simply come straight Back over to here And then hit Ctrl V and then type in Again you can type in something like This watch this video video On the best keto diet then come straight Back over to you guys and then what you Want to do is you want to grab this link So copy that

And come straight back over to here and Paste that in there double click onto This twice and now what you're going to Have is you're going to have these two Pop up so let me just show you what this Is going to look like so if I copy this Link come over to a brand new tab over Here and hit enter you can see here that This has come up with watch this video On the best keto diet and watch this Video on the fastest way to lose weight What you're going to do is you're going To complete this process and you're Going to add all the videos that you Want to add for people to watch Once That's done what we now need to do is we Need to go and get this free traffic so Continue to pay close attention because There's one more software that you need To use it's absolutely for free to put All this together to ensure you are Going to make money online so what you Want to do from here guys is we want to Use this platform Pinterest.com and this is where you are Going to promote these videos and this Is where you will get a lot of clicks I've tested this many times and it's Always worked for me and there is Absolutely no reason why it won't work For you so what you want to do is create A Pinterest profile for yourself in the Exact same Niche that you're going to be Creating these videos on all what you

Can do is create a general Pinterest Profile and then you can create many Boards you can create a boarding hobby So you can do this in Hobbies weight Loss relationships in any sort of Niche That you want all you need to do is Create your Pinterest profile once you Create your Pinterest profile now what You need to do is you need to come up to The top and you need to create a pin I'm Also going to show you how to create This board so quite simply click click On to create a pin and this is where we Are going to create this pin and we are Going to share this link link tree link With all those videos so what you now Need to do is we need a pin in order to Create this pin what you want to do is Quite simply come over to this profile Or this website called canva.com you can Do this absolutely for free once you're On canva what you want to do is come up Here into the search section and type in Pinterest pins you want to scroll down And you want to select this one Pinterest pin 1000 by 1500 once you Click onto that it's going to give you All these different pins all you need to Do is Click onto any one of these you Can quite simply click on to create a Blank Pinterest pin it doesn't matter Because once you do that what you want To do on the left hand side over here You can type in something like Fitness

Hit enter and this is going to give you All these different types of pins that You can use that are related to Fitness And what you want to do is quite simply Scroll down and find a pin that you Would like to use something that Resonates with potentially Health Fitness Etc so take a look this how to Start the keto diet that's a pretty good One you can use one that maybe has Something with somebody working out Something like that so quite simply just Choose a pin what I did is I chose a pin That looked like this okay and all I Basically did is I changed the text to Say this so if you want to lose weight Fast and get healthy click on the link In the PIN and watch these four free Instructional videos so this is if you Want to have four videos if you've got Five so five if you have two say two Etc And all you need to do is type that in There the font was already here the Image was already here this was a pin That was already here all this had was Different writing so now what we need to Do is we need to save this pin so quite Simply come up to here and click on to Download Once you click onto download See it's like a PNG all you need to do Is click on to download now this pin is Saving to my computer from here what we Want to do is come straight back over to Pinterest and then all we need to do is

Grab this pin drag and drop and you can See these pin is in here now what you Want to do over here quite simply is you Need to add in a title so how To lose weight quickly and get healthy Okay so you can write in something like That you can also put something like Watch these four videos on the best ways To lose weight Etc but you've also got Here you can tell everyone about this Pen so what you can do is write Something like Watch these Four instructional videos on how to get Healthy okay so type that in there and Then down here guys this is the Destination link this is where you are Going to post this link so you quite Simply come straight back over to Linktree you want to share you want to Copy that link now you want to come Straight over to Pinterest and you want To paste that link in there now what we Need to do is we need to come up to the Top you want to click onto that drop Down link then you want to scroll down And click on to create a board With this board you can call this the Health and fitness board and this is Where you can put a heap of different Types of videos you saw that YouTube has Thousands of videos in these different Types of niches now I'm just going to Keep this board secret because obviously

I haven't added all my videos Etc so you Want to click on to keep I want to click On to keep the support secret you're Going to make this board public and You're going to make your PIN public Then what you want to do is click on to Create once you click on to create I Just want to show you that this Absolutely does work guys so as you can See what I've done there now I want to Hit publish once I hit publish this is Now going to publish so people can see This online now what's going to happen I'm going to show you exactly what this Pin looks like so if I click on to see It now it's going to take us straight Over to this pin now you can see this is The PIN so this is the pin that we've Put up it's got all our writing in here Guys and you can see it's got the title How to lose weight quickly and then down Here watch these four instructional Videos on how to get healthy this is What people are going to see there's That link it's in there once people Click onto this it's going to take them Straight over to this link to profile Where they're going to be able to click Onto all these videos every single time They click onto these videos and watch These videos you stand a very good Chance of getting paid and you can get Paid really well because Pinterest which I'm going to show you in a second gets a

Lot of views from places like the United States United Kingdom Canada Australia India Etc and you will be making some Really good money online earning Anything from eight dollars four dollars Five dollars per thousand views is Amazing if we come over to similar web Just like it's just so I can show you This and we type in Pinterest you're Going to be able to see exactly where This traffic is coming from So if we come over to pinterest.com you Can see here firstly that Pinterest get Over a billion views every single month And when you scroll down you can see Here United States Brazil India Russia Argentina and many more countries Contribute to a lot of traffic coming Over to Pinterest which are going to Click onto these pins which is going to Allow you to make money online watching These videos and when you scroll down Here the minimum that you can earn is Three dollars and fifty cents per Thousand views guys this is a lot it's Extremely passive because with Pinterest Once you put up these pins they're going To continue to make your money over time And you can use someone else's videos Without you having to do any of the work Yourself all you need to do is go out There and set this up and start Absolutely crushing it now all that's Left for you to do is to make sure that

You subscribed to the channel for the Next lot of videos that I got coming out Which are going to complement these Videos so that you can make even more Money online but make sure you don't go Anywhere because if you haven't seen This video on how you can make ten Thousand dollars a month going into 2023 Then I'll highly recommend that you Click onto this video over here right Now I'll see you on this video until Next time take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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