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Here's how to make money online Copywriting with AI the right way as a Complete beginner in 2023 without Investing a single dollar I'm sure You've heard everyone talk about Ai and Chat gpp and all that so I mean even I Talk a lot about Ai and chat GPT but no One really about how to actually Use it properly to successfully make Money with copywriting because if you Just go to chatgpt and you ask him to do The copywriting before you it's not Gonna work you might actually get in Trouble so I want to show you how to Actually do copywriting the right way in Order to build a successful online Business using AI using different AI Buzz and I'm going to show you different Platforms that we can actually make Money online as a complete beginner Copywriting in 2023 so if that sounds Good enough then drop a like down below And let us begin with a full breakdown Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is Nick people Are just creating fake accounts

Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so the very first Website that you can use to get paid While copywriting is gonna be I Rider Over the so essentially this Is a platform where you can sign up for Free no matter where you're coming from And you can get paid to do copywriting For other people and also write it from Articles and write facts for other People so you can click on write content Right over here you want to enter your First name last name fill out all these Details about yourself and you can Submit your application and hopefully if You get accepted you're gonna get jobs To make money online as a copywriter This is the first website another Website where you can make money online While writing tags for other people is Going to be less worse you can go to which is a platform Where people share different articles Like top 10 bizarre top 10 weird stuff Top 10 animals top 10 incredible smells And like stuff like that and you can go To more section click on write and get Paid and you can actually get paid a Hundred dollars for every single article That you submit an article should be

Like about 1.5 000 words and you can get 100 per each article submitted and I'm Going to show you exactly how to do it Properly so you can click on submission Form and here you can submit your Article and potentially get paid 100 per Article submitted this is the second Website that you can use to get paid the Third website that you can use to get Paid is so is a Social media platform where the Competition is actually really low but The demand for services is high so you Can actually get sales as a complete Beginner not like on Fiverr or any other Massive platforms so you can just sign Up for completely free and You can start selling your services and You can see that you can sell writing And translation services copywriting Services and also digital marketing Services as well and people are actually Getting sales and earning money from Like Nigeria Venezuela Indonesia United States Colombia Uzbekistan so Boston Heritage Governor Colombia again so There are different countries so you can Make money regardless of where you're Actually coming from so this is going to Be the next platform and then another Platform that you can use to make money While copywriting is going to be people Per hour already people per you Can go to writing and translation and as

You can see you can do creative writing You can do content writing copywriting Business writing and so on and so forth And you can get paid for all of those Different Services if you go to the Copywriting section over here you can See people making decent amount of money While selling their copywriting services And also the most important part is that You can make money while writing Articles if you go to content writing You can see people writing articles like 600 words of unique content for twenty Dollars and this person made over 368 Sales which obviously made about over Five thousand dollars from this one Single service now a lot of people will Just tell you to go to churchgpt and ask Them to write an article with like 1 000 Words and there's you know potentially Not running not much wrong with that but The thing is that a lot of that content Actually has plagiarism a lot of that Content is actually from other sources I Mean this is an AI bot and they just go And they find the the shortest route From A to B so they'd probably take a Lot of content from other websites and Other articles which might actually get You in trouble and will you know make it Hard for you to actually make money Because people are paying for Unique Content they don't want you to copy and Paste it from different articles uh it's

Gonna get them in trouble as well so in Order to actually get paid like 50 Infinity 30 dollars per article you can Just go to churchgpt and let's say you Ask them to write an article about the Impact AI is having on global economy Let's say it's going to start running a Really good article as you can see it's Going to start writing right away and You can just copy and paste it but I'm Going to show you why it's not gonna Work for you to just copy and paste it Directly from chatgpt but why you need To use another AI bot which is going to Help you to actually have original Content which is going to help you make Money online with copywriting so that's Going to be extremely extremely Important and don't worry it's all Absolutely free so here I have a full Article with really really a lot of Value like this is a lot of text as well Which I can now copy but I'm not going To submit it right away to my clients on All of those platforms which I Previously showed you to make money line But what I'm going to do with this Article is I'm first of all gonna check The plagiarism so I'm going to scan it For plagiarism and grammarly so you can Go to grammarly regularism tracker and You can paste that here and click on Scan for plagiarism and it's going to Show you exactly Which percentage of the

Article was taken from which source and You can see exactly whether this article Was copied from somewhere or not so it's Going to scan through a lot of different Websites and show you that as you can See significant plagiarism found so a Lot of stuff is actually taken from Other websites and other sources so They're literally copying and pasting Different parts from different websites And articles and blog posts so that Might actually get you in trouble Because they are literally stealing Content so what you have to do now once You know that it's not 100 original Content GPT you will have to rewrite That content a little bit and you can Either do it yourself or you can just Paste it in this free particle quill bar So you can just go to and You can take parts of your article let's Say I'm gonna take this part over here And you can just paste it in quill bot So if I paste it here and click on Paraphrase you can see that my article Will be Rewritten for me and it's going To be 100 unique content that now I can Use to make money online as a copywriter So now it's actually unique content as You can see it was Rewritten it was Paraphrased for me so I can copy this And what I can what I recommend you do Is because if you just paste entire Article here you're you're actually

Limited to the amount of words you can Pay so if you just grab the entire Article and you paste it at once inside A quill bot you're gonna see that you Are not gonna be able to do so so you Have to pay for unlimited words but what You can do is you can just you know put Half of the article so I'm going to Remove this part and then paraphrase the First half and once that is completed You just copy the Rewritten part the First Rewritten part and you paste in Your Google Document and then you delete This and then you add the second part And then you paraphrase it and that way You don't have to spend any money and It's absolutely free and you have Original 100 original content so Chaturbitty already has like some really Good content like AI actually writes Really good content but as you saw a lot Of that has some plagiarism in it so you Don't want to get in trouble so that's Why I recommend you read or rewrite it Yourself or just use quill bot and get It Rewritten for you with another AI bot And then if you actually check it you Will see that it has no plagiarism so You can copy it and put it in the Tracker and you will see that it's 100 Original content that you're ready to Use so you can list your services on as Many different freelancing platforms Like people per hour like late

To maximize your chances of getting new Clients and making money online as a Copywriter in 2023 and of course you can Test writing different top 10 articles For less words where you can get paid a Hundred dollars per article and you can Submit multiple of these articles every Single day for a chance to maximize your Results and actually earn some Significant amount of money online I Really hope you've learned something new In this video I really hope you get some Value out of this tutorial and if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you in some of the next Ones Thank you Thank you

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