Réaliser un bon trade Formation Trading Forex : Les points clés #1🔥

Hi all! It's PadawanScalp See you today for a short video So this is the first video of a succession of very small videos that will Talk about key points in my opinion to make a good trade So already thank you subscribers for your comments For your likes Because it allows me to improve on my videos And precisely to offer you more and more enriched content So the first key point in my opinion It's when I do a technical analysis So it is essential for me to go to the big time units Why go to the big time units? I go to the big time units to identify a clean swing What is clean swing? A clean swing is a succession of candles going in the same direction So when we are in large time units We will no longer have clean swings So candles that go in the same direction, of the same color And so it will be easier to be able to identify them What is the point of identifying a clean swing interest in identifying a clean swing It is precisely because it is easier to put down your Fibonacci and to appreciate the phases of impulses and retracements of the market.

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Indeed when we are on an impulsive phase on a market In higher time units, we can more easily Enter this correction phase after the pulse And then enjoy another impulsive phase in a smaller unit of time At the end of the correction in the upper unit of time So this is the first key point in my opinion to be able to make a good trade We will see in the next video the second key point in my opinion Which will allow you to make a good trade Thank you and see you next time.

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