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This video is unique not only because It's theoretical but because it's Practical I tried the strategy out and Made over 400 in a day using the good Old system of ClickBank and Pinterest All I did was set up this little photo Posted it on Pinterest and gave it a Boost I was able to make over 400 in a Day of one particular manifestation Product on ClickBank a very underrated And Powerful strategy to get traffic to Any affiliate offer that you want to go And promote is exactly what I'm going to Be showing you in today's video I've Constructed this easy step-by-step Process and tutorial right here on YouTube for you guys to watch that Documents my own Journey on how I made Over 400 a day using a manifestation Product on ClickBank promoting that on Pinterest on top of this I'm going to Share with you my copy and paste landing Page that I used with this to get a very Profitable conversion rate I'm also Going to reveal very important targeting Tips in this video when setting up your Boost on Pinterest so I really recommend That you watch until that part because That is where the juicy stuff is going To come in this is also worldwide as Anybody can do this as long as you have A PC or a laptop and an internet Connection thirdly I've got a challenge For you guys if you guys can get this

Video to 500 likes in the first 24 hours In tomorrow's video which I've got Another Banger prepared I'm going to be Doing a 20 Bitcoin giveaway to one lucky Viewer all you need to do is is leave a Like on this video comment down below That you're ready and make sure you Subscribe to this YouTube channel with The red notification Bell on so that I Can send you a message every time I Upload my latest way that I use to make Money online in tomorrow's video I will Choose one random comment in tomorrow's Video I will choose one random comment To give away free 20 worth of bitcoin Without further Ado I'm not gonna waste Any time and let's dive straight into my PC so let's first go and grab our Philly Product I won't take long what you need To do is in order to go and grab that is Come over to clickbank.com top right Hand side it says start here click on The start here button and you will need To fill out some information in order to Sign up to this web website really easy It's going to ask you for your address Your password verification of your email And you'll be able to get your account If you already got an account you can Click on login I'm going to log in with My existing account and I'll meet you on The dashboard you'll see on my dashboard I've reached my target of 200 a day Which I've started the strategy two days

Ago which I've averaged about 230 Dollars a day which has been over 491 Dollars this week so far I'll reload This over here to show you that this is My live dashboard and not any Screenshots or anything like that click On Marketplace on the top right hand Menu bar of the Year you'll see if you Look carefully there's a little button That says Marketplace click on this and It will take you to the marketplace and What I like to call a gold mine of Products waiting for money to be made Online on the left hand side you will See a whole bunch of different Categories that you can go and browse Now what I really like about this Website is that you're able to go and Build a business out of any of these and I recommend choose something that you Enjoy already or something that you know Whether you're a fitness trainer and you Want to go and start cooking food and Wine diets health and fitness and weight Loss or if you're into E-Business and E-marketing there's a whole bunch of Products for you to go and promote there If you're into language perhaps you're a Language teacher you can now start a Side hustle teaching people languages by Selling affiliate marketing courses on Specifically languages all over the World so there's all sorts of ways that Caters for everybody in their fields in

Their careers and niches to make money Off of their passions and potentially Turn that into a career so specifically We're going to come over to spirituality New age and beliefs is we need to go and Find our manifestation product that I've Been promoting which is this one over Here right up top wealth manifestation Offered taking the market by storm this Particular product is going to pay you 47.78 every time you get a sale you're Going to get seven dollars and five Cents every 30 days in passive cash flow And reoccurring income from this Affiliate product one thing I always Look for when choosing affiliate Products is do they have the reoccurring And rebull amounts over here you'll see Another product that doesn't have it Such as this one over here called Mystery school code will only pay you a Once-off amount of fifty dollars once Off no recurring commissions you then Have to find new people to refer to this Product and then you only get paid Whereas with these products over here With reoccurring billing commissions one Referral on this particular product will Get you twenty one dollars every single Month that means if you refer someone to This product from a year ago you can Still be making money today every single Month so the particular product we have Chosen Is wealth manifestation click on

Promote click on create hot link Copy this long newly encrypted hoplink That has been created for you you'll see If I copy this and paste this into a new Tab it's going to take me to the sales Page of this particular product but what Most people what every person doesn't Know is this particular link that has Been generated for you now has a Specific piece of code that knows to pay Your account your commission every time Someone purchases this particular Product so it's very important that you Go and copy this particular link come Over to notepad Paste it over here and save this over Here because we're going to come back to This later on with your affiliate link Saved Pinterest is where all the magic Happens you'll see if you come over to Pinterest.com there are all sorts of Different posts from different quotes to Motivation to Fitness to car posts if I Scroll down it looks like there's tips On how to lose weight eight books you Must read before investing more quotes More 55 healing ingredients to ease Inflation and boost immunity click on One of these pins let's take this one Over here 39 quotes to keep you Motivated at work you'll see each and Every one of these quotes have some kind Of Link this particular post has a link To their main website where let's see if

They're actually monetizing this and Making money offers from what I'm seeing How they make money from this particular Link is just tons of adverts and push Ads and Google ads so they're obviously Monetizing their website through Google AdSense a lot of other people prefer to Use affiliate links let's take this one Over here if I click on their website it Will take me to their website which they Have more articles with tons of Google Ads and I'm just trying to see if I can Actually find an affiliate product for This this is another example of a Pinterest user that's making money off Google AdSense another person over here Called Glenda nature therapy is 5.2k Followers let's go and have a look at Their link and see if they've got an Affiliate product I honestly think these People could be making tons of more Money if they rather had affiliate links To affiliate products on their Pinterest Posts so in order for you to go and get Started and to create a post like this And to replicate your virality is to Come over to canva.com which is a simple Drag and drop design website where you Can add your own Pinterest templates and Themes and automatically just generate That for you without even having any Skill as a graphic designer go and Search on the search bar of canva.com Pinterest you'll see here go and look

For a Pinterest pin click on that Templates and it will take you to a Whole bunch of Pinterest pin templates That you can go and click on and just Edit the text I'm going to go and choose This one over here five tips to heal Naturally so I'm gonna go and click on This and it's going to open up the Designer tab in the canva editor it's Very easy to go and edit this printerest Template double click on this text come Over to the landing page of your Affiliate product and it's a matter of Copy and paste copy the title Such as this part over here paste it Over here obviously you can see this is A little bit too much text very simple Just go and minimize the size of the Text until it really fits in this little Space This could be fine A little bit smaller And as you can see over here Just like that activate your internal Wealth DNA to attract money to you Effortlessly over here there's a button That says Explore More and I'm just I'm Just going to type at the top of your Manifestation attracts Wealth for example you can put a small Little simple quote or subtitle you can Click on share on the top right hand Side click on download and your PIN is Now ready and complete to be posted a

Second alternative bonus that I Recommend to really boost your views and Clicks on your Pinterest link is to come Over to tick tock and search up Manifestation content so go and search Up manifestation on the search bar of Ticktock.com click on it and you will See tons of videos over here that you Are allowed to go and use and repost on Pinterest to replicate this virality as You can see these videos are getting Millions of views as long as you credit The original Creator on tiktok in the Description of your PIN post so go and Click on any one of these I'm going to Choose this one over here I'm going to Go and copy the link of this Tick Tock Come over to Google and search Tick Tock Download without Watermark it's very Important that you download this Tick Tock and remove the watermark because Pinterest can pick this up as a repost And won't promote your video at all to The algorithm whatsoever paste your link Click on download And this will take a couple of seconds And you'll be able to download it to Your PC so again click on without Watermark it might pop up one or two ads Just click on close and you can see this Is now downloading to my PC close this Video come back to Pinterest on the left Hand side of the home page on Pinterest.com click on create click on

Create pin and you want to go and upload That same picture or video that you've Just downloaded I'm going to go and Choose for example that video and go and Add your title again you can go and copy The same title from your landing page Come with Zoop interest again Paste this in your title section for Your body of your text very simple Go and click go and research on your Landing page and you can go and copy for Example The first little introduction of the Sales page which is very good which is Very good sales text for this particular Product that you're trying to promote on Pinterest simply for your destination Link come back to that notepad where we Saved our affiliate link copy that Affiliate link come over to a website Called bit.ly because we want to go and Shorten and make sure that link looks More neat and corrected so click on Create new on the top left hand side of Your bitly dashboard click on link paste Your destination URL For the custom back off go and type Manifestation Dash creates Dash wealth click on create Copy highlight and copy your new link Come back to Pinterest paste your Destination link and for your tags you Can go and type here manifests Station click on this drop down you want

To go and click on create board and Create a manifestation board click on it Click on publish a board is basically a Category of your different videos that Go in different niches once you've Published this you can either be patient And take your time and post consistently There are millions of different content Ideas for Pinterest just use this exact Same strategy that I showed you using Canva.com and Tick Tock and you want to Post at least once or twice a day and After your first 30 days the algorithm Will start rewarding you and really take Your page off otherwise you can use a Shortcut come to your Pinterest page Over here And you want to go and click on the Pinterest that you've just created come Over to Google and go and search up Pinterest ads go and click on Pinterest Ads which is the first link on Google Bottom left hand side click on create Campaign click on video views for your Campaign name you can leave the name as Default click on continue for your ad Group name you can leave this as default All of this you can leave as default for Your daily budget it's up to you what You want to go and spend whether you Want to spend five dollars a day ten Dollars a day the more you spend the More people are getting to see your PIN So we can go in for example start off

With small five dollar ads a day the ad Group will be run until 35 is spent Everything else you can leave is default Optimization and Delivery for the ad you Can leave as default and finally you can Go and click on publish over here under Your PIN section go and click on the Same pin that you have just uploaded Choose the title or the ad name for Example again the exact same title over Here that you've created on your pin and Paste that on your Pinterest ad for your Destination URL paste your same bitly Link and click on publish when you're Done now that your ad is ready you can Go and publish this so this is the easy Way to really boost your PIN as this is More of an investment into your own Pinterest page and brand however if you Are a patient person you can take your Time and post every single day and build Up virality in the algorithm because Remember that is not difficult at all Because you're replicating virality on Tick tock on Pinterest without even Having to create your own content what I'm going to do is to help your Arts Even more I'm going to give you an Entire 300 video course that consists of My best 300 videos that I've posted on The last three years on YouTube compiled Into one simple course and playlist for You guys on YouTube for free for you to Watch I could honestly take this

Information and sell it in a 200 a month Discord or private membership but Everything I've taught over the years is Completely free on YouTube so what I Recommend is if you want to plug in the Strategy or how to learn to plug in Various different affiliate products Like this one into various other traffic Strategies that you can do at the same Time is go and click on this playlist Over here and I'll see you over there

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