Restaurant Manager Job Canada | Paras Sohal – Got her Canada Work Permit Visa

hey guys my name is parasowal i'm from panipat i'm working as a restaurant manager in kfc today i am here to collect my work visa that is for for canada in ontario it was really a great uh uh great help that i've got from higher higher indians and key global immigrations mr iqbal has guided me really well and uh the procedure was very easy uh i i got uh firstly i got uh uh by job offer letter uh in the month of october and uh after that uh in uh march 2020 i got my uh lmia and uh finally i got my work visa today here and which is i'm going to collect want to go abroad or settle down they can contact higher indians they are very genuinely working and they are very professional thank you so much.

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