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This is not just one single person there Are hundreds if not thousands of people That are using this path and making Hundreds if not thousands of dollars and Literally less than 10 minutes of work And I'm gonna show you multiple ways That you can use this and multiple Platforms where you can monetize this But so if that sounds good enough then Drop a like down below and let us begin With a full breakdown just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never attack you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so I'm gonna show you The first person that is using this and And the first platform that you can also Use to utilize this strategy and that is SEO clerks then later on I'm going to Show you multiple Platforms in order for You to maximize your results so first of

All in SEO calorics you can find a lot Of different services including a link Building Art and Design and it's mostly Like SEO services but they do have like Design Services as well like graphic Design content and writing programming On-site SEO research guest posts virtual Assistants and social networks as well And what we can do is you can find the Freelancers that are selling different Services and if you go to the Marketplace section on the right side You can select some of the content and The right thing category is right over Here as you can see we have article Translating article writing case studies Emails and so on and so forth and if you Select article writing you can see all Of these different people that are Selling their services and for example This girl over here got a 389 feedbacks Which means she's she's gotten a lot More sales because you know not every Single person will have a feedback in I As well when I buy services from these Websites I never leave a feedback so she Definitely got a lot more than 389 sales And the price of an average or average Price is 20 dollars and if you do the Math and that she made a couple of Thousand dollars just by selling Services and SEO clerks and I'm I'm Going to show you which bot you can use To get all of this done for your for

Example this person over here has gotten Over 18 000 sales as you can see way Over 18 000 sales with an average price Of like a hundred to two hundred dollars So if you do the math and that this Person made a lot of money now let's go To the article or writing section over Here so I'm going to click on article Writing and it's going to show us all These different people selling article Writing services and you can see for Example this person has gotten 72 sales At price of 10 so at least 70 to sales Which means at least 720 has this person Made just on SEO clerks and in order for You to start selling on here and don't Worry you don't actually have to Complete any of the work yourself I'm Gonna give you a bot that's gonna do all Of that for you but you can just come Over to here you can click or sell a Service and you can sign up by entering Your email address over here or create a Password and then you can create an Account on here now then what you can Simply do is you can just open up one of These Bots that I'm about to share with You and those are right Sonic the first One is ride Sonic so you can just sign Up for free and what right Sonic allows You to do is it allows you to generate Articles done for you with a little just One click of a button you can get a full Article written for you so you can just

Tell them what the article should be About how many words you want like for Example you're selling your article ten Dollars per one thousand words someone Pays you 10 bucks you just come over to Here you tell the right Sony that you Need an article that's 1 000 words long And it will write it for you now Unfortunately they only give you three Articles in the beginning for free so You can sell the three articles for free And then maybe make Thirty forty dollars From that and then after that you will If you want to continue using this tool You will have to pay for their plans Which go as low as 12 bucks a month but Then you will be able to generate more Articles and obviously make a lot more Money but yes you can definitely start For free and get like 6 000 words and Then sell multiple articles make some Money and then use like 12 bucks out of That to pay for the plan or you can also Use any word once that free trial on Right Sonic goes off you can just switch To any word which is another AI bot Where you can also create an account you Can sign in and let me show you how that Works so on the left side you just click On blog wizard click on new blog post And then you can just type in whatever The article should be about so for Example someone paid you 10 bucks to Make an article about how to lose weight

Fast you just type in whatever they told You you click on next they will generate A title for you you select which title You prefer now the only downside of any Word is that you have to generate each Section yourself for some reason they Should have made just one button when You just click and the entire the entire Article is written for you but in this Case you just have to select yourself For example now we'll select the first One and then I will go to the next Section which is the outline section Then enter paragraph so all I gotta do Is just press next next next continue And then they will have a full article Written for me that I can sell because It's a unique article it's a hundred Percent original content so you don't Have to worry about plagiarism or Whatsoever and then you can just select The intro paragraph click next and Continue to the editor where you can Generate each section by pressing on This blue button on the right side and As you can see we have the title we have The intro paragraph and now I'm going to Generate all the different sections that We're have and once you're done writing Your article you pretty much just press On this button over here to copy the Full blog post and then you can just go There and deliver it to your customer And SEO clerks now SEO clerks is just

One of the platforms that you can use You can also sell your services on Platforms like people per hour this is Another freelancing platform and if you Search for writing an article you can See over 300 people selling their Services and for example this girl has Sold over 2 800 different services at an Average price of 15 bucks the lowest Price is 15 bucks so if you do the math On that she has made a lot of money Selling this service or this person over Here this person is from UK selling These services for 35 bucks and sold Over 1 000 at different services this is Anna also from UK 15 per service 2100 sales at least or for example this Person Maria is also from UK 5.8 000 Sales the price over 30 dollars if you Do the math and that she definitely made Quite decent amount of money by selling A content into writing services on here And those are like as you can see 500 Word blog posts for 15 bucks and you can Generate a full blog post in literally Less than a minute you can just click And you're gonna have a full article Written for you either would write Sonic Or any word and you can install it for Even if you sell it a little bit less It's just so you can stand out even if You sell it for 10 bucks for 500 Words It's still gonna be decent because it Takes you less than a minute to fulfill

The order and you can also make money From these articles by posting them on Steemit as well this is another platform Where you can sign up create an account And as you can see people sharing their Articles on here making money just from The views they're getting on these Articles so you don't actually have to Sell anything or whatsoever just publish The article and if it gets views on Steemit you're going to be rewarded with Cash so for example this person posted This article four days ago and has Gotten 19 for this fourteen dollars here Twenty two dollars here 63 for this Article this person made 471 dollars for This article this person made 474 Dollars two hundred dollars two hundred Thirty dollars one hundred dollars one 106 dollars per single article protects That a public so it really depends if Your articles are getting views and if They are then you're gonna get rewarded With cash on steemit because they're Going to be showing some ads while You're at well your article is being Read by someone and then they will just Split the other Revenue with you so That's how steam it works and finally You can also use respondent dot IO which Is one of the hardest platforms that We're gonna talk about today but the Respondent actually pays big if you go To the participants section over here

You can see that you can get paid up to 750 dollars per hour 750 bucks per hour Is an average hourly incentive sometimes It can go even above that but you can Get Petty entered from 100 to 750 per Hour with this one but this one will Require a little bit more work you will Have to write big facts and you will Also have to do a lot of research but Yeah I just wanted to show you a couple Of these people that are already making Hundreds of dollars in literally less Than 10 minutes of work to hopefully Inspire you to go over there take action And start making money online so if you Did get some value out of this video Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones

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